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Kaneki's love for touka looks so real in my eyes (even he don't confess yet) but I'm afraid ishida will choose rize as tokyo ghoul's queen, because there is a post which explain that ishida drew her with a crown. Why ishida 😭

Every woman in Tokyo Ghoul is a queen in my eyes.

Touka just happens to be the goddess. 


The Shocking Case of Lucie Blackman

Lucie Blackman (21) was a british woman who arrived in Tokyo on May 2000 to work as a hostess in a local night club. Her job was mostly entertain business men who went to the bar to spend time with foreign girls, serve them drinks and talk to them, but bars like that also encouraged their hostesses to go on dates with the clients. The men would take them to dinner, show them off a little and then return them to the club.

On July 1st, 2000, Lucie agreed to go on one of these dates with a new client. It was a Saturday and the man had promised her a cell phone. During the “date”, Lucie called her best friend and roommate Louise Phillips twice from the man’s phone. She sounded cheerful and told her friend she was at the beach and she’d be back within the hour, since the girls had plans that night. But Lucie never came home.

On Sunday, the day after, Louise got a call from a strange man who was clearly Japanese, but spoke in fluent English. He claimed Lucie had joined a religious cult and wouldn’t be coming back. Anyone who knew Lucie knew that could only be a lie. Still, in her confusion, Louise waited until Monday to alert Lucie’s parents back in England.

From there started one of the most publicized investigations that Japan has seen. At first the police wasn’t very interested in Lucie’s case, but the Blackmans were relentless and they even managed to get Tony Blair, Prime Minister at the time, to press the Japanese authorities for them. Still, it took them seven months to find Lucie. On February 9th, 2001, her dismembered body was discovered in a seaside cave. Her head had been encased in concrete. 

A cause of death was never determined, but by then police already had a suspect in custody. And with this suspect is where things get really horrifying.

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Thoughts on Akira as a character? Not speculation, just why you like her :) I like her character, but I don't find many people talking about her or analyzing her.

Hmm, I guess most of my analysis on Akira has been in the context of her relationship to Seidou and/or her status as a Dominant Woman in Tokyo Ghoul. I thought I had written more, but I couldn’t really find it and I don’t feel like taking ages to comb through my metas lmfao.

Anyway, Akira is an interesting figure for so many reasons. She’s introduced into the story through her relations to male characters (Kureo’s daughter, Seidou’s former classmate/rival, Amon’s subordinate/possible love interest) but quickly takes up a significant amount of narrative space that belongs to her and her alone. She’s stronger, smarter, and a better agent than most of the male characters. In Tokyo Ghoul, she’s headstrong and sad and brash and young. In Tokyo Ghoul:RE, she hasn’t lost any of her teeth, but she’s more measured. 

I actually feel like Akira’s development was extremely deft. Ishida did a great job showing her growth without making her maudlin or silly or more or less feminine than she has always been. I mean, he could have made Akira more masculine to symbolize growth but he didn’t at all, which I appreciate. 

Anyway I really like Akira because I love high-femme types (of various genders) who are also smart, strong, and intelligent. I know so many femmes like that in real life and I love to see them portrayed. High-femmes are often portrayed as somehow vapid, as if the attention that they pay to their appearance somehow detracts from their intelligence and strength. I have a lot of feelings about that but suffice to see when I see a femme who is also strong af and portrayed as a whole person, I always love them. (I loved that about Mad Max: Fury Road as well, with the wives, but yeah, it doesn’t happen often enough) (Related, I would really like to see femme men shown this way as well, but I am glad to see more representation of intelligent/whole femme women these days….may the trend continue). 

I love that Akira can’t be pigeonholed. All of her various aspects coexist and that makes her interesting and complicated and most of all, real. She can be a genius with science/research and also with fighting technique. She can be physically strong and mentally strong. She can fight with a quinque that looks like a whip and in high heels and a skirt. She can grieve for her father and still fight like a demon. She can be maternal and friendly and still inspire others to be better. Akira is an amazing character and, like Juuzou, I hope that we get to see a lot more of her in :RE (or, if TG is a trilogy, in the next section). 

Thanks for the ask, anon!


Daikanyama, Tokyo by Alex Kane
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Camera: Nikon 1 J4 Aperture: f/2.2 Exposure: ¹⁄₄₀₀₀ sec at f/2.2 ISO: 160 Lens: 1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8 Focal Length: 18.5mm (49mm in 35mm equivalent)