I was a creepy kid pt. 2

My mother and I didn’t talk about the blue dress incident until it happened again. It was just a regular day. I walked through the house and saw a man and woman sitting in the formal living room. Embarrassed, I immediately went to find my mother. I had no idea we had company. Important company too, it appeared, as the man sitting on the sofa was wearing a suit and had a fancy mustache and the woman was wearing a pretty blue dress with her hair twisted up in a bun. He was handsome. She was lovely. I had no clue who they were or why they were here. I simply found my mother and did what every shy kid does when being introduced to strangers, I pressed my face into her back and tried to disappear. “What on earth is the matter with you?” she asked me, like I’d entirely lost my mind as she lifted her elbows to try to look at the impossible angle of my hiding place. I said nothing, too shy to ask who the company was. She finally grasped me and pulled me out from behind her, “What is wrong with you?” She sounded genuinely concerned, like a mother who knows when something is really wrong with their child. Then I saw nothing. The couple was gone. Just gone. This jerked me out of my shyness and into shock. “Hey! Where’d they go?!” I exclaimed with my mouth gapping open in surprise. “Where did who go?” My poor mother, honestly clueless. “The lady in the living room. And the man…” I flew to the window as if I’d see them walking down the driveway but I knew I wouldn’t see them. I described them to my mother. She seemed determined. She had me draw them. I loved to draw. When I was done, I handed her the picture and she went silent and sent me to my room. Hours later she came for me and she was covered in dust and cobwebs. She sent me to sit with my dad and soon came back holding two pieces of stiff, thick cardboard. They were covered in dust and cobwebs, too. “Babe, look at what I found in the attic; tintypes of your grandparents,” she said to my dad. She turned them around and there they were, the very people I’d seen that day sitting in our living room. I think my heart stopped. To this day, she says she never saw me go so pale. She’d suspected who they were for a while. She’d seen flashes of blue, here and there for a little while before I ever saw my great grandmother’s reflection. She never let on she thought we were being haunted. She didn’t want to scare me or put suggestions in my head. Later she told me she took care of it. When no one else was around she simply asked them not to scare me again, but they were welcome to watch over me if wanted to. I never saw them after that, only occasionally felt a familiar presence. 

anonymous asked:

Just saying, but when you draw your female characters, they seem a bit too revealing. Like, as a woman, I would never even consider that thing Fem!Bill's wearing in public. Really, have you ever seen a woman wearing something like that in public? It's a bit disgusting to me, just because it's obvious you're genderbending for sexual appeal. It's objectifying women, even. And then you seem to make them so much more emotional, why do they need to be that way for them to be women? There's a (1/2)

Thanks for your long suggest.Those things that you wrote are your own opinion…….For example,sure I never seen a woman wearing leotard in public(unless I’m in a swimming pool XD),but this is just a design!! Bill is a demon,a cartoon character that isn’t real,so why can’t I put some unrealistic imagination in my design?? I’m sorry that my design disgust you,I have no idea what you are saying,I’m just drawing what I like.And the ”emotional” thing that you said,I’m a little confused.Did I make them emotional??If the one you’re saying is Will Cipher,then sure because it is her personality!!

I just draw what I wanted,and what I like.I think that fem!Bill in tuxedo and pants is not like her,it is too cautious to her.She is a crazy and casual demon in my mind,and I just like her wearings that I design.This is “my” fem!Bill design,I love it and I won’t change it.Why don’t you just also draw your own fem!Bill design that you like??(½)

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Here is what little girls are being taught at school:

How to treat their bodies as a thing of shame. 
How it is an instrument of distraction.
How boys can’t resist the slightest sight of their skin without turning into animals.
How boys bear no responsibility in their conduct towards girls dressed a certain way.
How their education is an obligation, and boys need to be given more consideration.
How testosterone is impossible to keep in check and therefore they must act as the wardens of their bodies.
How a girl’s sex is a prison created at birth.
How it doesn’t matter how intelligent they are, or how kind, or how talented, or how brave.

All little girls are taught from an early age that if they wear a short skirt,or a sleeveless shirt, then they deserve to have their right to an education taken away.

—  What Little Girls are Taught at School | Nikita Gill