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Turns out he's a sucker for oldies too: Nargis is his favorite. As for songs, his taste is kinda weird, but no matter, let him spend a couple days with you and he'll know what true art is. Good person though: knows how to respect women, isn't afraid to speak his mind, etc. etc. Oh, and most certainly knows an Arabian princess when he sees one. The only thing he's missing though: he's not saphed ghode pe sawaar. Maybe some other day, when the princess and her prince go horseback riding... [fin]

Woman Allowed to Vote in South Australia

Woman Allowed to Vote in South Australia

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On this day ………… 2nd February 1895 Women in South Australia gained the right to vote in 1894, and voted for the first time in the election of 1896. It is generally recognised that this right occurred with the passing of a Bill on the 18th of December 1894. However, a letter from the Attorney-General advising Governor Kintore that Royal Assent would be required to enact the Bill, is dated the 21st…

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#saviorsunday I am so grateful for the atoning blood of Christ. Today a woman in our ward talked about grace and I was reminded how merciful the Lord has been towards me. I’ve made some pretty dumb choices, been down some dark roads, and experienced some real heart breaks, but despite it all, I have been healed and renewed and cleansed by the grace of my Savior. ❤

Web Accessibility Resource for Technology Stewards

Web Accessibility Resource for Technology Stewards

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I received an email today from a kind woman named Lilly Ward who pointed out that one of the resources I often promote, http://www.timeanddate.com for planning multi timezone meetings was not so friendly for people with different kinds of access issues.

I am Lily Ward, I noticed that you link to timezoneconverter.com (http://www.fullcirc.com/2009/05/29/technology-stewardship-at-libraries-free-onl…

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