Wolverine: Origins

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Trespasser DLC- $9.99

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Why did the One become Many?

It is because the nature of all things is like a beating heart. It pulses. It expands and contracts in a rhythmic pattern. All things in the universe do this. It is as if nature only has a very limited number of patterns and these replicate on scales from the galactic to the atomic. Repeating patterns blended together like fractal geometry. 

The patterns are the underlying reality. 

They are the framework which organizes matter. It is not well known but our universe where matter has clumped together is an amazingly unlikely thing. Matter should be evenly dispersed as atoms of hydrogen spread thin as space expands. Why it wasn’t defies physics and mathematics. 


“Twi told me that there’d probably be trouble up in Canterlot if somepony asked who the ‘best princess’ was while they were all there, visiting. It happened after all, and she sent me a pillow and a pair of socks infused with all kindsa magic. The note only said ‘Don’t tell anyone. Be ready.’ I tell ya, those things kept me alive during that pillow fight… and let me plant a pillow square in the face of Celestia herself.

Princesses don’t mess around, heh.

Anyway, me and Twi kicked serious flank. When the dust finally settled Ah figured Ah’d take them socks home. Use ‘em to work and such, seein’ as they made me near indestructible and real strong. So there Ah was, just applebuckin’ and in my element, when a big-ol’ *flash* goes off. Ah open my eyes and everything’s suddenly… small… It’s been a mighty interestin’ couple of days.”


The Beldam 

(also known as The Other Mother) is the main antagonist of the 2009 stop-motion dark fantasy animated film Coraline, which was based on the novel of the same name written by Neil Gaiman.

She is the demon ruler of the “Other World” and lures children from the real world with treats and entertainment and makes their lives a dream come true. However, the Other Mother soon reveals her true colours as she later gouges out the eyes of her victims and sews buttons over it and consumes their flesh and lastly, imprisons their souls behind a mirror.

Her creations in the Other World are loyal followers of her and they aid her in luring her victims to stay here forever in torment. The Other Mother however mistreats and even mutilates her creations if they fail to lure her victim. Her most loyal creations are her rats.

The Other Mother was voiced by the actress Teri Hatcher


Not much of her past is known but she is presumed to be an ancient being as the Other World existed long before she even killed her first known victims. She is characterised by her arachnid features, black button eyes, cracked paper white skin, ragged polka dot dress and her needle-like fingers and legs. The Other World, in relation to the real world, is located behind a small door in the living room of the Pink Palace, a Victorian-styled apartment in Ashland, Oregon.

Reign of Terror
Somewhere in the 1800s, the Other Mother began to target children who resided in the Pink Palace. However, she targeted children who were bored and frustrated with their own lives. In her sewing room, she would sew button-eyed ragdolls which resembled her chosen victim and sent it to the real world for her victim to pick it up. The rag dolls were used as spy dolls for the Other Mother to observe every aspect of the child’s life.

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I find the willingness of white Christians to automatically assume the pagan origin of certain western Christian dates/practices/etc. rather than Judaism is really another form of anti-semitism, albeit the only kind that’s still currently acceptable*.

It’s one thing for non-Christians not to know anything about the Jewish heritage/origins of Christianity. For Christians not to know is actually very problematic.

*I’m really talking more from an Anglican perspective here. Every denomination had its own unique culture after all.