Letter to every Woman and the Queen inside you.

This letter I write to you. I love and respect my Queens. I see you, the true beauty within you. My Queens, your soul is in my heart. It’s your blood that runs through our people. The one thing that holds our communities together. That part of a man that will allow him to be weak. Showers him with love and respects him. Help a Man walk with his head high as Kings. So I make sure that every day, I take time to shower you with love. Every day you will know a King loves you. Honors how strong you are. When you think no one sees you, I do. The every day fight for the respect you should be given. The way you love and care for your people. How you stand on the front lines fighting. Not just for Black Woman but for your Black Kings. I see how great you are, how blessed I am to be able to call you my Queens. How the system is trying every day to break you down. I see how you are Fighting a Fight that your Kings should be. Yet, you still stand strong. Waiting for the men to wake up and take their places as Kings. I see you, I thank you, and I love you all. Thank you and please don’t give up on us. Please
A King
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