Kim goes Blonde and we likes….

So Kim and Kanye stepped out last night to see The Balmain Fashion show in Paris for fashion week and she had a completely new due hidden under a hat all night.  She later took her hat off and revealed a head full of gorgeous blonde hair and we gotta say it looks good on her, or it could just be that all black makes everything look good… You know what, we’re gonna give her, her credit on this one.


Character Development: Vivid Characters in Few Words

gottagofeast asked:

How can I give a reader an impression of a character that jumps out of the page with fewer words, such as in flash fiction?

Characters jump off the page when they’re well developed and well described, and thankfully you can do that in a short amount of space. One great method for this is to highlight the most interesting and telling feature about them. In one of the writing books I’ve read—it was probably either Reading Like a Writer or Word Painting—there’s a great passage about a woman at a bar wearing red lipstick. That one little detail tells us so much about the character when taken in context with the other details. Other examples: a character wearing worn out clothes might be down on their luck. A tattoo might indicate something about the character’s personality or past. A faded white band of skin on someone’s ring finger might indicate that they were married for a long time but were divorced in the not so distant past. A crooked nose might indicate that someone gets into a lot of bad fights. New bruises on top of old bruises might indicate a victim of abuse. It’s up to you to think about who your character is and figure out what traits tell the most about them in the fewest words. :)

I make a point of anytime I see a woman wearing a Hijaab to tell her it looks pretty.
Too many women are faced with “Terrorist!” and “You don’t need to wear that here take it off!” and so I’ve made it my mission to be a positive voice towards women who choose to cover their hair.

i fucking hate when doctors use whether a woman is wearing makeup or not as a sign of their mental state, okay? i used to do psych reports a lot more than i do now and it was always, always brought up.  whether they were wearing makeup, how it looked, how their hair looked, whether their clothes were neat or ‘disheveled’, the doctor’s assessment of their personal hygiene that day.

never for men.  never heard a word about their hygiene, whether they came in in ‘disheveled’ clothes or with greasy hair.  for men it was purely based on how they acted, how they spoke and what they said.

i rarely wear makeup.  i never do it just for a fucking doctor’s appointment.

i wonder if there are notes in my medical file about it.

One of my favorite things about Wonder Woman, truly, is that she isn’t some isolated solo bad ass. 

There is no brooding, Bat Man like “loner” streak in her. She has no Supermany “Fortress of Solitude.” No, while Diana may sometimes be separated from her fellow Amazons, she never shuns them in self inflicted monkery. 

Rather, spectacularly, Diana revels in her sisterhoods. Whether with her fellow Amazons, or with other heroes, or with her human friends, like Candy. Wonder Woman’s enduring sense of Camaraderie, of fellowship, of solidarity and sisterhood is truly noble, and it’s one of  my favorite things about her.

She’s not concerned with being better than other women. She is not jealous of other women’s successes and strengths. She has no deep broody desire to prove herself worthy. She is filled to the brim with self confidence and  EAGER to embrace other women as her sisters. 

Self Confidant, dedicated to justice, and embracing sisterhood with all other women: All feminists should aspire to be as wondrous as Wonder Woman.