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Jehan Sadat (b. 1933) was the First Lady of Egypt between 1970 and 1981, and used her position of power and influence to better the lives of millions in her country. She was highly influential in the reformation of civil rights laws in Egypt, particularly those concerning the rights of women, such as alimony and custody of children.

She has founded a number of organisations aimed at helping the poor and disadvantaged; these include the Faith and Hope Rehabilitation Center, which offers medical and training services to disabled veterans, and the Arab-African Women’s League. Additionally, she was an active participant in the creation of the Egyptian Blood Bank and the Egyptian Society for Cancer Patients, among others.

Female Chief Terminates 850 Child Marriages in Malawi and Sends Girls Back to School | Viral Women
A Malawian female chief has established a new law to prevent child marriage in Malawi and has terminated approximately 850 child marriages across the country to date.
By WRN Editor

According to a 2012 United Nations survey, more than half of Malawi’s girls are married before the age of 18. In addition, the country is ranked 8th out of 20 countries believed to have the highest child marriage rates in the world. Chief Kachindamoto is changing this one step at a time and has begun by annulling more than 850 child marriages, sending hundreds of young women back to school to continue their education, and by making astonishing strides to abolish cleansing rituals that require young girls to go to sexual initiation camps.

This is amazing. She’s like a real-life superhero.


In 1980, photographer Anita Corbin decided to turn her lens on the young women of UK subcultures. Over the next two years, rockabillies, mods, goths, rude girls, skinheads, rastas and more posed for Corbin and opened up about what it was like to be a young woman navigating an alt scene, and the importance of female friendships. 

I have chosen to focus on girls, not because the boys (where present) were any less stylish, but because girls in “subcultures” have been largely ignored or when referred to, only as male appendages.” -Anita Corbin, photographer, “Visible Girls”

Listen to our interview with Corbin and learn what happened when Corbin and her portrait subjects reunited earlier this year.

Are you a woman in a subculture? Do you feel welcome? What role do female friendships play in your scene of choice?


Today is Women’s Equality Day, when we commemorate the 96th anniversary of the certification of the 19th amendment! 

Women’s suffrage has been a focus of our collections since our inception. One of our founders, Louise Noun, documented the women’s suffrage movement in Iowa from 1872 - 1920. You can read her book on the Iowa Digital Library, and learn more about women’s suffrage in Iowa by reading Iowa’s Suffrage Scrapbook.

No matter how you celebrate, have a fantastic Women’s Equality Day everyone! 


Nicola Thorp was sent home without payment on her first day at work because she refused to wear heels. She’s since started a petition to make it illegal for companies to require women to wear high heels. The petition has received over 100,000 signatures. 

Watch an interview with Nicola


Beautiful: Watch This Woman Use A Raw Steak To Bang Out The Word ‘Equality’ In Morse Code On The Hood Of Her Car