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GO WATCH this Female-Centered Badass Beautiful Anime

I don’t even care if you watch anime or not, but if you’re craving a funny and smart series that puts women front and center WITHOUT overwhelming misogyny, sexism, or fanservice, then Bodacious Space Pirates is on your freaking list.

Yeah the title is bad (apparently the original novel was worse “Miniskirt Pirates”?!). That and the overload of pink, moe, and high school girls had me avoiding this series for a while. Well, I dunno who’s in charge of their marketing, but this anime blows those assumptions out of the water!! (pardon the pun) Here are some (mostly spoiler-free) reasons you should be watching:

Female Relationships are at the core of the story:

Teen Girls being competent AND diverse:

Badass Mom who works, nurtures her daughter, and cooks homemade meals:

Did I mention the mom/daughter duo usurped a male-dominated coming of age ritual via the shooting range? (PS- she teaches her kid about practicalities like recoil and does NOT phrase it as self-defense but as responsible power).

Male teacher does NOT perv on his all-girl students, but sighs at their horseplay:

A Canon Queer Relationship is the only visible romance (though there is plenty of soft subtext between many of the girls)

Clever use of Historical Realism by organizing pirates through Letters of Marque.


Actual goddamn science-fiction with FTL drives, electronic warfare, and propulsion systems.


(link to streaming episodes: http://www.crunchyroll.com/bodacious-space-pirates)

Me: You know what I’d watch? 

Best Friend: What?

Me: A spin-off series that’s just about Mrs. Holt suing the crap out of the Garrison for losing literally all of her family members and covertly investigating them, trying to find out what they’re covering up and teaming up with a guilt-wracked Commander Iverson as they struggle to Bring The Kids Home.

Best Friend: You just want a Voltron version of Stranger Things, don’t you?

Me: Yeah, pretty much. But with a more resolved ending and more funny parts. 

Mon Mothma: *Reading a report* You meant ‘stronger’ here, right?

Padmè: What does it say?

Mon: ‘We’re proud to report that the Senate is stranger than it was a year ago.’

Padmè: That’s a typo.

Mon: Could go either way.

That girl deserves more screen time

So, drama-canon gives us one tiny snipped of Jingyan’s wife that is frankly fascinating: when she confronts her nurse about the woman’s double-agenting for Xia Jiang. And it’s only a tiny clip, but think about what it means–the conspiracy on Jingyan’s side (most likely his mother) judged that this girl, who was only just betrothed to Jingyan, was a) loyal enough to him and b) smart and steel-spined enough to confront a spy in her own household and ensure the woman’s capture.

Which led me to playing with her POV, naming her An, and deciding she must be, essentially, Lady Jing’s understudy. Which leads to today’s writing snippet:

She had not expected to be particularly noticed, that day at the monastery; he’d been seeing to his men, speaking to the priests, had spared no more than a glance to be sure she was not injured. Everyone knew Prince Jing was a man of action, so she hadn’t been surprised. But even here, in the outer rooms of the Eastern Palace, somewhere that should be a place of repose and even triumph for him… he was so stern. His eyes saw her when he looked at her, yes, but he only looked for a moment before turning distant again–courteous, but so distant. Intimidated, she spoke only formal words of pleasure, and he spoke brief, formal words of welcome, and then he was gone, striding out the doors like someone shrugging off a cloak, and An bit her lip.

Lady Jing’s arm settled warm around her shoulders, and when An looked up, the Lady wore a small, rueful smile, so she dared to ask, “Mother-in-law, is my husband-to-be displeased?”

“Not displeased, child. Simply… distracted.”

Men of the military families were taught to track the movements of armies, but women who were meant for the court were taught to track other things: the flicker of an eye, the passing word, the shift of weight that could say where thoughts marched. Liu An had learned her lessons well; she heard the delicate emphasis Lady Jing placed on her words, and her heart sank. She looked down at her clasped hands and murmured, “Is there another?”

AU where Palpatine, Dooku and Grievous all fall down a black hole/get run over by speeders/Star Destroyers. New Chancellor Amidala’s first order of business once they’ve stopped the war? Mandatory therapy for the entire Jedi Order.

“No, Anakin, Obi-Wan, you are not getting exempted from this. I’ve even set up sessions that you’ll be attending together as well as on your own.”

There was an explosion from Tonker, but it was an explosion of tears. They came out accompanied by a long, mournful wail, as she threw herself onto the floor.
“We walked so-oo far! We lay in ditches to hide from soldiers! There’s no food! We want to work! You called us boys! Why are you so-oo cruel?”
Polly knelt down and half picked her up, patting her on the back as Tonker’s shoulders heaved with the force of her sobs.
“It’s been very hard for all of us,” she said to the red-faced captain.
“If you can take him down I can garrotte the other one with my apron string,” whispered Tonker in her ear, between howls.

Monstrous Regiment - Terry Pratchett


Headcanon: Ahsoka Tano after the battle on Malachor

So, this has been in my head for a while, but I kept struggling with how to get it out of my head and onto paper. I must have started and restarted it a half-dozen times.

Until today. Today, it just came flowing out of me. I didn’t end for it to turn into 3k-plus words, but it happened nonetheless. It’s probably the closest I’ll come to writing fic for it, so here you go.

  • Badly injured in the destruction of the Sith Temple, Ahsoka hides out in the bowels of the ruins, trying to heal herself. The problem: her Force healing skills are lousy. Anakin was never much good at it, and due to the war, Ahsoka never had a chance to take the supplementary classes that most Padawans take to help round out their education.
  • The pretty convoree that swoops down into the catacombs turns out to be a manifestation of the Daughter, who has resided within Ahsoka since the Mortis clusterfuck (not to be confused with the Rako Hardeen clusterfuck, but you get the idea). She can’t heal Ahsoka since she’s actually a part of her and thus is limited by that form, but she can help guide her on another path, though she can offer no guarantees that it will work. Basically, she offers to help Ahsoka attempt to become a Force ghost.
  • Ahsoka’s first thoughts are about how this might allow her to be of more help to the Rebellion, but while she’s resting, her thoughts turn back to Vader. It hadn’t been because she had heard Anakin’s voice, mingled with the helmet’s vocal modulator, which stopped her from following Ezra and Kanan to their ship. There had been something more, something that had tugged ever so faintly at the old bond she had once shared with her old master. Basically, Ahsoka had looked into the dark, black abyss that was Darth Vader and saw the dying, flickering flame that was Anakin Skywalker. Whatever he had done, something of the good man she had known was still there. That’s why she had declared, almost before the thought was fully formed in her mind, that she would not leave him. She was speaking to that little flicker, and for a moment, he seemed to hear her.\
  • So Ahsoka’s thoughts turn from helping the Rebellion to helping Anakin, and it that one thought that remains in her mind as her body slowly fails her… and then fades to nothing.

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Only one woman has received the Medal of Honor and her award was temporarily rescinded. President Andrew Johnson presented the Medal of Honor to Dr. Mary E. Walker on Nov. 11, 1865 for her work as a Contract Acting Assistant Surgeon in a series of battles from First Bull Run in 1861 to the Battle of Atlanta in 1864. Caught by Confederate troops and arrested as a spy, she also spent four months as a Prisoner of War. Although her award was rescinded along with hundreds of others in 1917, upon the passage of legislation that stated the medal could only be given to persons who had engaged in “actual combat with an enemy,” Walker’s Medal of Honor was restored on June 10, 1977 by President Jimmy Carter.


Darcy speaks Sokovian.

Maybe her grandfather used to tell her stories in his native tongue when she went over to his house after school. Maybe her mother’s family fled eastern Europe right before the fighting started and her parents were progressive and intelligent enough to realize the benefits of raising their child(ren) bilingual. Maybe *she* escaped with her family after the war had been going on for a year or so, and on her college applications she doesn’t write “English” for “What is the language most commonly spoken in your home?”.

So when she crosses paths with Wanda one day, the first thing she says is “I’m sorry for your loss” in their shared language. And Scarlet Witch, homesick and heartsick, finds it easier to fall into a friendship with someone in this strange new land than she was expecting. Darcy bakes Wanda Sokovian cakes and Wanda helps Darcy brush up on her Russian and Serbian (required classes in Sokovian schools).

And the rest of the Avengers have no idea that Wanda is making friends. They assume she’s moving on from her brother’s death in her own way, on her own time, so they’re all surprised to find a strange girl in her PJs running out to meet the quinjet after one hellish mission who’s worried about their newest team member. Clint barely remembers the scientist’s assistant from the New Mexico project, and nobody else has ever taken notice of her before. But she offers them all some of the Sokovian shortbread she’s made for Wanda–and when they refuse, suspicious of her motives, she shrugs and walks her best friend back to her apartment for hot cocoa, talking softly in Sokovian all the while.

(This drives Natasha nuts.)

Happy birthday, Eliza Schuyler Hamilton!

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There is no doubt why Alexander Hamilton would praise his wife as the best of wives and best of women. Aside from being an awesome mother and forgiving her husband for his many, many mistakes, she is arguably the reason why we know so much about Alexander Hamilton today. After his death, his rivals Thomas Jefferson and John Adams took the opportunity to attack the late Hamilton because obviously, Alexander wasn’t there to kick their asses anymore. Eliza took it upon herself to make sure her husband’s name wasn’t tarnished, and so really, Alexander’s legacy is preserved thanks to her. Her ultimate goal was to publish a biography of Alexander. Sadly, she died before it was completed, though her son would continue her work.

Hamilton is definitely something that cemented Alexander’s legacy, but isn’t it fitting that the title is Hamilton, because as much as it is Alexander’s story, the reason why it’s here is probably because of Eliza?

Happy birthday, best of wives and best of women.