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Hi! I was hoping u could help me.... I love the xmen world, especially Wolverine, and rly want to start reading the comics, but idk where to start?? (Also Im not massively into big fightscenes) is there anything u'd suggest? -G

There’s multiple places where you can start @cykelops has a reading recommendation for where to start reading on the x-men as a whole and it’s really indepth

Some of my personal favorite x-men related comics and runs are

All-New Wolverine which is laura as wolverine

X-Men ‘92 which is a version of the xmen based off the cartoon from the 90s cartoon

I really enjoy older issues of uncanny x-men

Gambits latest run was really good

I’d recommend reading wolverine & the x-men if you’re wanting some nice logan content its him trying to run the jean grey school

A good way to actually get into x-men comics and such would be to watch some of the various cartoons that they’ve had because then you’d be going in with general knowledge about stuff

I really am bad at doing indepth reading recommendations because I read stuff out of order

My favorite cartoons that they’ve had are:

Wolverine & The X-Men

X-Men Evolution


X-Men the animated series

I am feeling fully pissed off after reading thru wolverine & the x-men & just in general over schism too –i mean everytime i see wolverine going how he wants to protect the mutant children or anyone in his party going over how wrong cyclops is/how he leads kids into battle (nvm wtf was charles doing then lmao ok) i just think of how in children’s crusade, wolverine literally attempts to murder a mutant child?? anyone remember that

is it like ‘ok but im only protecting the ones who arent related to wanda & magneto’