TUESDAY – was super stoked about having my last workout of the week today before the pennsylvania super + sprint this upcoming weekend but INSTEAD i had all four wisdom teeth removed this afternoon and there’s a chance i won’t even be able to race or get my double trifecta this weekend. so please wish me well, a fast recovery and send all your love through milkshakes, ice cream and mashed potatoes 🍦 

for now i’ll show you all #whatsinmygymbag when i’m training at crossfit gsp for all my spartan races! (pictured clockwise)

1) progenex recovery - this has been the only stuff to give me almost immediate recovery and it tastes AWESOME! thanks @robjar 🍫 

2) @gnarlynutrition - preworkout + amino acids to support me through every wod

3-4) reebok - lifters and nano 4s to support my feets

5) unbrokendesigns - my beautiful new weightlifting belt that i have yet to try but for all my lady lifting

6) beet elite - for all that cardio endurance I’m training for

7) rehband to support my knees during squatz 

*also pictured are my wrist wraps (i tend to get sore wrists pretty easily) for any powerlifts/push-ups + my foam roller which i totally don’t use enough but is a life saver especially during race week and post-race

i wanna see what’s in your gym bag too! i’m constantly looking for tips and tricks to keep myself strong and recovering fast and i have all the time in he world while i recover from surgery to research! 🍩


I’m so excited to be joining Movemeant Foundation’s Dare to Bare campaign! On Sunday, October 4th, I’ll be spinning in my sports bra to celebrate the strength and beauty of women’s bodies regardless of its size or shape. I’m doing this to raise funds that help young women everywhere overcome their body image insecurities and gain a renewed sense of self through fitness and movement.

Fitness has personally changed my life for the better. Lack of movement has not only inflicted upon me body image insecurities but also depression, anxiety and overall poor health. I’m no longer afraid to admit that any form of exercise is and always will be my antidepressant. 

No matter your size, shape, or age, we are all on a fitness journey, not a destination and we should not feel the need to fit into others’ body expectations for our own bodies.

I must admit that I’ve never worked out in just a sports bra, but I do most of my Spartan Race’s in only a sports bra and shorts. While getting ready at the course pre-race and taking my shirt off before my heat, I definitely feel a wave of insecurity wash over me; but while I’m actually running next to my teammates, conquering each obstacle and crossing that finish line, I’m no longer worried about what others might think of my body, because I’m overwhelmed by my own strength and power and I want every woman to be able to feel that empowerment.

Please help me support Movemeant Foundation by making a donation. The process is fast, easy, and secure. I truly appreciate any support you can provide, but if you can’t make a donation at this time, please help me reach my goal by sharing this mission via social media or even email it to friends that you think might be interested in contributing. You can use this link to my page: donate.movemeantfoundation.com/runsondoughnuts

Thank you so much for your generosity and support!

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"He's my new friend!" Agneta chirped, smiling brightly. Ilda walked up to Agneta, and lead her away to speak with her privately. "Aggie." She whispered. "He is not one of your birds with broken wings, this is someone that kills Gods... So be careful, and... Stay here. I need to talk with Kratos in private." Ilda walked back to Kratos. "What is it you seek, Spartan?" The woman asked. She had olive skin also, but dark brown eyes and long brown hair.


Kratos had seen the woman take the child away, he raised a hand to interfere, but felt it wasn’t his place to do so. It was not his child…

Obviously, he knew that mortals feared and distrusted him, but Kratos was not one without respect with those who he deemed worthy of his respect. He balled his fists slightly in anger, but when the woman returned, he relaxed his arms.

“The child had led me here. I wish to know my destiny in this mortal world.