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Sparta is often viewed historically speaking as the jocks of Ancient Greece. However if you dig just past the surface you discover just how wrong everybody is. Sparta was one of the few ancient civilisations to EVER allow women to own property, divorce, receive an education, or receive battle honors. In fact their historically unusual treatment of women coupled with strong warrior ethos make Spartans and Vikings close spiritual cousins. Considering to my memory they are the only ancient civilizations to do so. Beyond even that though Spartans revered their women believing Spartan men to be the only true men (as witnessed by the phallic symbol spartans put on their shields symbolic of being more manly than the enemy) that ment Spartan women were the only women worthy to give birth to real men. And it goes still further, they loved their wives and women so much that they spread tales and poetry of just how beautiful they were everywhere they went! And it may even been true since Hellen of Troy was a Spartan woman (historians believe their is at least some truth to aspects of the troy saga).


Cosplay at BOSTON COMIC CON Saturday 8/12/17!

Click through for captions! I’m happy to tag you/someone if you spot someone you know!

1. Krennic, Vader, and their two baby deathtroopers. So heartwarmingly adorable.

2. Jaylah (Star Trek Beyond) in a Starfleet uniform. Nice job on that intense makeup! (@vulcannic)

3. Doctor Who’s First Doctor!

4. Finn (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) cosplayed by a John Boyega look-alike

5. Scarlet Witch, Loki ( @theshatteredsilhouette ) and a Skyrim Mage ( @myrddin-emrys )

6. Dee, Violet, and Hannah from the comic Rat Queens

7. Korra and Asami

8. The Painted Lady (Avatar the Last Airbender)

9. Mojo Jojo (Powerpuff Girls) with Beleg Cúthalion (Silmarillion) ( @avoyagetoarcturus )

10. The Costume Contest winners! Included K-2SO, Loki, Diablo 3 wizard (Lucky Grim Cosplay), Tyrion Lannister, Pennywise the clown, 8-bit Slashers, Moana, Rocket Raccoon, Princess Jasmine, Taako, Thor, Spartan Wonder Woman, and some of the judges mixed in as Wonder Woman, Cinderella, and a Doctor Strange wizard (and @headinfantasy‘s Arwen in the audience)


Recently I was commissioned to paint “my interpretation of Wonder Woman.” Wow, I thought, 1. Why haven’t I done that yet? 2. What is my interpretation of Wonder Woman?

I love history, especially ancient Greece and its legends. Immediately, I wanted Wonder Woman dressed as a classic Greek Warrior; armor, shield, shin braces, cape, helmet, the works. Since she is an Amazon princess, I decided to add some wild feathers, braids, and beads. To complete her overall “Legend of Greece” feel I gave her a lean, toned “Spartan” build.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Wonder Woman’s usual “girl at the beach in an 80s swimsuit” look too, but I didn’t want to paint that. I wanted to paint an epic warrior princess of myth and legend. I wanted to paint someone would could run with Superman or Hercules, depending on the circumstances. 

And so here she is, my interpretation of Wonder Woman. Thank you to Kerry, who commissioned this, a thousand times!

Painted with watercolors and ink on watercolor paper, by Georgia Dunn.

the-shadow-siren-alith-blog  asked:

A woman in Spartan armor looked at you curiously. She seemed human... She looked human... But her eyes were not human. They glowed a blue color with a tint of lavender and they looked slightly robotic. She wasn't from any known planet to the humans. It wasn't in their databases... Anymore. She was a Siren from the planet Cybertron. A race of large transforming sentient robots. But there was a twist to the sirens. They had extraordinary powers and abilities and could turn human when they wanted.

Ender could already tell that there was something off to this “human.” He scanned her under his helmet and detected forms of metal in the form of helixes. It was a sentient android able to transform not only its body and form, but its outward appearance. And he recognized the metal. Cybertronian. “I thought Cybertron fell…”, he called out to the woman. “What’s your name?”