X-Men Preference: Never Been Kissed

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Logan: When he found out that you had never been kissed, he’d think you were joking. He couldn’t believe that someone like you had never been kissed before. He would think you were kidding with him. It would take him while to realize you definitely were not joking. Then he’d get all serious about it and tell you that whenever you were ready, he would be there. Though he wouldn’t tell anyone else, he really liked you and wanted you to know that he would respect your boundaries until you were ready… like a softie. 

Charles: He would no purely by accident. When he met you, he would make a vow never to read your mind. However, when you started acting a little strange around him, he accidentally let his guard down. He read your mind and saw you were freaking out about him because you haven’t been kissed yet and you didn’t know what to do when that happened. Charles had to smile but also mentally smack himself for invading your personal thoughts. But, he would wait until you made the choice and told him. You came first.

Erik: Much like Logan, he would be baffled. He absolutely could not believe that you had never had your first kiss. You were beautiful to him in every sense of the word. Any person would be absolutely lucky to have you in their life. How on earth had someone like you had never had this life experience was beyond him. He would want you to talk about it. He would make sure you were 100% comfortable with him before even considering making this move. 

Bobby: He would be incredibly understanding of your position. Being a mutant and all, he understood the dangers and risks that relationships had. He would acknowledge how you didn’t want to endanger him because you were still learning to control your powers. A few accidents and you couldn’t take it. You wouldn’t take the gamble. However, Bobby was willing to warm you up to it. He wouldn’t make a full move until you were up for it.

Scott: He would be a lot like everyone else, to be honest. He would be confused as to why it hadn’t happened. He would be slightly amused that you were shy about it. He thought it was nothing to be ashamed of. You were innocent to the world. He liked that about you. It helped distract him from the dangers of his life. He would assure you that it was nothing to worry about with him. He would tell you that he would wait to the ends of the earth for you to feel okay. Then and only then would he make a move.

Quicksilver: When he found out that you hadn’t been kissed, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He would plan out this perfect day for you. He would take you to do all of your favorite things. He would make sure that you asked for nothing. Then, as the sun set, he would take you to the park where he set up a path lined with candles leading up to a spot by the pond. He would walk you down to where the path ended and he would give you the most memorable first kiss you could have ever dreamt. 


Ooo super sweet panel progression right here. Wolverine and Nightcrawler take Colossus out on the town to get him drunk and berate him for breaking up with Kitty Pryde, but in the midst of their barhopping they happen to run into a certain off-duty unstoppable force. Man, all I’m thinking right here is I hope they don’t ruin Cain’s date! They both look like they are having a really good time! Cain put on a turtleneck and dress pants!! And look how nice his hair looks!! (The Uncanny X-Men #183 – July 1984)

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“rise and shine, sweet thing.” & Wolvy plZ I need some Logan in my life mmmm

A/N: N I C E Logan is gr8

You could feel the sun slipping in through the window blinds to catch onto your closed eyelids, warning them up with the rays of sunshine.

The bed shifted as it dipped to the side with movement, and you felt a hand shake your shoulder gently. “Y/N.”

“Mmmm,” you hummed, inhaling a breath of air.

“Rise and shine, sweet thing,“ he said in a soft, gentle voice that made butterflies flutter in your stomach. You opened up your eyes one at a time, looking at him tiredly. “Hi,” he said, tracing a hand on your cheek as you smiled up at him.

“Hi,” you said to him, and a smile grew on his face at just seeing you.

“You have a nice sleep?” he asked, his voice soft, kind – forgiving. You loved it when he was like this.

“I’ll probably have a nice day, too.”

Shows I Want Netflix To Make:

- Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
- Uncanny X Force
- Wolverine and the X Men (the comic version w evan and idie and quentin)
- The Marbury Lens (bc of how well they did the upside down in stranger things)

X-Men Movies Continuity Errors

Disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever claimed to be well-read in comic books. This list will only focus on the errors from film to film. Additionally, I have not seen The Wolverine and Deadpool, so keep that in mind. 

Everyone knows that the X-Men films have some confusing timeline issues thanks to Days of Future Past, but outside of that there are still a lot of things, mostly issues with aging, that are never and cannot be explained. This post will be a comprehensive list of all the things I’ve found that don’t necessarily add up. With that said, you might want to get a snack or something because this is going to be a long one

Let’s just start with the aging problem lightning round. Most of these are due to the actors from First Class being used as the same characters across multiple decades.

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