Our Generation

I know how older people always complain about our generation. And most of the time the things they complain about are absolutely ridiculous : “the generation that tweets but never meets”- I mean seriously?
As I grew up I saw lots of adults being homophobic, racist, sexist and other things that were and are just horrible to me. I always thought this generation will never grow up and be like this. We are the change! But in the last year or so I got really scared that this wonderful dream might just be a dream. Over a year ago I told a girl about this beautiful boy and how he was the dream come true. “Show me a picture of him” - she said excited and I did but her face went from excited to irritated “that’s him?” she asked like I was joking “-he’s black” she said like that would explain her reaction and I was disgusted by her. Over half a year ago I asked a boy in my history class if he thought that it was fair that women are paid less than men and he smiled at me and said “of corse it is fair”. “Why?” I asked and his answer was: “I’m a man I get paid enough so why should I worry about women? Feminism is not cool!” I looked at him shocked and I wanted to scream. FEMINISM IS NOT COOL? WHAT? WHAT?
A few weeks ago I asked someone my age what he thought about legalising gay marriage in our country - “It’s not what god would want. I think it’s disgusting” he said.
And it was, his answer was disgusting and I stopped breathing for a second.
In our class we all pay a bit of money at the start of the year so we can do a trip at the end and all have fun. Today we discussed this trip and a boy said “I’m not sharing this money I paid with everybody. Some of these people haven’t been here from the start so they should not get anything from this money” - Little reminder: the money we share as a class! Wow I thought he sounds like an selfish asshole and nobody will agree with him. Well I was the one that was wrong because over 50 % of the students in our class thought he was right.
And I’m scared because this is our generation! The people I’m talking about are 15 to 18 years old. This is the future! We should be the change! I thought we’d be the generation to stop discrimination. I thought we would be the ones to scream: BLACK LIVES MATTER!
I thought we would shout together : Love is love. You can love and marry whoever you want!
I thought we could be proud and say: “We are equal. Women and Men. We are equal”

and I still hope that we are. But I just learned that dreams can be beautiful and breathtaking and still be just…dreams.

Letter to every Woman and the Queen inside you.

This letter I write to you. I love and respect my Queens. I see you, the true beauty within you. My Queens, your soul is in my heart. It’s your blood that runs through our people. The one thing that holds our communities together. That part of a man that will allow him to be weak. Showers him with love and respects him. Help a Man walk with his head high as Kings. So I make sure that every day, I take time to shower you with love. Every day you will know a King loves you. Honors how strong you are. When you think no one sees you, I do. The every day fight for the respect you should be given. The way you love and care for your people. How you stand on the front lines fighting. Not just for Black Woman but for your Black Kings. I see how great you are, how blessed I am to be able to call you my Queens. How the system is trying every day to break you down. I see how you are Fighting a Fight that your Kings should be. Yet, you still stand strong. Waiting for the men to wake up and take their places as Kings. I see you, I thank you, and I love you all. Thank you and please don’t give up on us. Please
A King
#RespectWoman #LoveOurQueens #BlackWomanRock #Woman #Queen #SayNoToRape #WomanRights #RespecttheQueen #QueensWhoRoc

Men and Abortion

UNLESS you are the dad of a child with a woman you have no say if woman gets an abortion or not. NO FUCKING SAY! It is our bodies, and our life and we have to live with the consequences. NOT YOU! You are welcome to talk with us about reasons we want an abortion and discuss or even argue what to do IF YOU ARE THE MAN WHO IMPREGNATED US AND WHO WILL BE BY OUR SIDE THROUGH THE PROCESS! Other then that you have no fucking say.

so i went on to youtube and typed in feminism and all that youtube came up with was anti-feminism and how its turning women violent and ruining mens dating lives

1. we wouldn’t have to be violent and angry if we were equal to men and didn’t have to cover up the parts that men can freely and legally show

2. the fact that people see themselves as more important than feminism and that they feel a woman’s right is ruining there dating experience is just wrong.

3. and the fact that i automatically feel dirty for not shaving, having no makeup on, talking about my feelings, feeling stupid i can’t cook and that my place is in the kitchen and feel its wrong to be happy with my sexual body

4.lastly if a woman is happy sleeping with the amount of people that she feels comfortable with people have names to call women such as slut and dirty. its her privilege to enjoy her sexual lifestyle and its not you’re privilege to shame her because of pleasure.     

please understand this ! 



You have already assumed, grinded, peeled my every layer and gave me names under the shadow of shame without my permission.

A woman in expression is degraded and underestimated. Ideas of modernity and acceptance are all but an illusion. In reality, a woman is unable to express herself while still withholding respect. My faith and ethics are all taken away from me, my work and all that I carried on my shoulders are now meaningless in front of a photograph.

We think of the consequences we could face in fear of losing value, torn in every decision we make. How do I balance my artistry, my professionalism, my interactions, my faith, my flesh? I can’t. But I won’t limit myself to standards out of fear and won’t let myself degrade my expressions, because whatever aspect I choose to represent myself in should not affect all the other roles I take.

(Portrait of myself)