Marvel Comics have just announced another new X-Men series - Weapon X. The series will be written by Greg Pak with art by Greg Land. The series will see the Weapon X program resurface, leading Logan to put together a new team to combat the threat. The team includes Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Domino, and Warpath!

Logan; 91 days

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; 154 days

Wonder Woman; 182 days

Spider-Man: Homecoming; 217 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 308 days

Thor: Ragnarok; 336 days

Justice League; 350 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 406 days

Black Panther; 441 days

Avengers: Infinity War; 518 days

Ant-Man and the Wasp; 581 days

Aquaman; 602 days

Untitled DC movie; 672 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 700 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 804 days

Captain Marvel; 826 days

Shazam; 854 days

Untitled Avengers movie; 882 days

Justice League 2; 924 days

Untitled DC movie; 1064 days

Cyborg; 1218 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1246 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1316 days

Green Lantern Corps; 1330 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1435 days

Deadpool 2; TBD

Deadpool 3; TBD

Gambit; TBD

New Mutants; TBD

Suicide Squad 2; TBD

The Batman; TBD

The Flash; TBD

Untitled Harley Quinn movie; TBD

Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up; TBD

I ship it 😘
Jean Grey (me!) and Wolverine (@monkeyofsteel!) in the X-Mansion on the set of @batinthesun’s next Super Power Beat Down, Wolverine vs Wonder Woman!
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