Valery Khristoforov :: A young woman with cheat notes on her thighs, in a photograph titled Cribs, taken at the faculty of journalism of Moscow State University, 1984. From: ‘The Image as Question: An Exhibition of Evidential Photography’ at Michael Hoppen Gallery / src: theGuardian

“The most mischievous single image here is Valerie Khristoforov’s portrait of an anonymous young girl on a street with her dress raised to reveal a condensed scrawl of notes that had been written on her thighs before she took the entrance exam to a journalism course in Moscow State University. Khristoforov happened upon the girl in a park as she was writing on her legs ‘seated under trees near the statue of Mikhail Lomonosov, the greatest Russian scientist, who gave the name to the University’. She agreed to have her legs photographed under two conditions: that he take the picture after the examination and that she remain anonymous. He agreed and waited for an hour and a half for her to return. She passed the exam and was never found out.” (quoted from source)


Italian airport staff stops Muslim woman from boarding plane: “You are not safe for us.”

  • Video footage of Italian airport security staff berating a Muslim woman for refusing to remove her headscarf is circulating the internet.
  • Aghnia Adzkia was going through the security checkpoint Sunday at Ciampino - G.B. Pastine International Airport in Rome when staff told her she had to remove her hijab in order to board her flight to London.
  • According to her Facebook post, Adzkia wanted the staff to provide legal proof that would require her to remove her hijab.
  • “I wasn’t prepared to trust them unless they could cite me a law or provide me with a legal document that saying they were authorized to have to check what is underneath of my hijab,” Adzkia wrote. 
  • “It is a matter of human dignity and rights. For what reason were they asked me to take off my hijab?”
  • At many international airports, according to several Muslim women Mic talked to, security officers often pat down the headscarf rather than remove it. Read more (4/18/17 4 PM)

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Becca Longo is believed to be first woman to ever get a college football scholarship

  • A high school senior in Arizona just became the first female football scholarship recipient at an NCAA DII school or higher, per ESPN.
  • Becca Longo has signed a letter of intent with Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado, according to CNN, after sending out her highlights reel to various colleges and adding Timm Rosenbach, the head football coach at Adams State, on Twitter. 
  • That caught his eye, and got him to watch her tape.
  • “If she’s able to compete at a level we think she’s able to compete at, we should afford her that opportunity to do that,” Rosenbach told CNN.
  • According to ESPN, roughly a dozen women have played college football, but Longo is the first known scholarship recipient. Read more (4/17/17 1:50 PM)