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have you heard of Evan Sabahnur? He's a child clone of Apocalypse, and he was raised in this VR version of basically Smallville. He's the child/younger version of Mutant-Darkseid and has literally been shown to want to be superman (shield costume and all). How do you think Clark would react to meeting him, knowing at least some of his backstory?

Yeah, I’m familiar with Evan from Aaron’s Wolverine & The X-Men, and I think he and Superman would get on great - Superman’s a big “we are who we choose to be” believer, so I don’t think he’d have any issue with his background and would protect him from anyone who did.

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hi what's that comic from of Storm and Rachel arguing?? I can't find it under the one you captioned

It’s really hard to find because search results will give you every single X-Men run with the number 4 in it, trust me. I don’t know why they didn’t give it its own special name like they did with Wolverine & the X-Men, or Uncanny X-Men. But I found it through the writer and illustrator, Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel, here.

All-girl team and they don’t talk about men in every panel!