This is the Extinct Species Graveyard at the Bronx Zoo in New York. The only “gravestone” not included in this post is that of the Labrador Duck.

I was very pleased to find this little display at the zoo even though some of the dates are inaccurate.


During my internship at @runwiththegoldenwolf I designed a moving / timelapse tropical island scene for their 4th birthday party. I put different periods of the day so the goal was to get a loop long enough in order to have all the different moments changing seamlessly from one to another.

Then it was shown on a big 4 screens display during the party. So cool to make!

“He’s cool. I was just a kid, and I wanted to hang around with him and be accepted by him—he played a lot of good-natured jokes on me. He’s a great actor, and I was really proud to be working alongside him.”

  —Leonardo DiCaprio
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape co-star, quoted in Depp, by Christopher Heard


These key moments, they’re hard to even reflect on because you sort of have to take a breather and look back and realize how much you’ve actually learned. I’ve grown tremendously as an actor just to be in those moments with him, where he’s giving me the right guidance.

Leonardo DiCaprio on Martin Scorsese.

Hundreds of photos merged into one image. Windmills on Wolfe Island. A big thank you to the farmer (who will probably never see this) that didn’t kick me out of his field while I was shooting this timelapse. Check out the timelapse video … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTRttJI1JlY&list=UU3tDMDSIVQ3RNASqnpX-IAw&index=33

Hirasaka Hiroshi catches huge 6 foot long wolf-fish while fishing at Hokkaido island. The wolf-fish rarely emerge from the deep sea and are usually half the size of the one Hiroshi caught.

One of the reasons given for the size of this mutated fish was radiation that came from the Fukushima disaster.