Wolf recovery


Red Wolf Pups Born in Captivity

Four pups were born this spring in the U.S. at Chehaw Park. Boone and Belle were born on March 29th, and Flint and Faith were born on April 4th. 

These wolves are a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan Program. There is an estimated 100 red wolves in the wild, all within North Carolina in the United States. 200 red wolves, which are in the Red Wolf Recovery Program, live in captivity.

Currently, the program to establish a stable red wolf population is being reviewed for revision or abolition. 

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Photos by: Chehaw Park


Wolves howl in different dialects according to researchers. They analyzed 2,000 recordings and came up with 21 different howl types based on pitch and fluctuation. Each species of canid whether dog, coyote or wolf has its own favorite calls. Researchers can even identify wolves by their subspecies.

Find out more about how this could help canid conservation efforts and how studying howls might reveal something about our own language


When “Teen Wolf” returns this summer for its much-anticipated fifth season, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin and BHHS’ most fearless bunch of supernatural heroes will be thrust into a brand-new battle. This time around, “The Doctors” will land on the small town, and in the teaser trailer, it looks like they’re equipped with more than just scalpels, cotton balls and tongue depressors. Their choice instruments seem to include needles, liquid-filled torture chambers and a certain perverse power drill that could cut through a coconut without much trouble. Relationships with be to test this season more then ever. Who be together in the end of season five?
The Doctors Will See You Now

Recovery-Isaac/Stiles/Reader imagine


  • reader dated Isaac but he left for France . Stiles had a crush on reader and when Isaac returns Stiles is mad that he wants to start talking again with the reader. 

A/N : hi people. If anyone requests a part 2 to this. Please write who you want to win. Cause honestly i can’t choose. Thank u . Also this gif of Stiles gives me butterflies.

Your recovery had been a slow,  difficult one and it wouldn’t have been a recovery at all if not for Stiles.

He managed to hold your pieces together with unspoken support and stubbornness. You knew the memory of the curly haired boy with the mesmerizing eyes would never fade, but you could hope that one day it would stop hurting.


You were at a bar with Scott and Stiles, playing drinking games, and for a while everything seemed normal. But then with the corner of your eye, you noticed a figure of someone you were once too familiar with. All you did was blink, and the figure was gone, convincing you it was another friction of your imagination. But imagination or not, your thoughts returned to Isaac Lahey. He had broken your heart, that wasn’t even yours to begin with, because you had given it to him a long time ago. Stiles noticed the change in your mood.

‘’are you alright ?’’ he asked.

‘’not really. I feel a bit sick, I think I’ll head home.’’ You announced. Stiles did not need to hear it twice, he moved grabbing his jacket and trying to get up.

‘’…i’d rather do it alone…’’ you said. You loved Stiles. He had been there for you when nobody else was, but moments like this you craved the silence of your own blank thoughts.

‘’ Y/N you’re drunk. I am not letting you drive.’’ Stiles insisted.

‘’it’s fine., I’ll walk.’’ You reassured him. To begin with, you weren’t even that drunk , plus Sherriff was like a second Dad to you.

‘’ are you sure?’’ he asked still not convinced

‘’positive’’ you replied. You left the table and Stiles moved as if to follow you but Scott stopped him and then Stiles remembered. He had to drive Scott home as well.


Isaac was still holding his breath leaning against one of the walls of the dark alley a few shops down. He knew it was going to be hard. Approaching you again. But he never, not even once thought it would be impossible. It had been almost a year, and yet he remembered you like it was yesterday. Your lips on his, Your hands around him. He knew he shouldn’t have left. He knew it now. But then , he did what he thought was right.

He was happy to not find you a mess. He was glad there was color on your cheeks, and a smile on your lips ,but part of him wondered.

‘’Did you not miss me at all ?’’ he mumbled to himself.


You begun walking down the road that you slowly came to realize was full of drunken men. Suddenly you felt very conscious. The pavement seemed longer, your dress felt shorter than it was, and the night colder.

‘’where are you off to ?’’ one of them said.

Isaac’s head snapped. He couldn’t possibly see what was happening from where he was, and the man’s voice would have never caught his attention, had he not heard your heart. You were scared.

Isaac focused on you ,and noticed your pace fastening as you walked further away.

‘’ no, don’t go love, Stay with us. Let us show you what a real man is made of.’’ Another one said and you walked even faster. Then all of a sudden one hand landed on your bum and you jumped up in surprise.

‘’ come on !’’ one of them cheered. His hand aimed for your bum again but before you could protest, another hand stopped it. The boy did not bother to hide his glowing eyes as he punched the guy. Then he securely placed one hand around your waist and kept walking until you had escaped the mob.

He hadn’t yet dared to look at your eyes, and you were glad. Because you were unable to hold back the tears.

Once the road seemed safe you pulled away from his touch and kept walking. Your waist burning where he had touched it.

‘’Y/N!’’ he called. Your name leaving his lips tied your stomach into a knot as you felt your legs going weak.

‘’Y/N wait !’’ Isaac called once again and you stopped. Your back turned to him, your head leaning down.

‘’wait..’’ he said approaching you.

‘’ I did..’’ you whispered and it was barely audible but it imprinted itself on Isaac’s heart.

‘’ I’m sorry. Look I’m sorry. I know I have no right to talk to you or even-

‘’why did you return ?’ you asked.

‘’Because I couldn’t do it. I thought I could, and I really tried, but I couldn’t stay away from you.’’ He answered. He always had a way with words and you knew that if you lt him explain he would win. So to protect yourself you decided not to.

‘’ shut up.’’ You mumbled and you kept walking.

‘’Y/N please just let me –‘’

‘’she told you to shut up.’’ A third voice was heard and You both turned to see Stiles.

‘’Stiles !’’ Isaac said a tiny bit exited but the boy did not share the enthusiasm. Stiles looked at you and tossed his car keys in the air which you caught.

‘’y/n , go wait for me in the car. I’ll deal with this.’’ He said not averting his eyes from Isaac.

You thought for a minute to stay, but Stiles was right. You could not bare to. Isaac broke your heart and he would do it again, And all the effort of coping with his absence had now gone to waste.

‘’Y/N don’t ., please’’ Isaac said and for the first moment as up to now he looked into your eyes and you looked into his. You paused staring at each other. He had missed them so much. He would dream about your eyes when he closed his, and his eyes haunted you for a long time. No other part of you. Just the eyes. You both focused on the eyes. And it was enough to send shivers down your spine as he clenched his fists.

‘’ I’m sorry I can’t..’’ you mumbled following Stiles’ advice and running towards his car. Isaac turned to Stiles.

‘’you shouldn’t have returned…’’ Stiles whispered.

‘’no I think I should.Now that I saw her I know I shoud. ‘’ Isaac said replaying the look of your eyes in his head.

‘’you broke her…’’ Stiles said.

‘’ I know I did.’’

‘’and you have the gut to show up as if nothing ever-

‘’ and you think you fixed her ?’’ Isaac said pissed now.

‘’please Stiles, you saw her. You saw us.’’

‘’ I did a lot more than you ever could. I was there when she poured her eyes out, when she stopped eating, when she blamed herself for the bullshit you did. I saw and heard it all.’’ Stiles said. His words cut through Isaac’s heart. So you had missed him. The damage he had brought upon you made his chest hurt.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ Was all he could say.

‘’ no you’re not. If you were you would not show up like this. Expect her to listen to you. ! ‘’

‘’I am sorry for what I did to her, I am not sorry that I love her Stiles. I hope you can understand this’’

‘’and I hope you can’t understand that I am not going to let you anywhere near her ever again.’’

‘’ you can keep me away from her . sure you can. But can you keep her? Look I’m sorry Stiles-

‘’you said that and I am still not convinced. ‘’

‘’I am sorry you fell in love with her as well but-

‘’shut up’’ Stiles said. How could he see through him that easily? How could he see it and not you ?

‘’ I know that what I did can’t be excused but I am here now and I will do anything in my power to fix it. To gain her trust again. To help her open up. Don’t take that away from me Stiles.’’ Isaac said.

‘’ you took that away from yourself. Have you got any idea what it was like watching the girl you love cry in your arms for a douche like you. Knowing you can give her what she wants. Knowing you can be so much better than the dick that broke her and yet she refuses to acknowledge it ?’’ Stiles said, his hands tensing and his eyes getting watery.


Stiles was used to being in the sidelines. But he had worked so hard with you and he was not going to let Isaac wipe that all off.

‘’I love her. And she loves me too. And yes, I am a dick , a massive one and you know what ? chances are I am going to be one forever. And unlike what you think, I did not come here expecting her to listen. Thinking she would just take me back. I came here to make up for what I did, and this doesn’t mean that she’ll be with me again. I just came here to try and do everything in my power to make her happy and if , if she’s willing to give us another chance I’ll take it. Stiles’’ Isaac said without breathing through not even once.


‘’ she might forgive you. But I won’t. not ever.’’ Stiles said.

‘’I’m going to work on that too. I know you hate my gut right now but Stiles I still consider you my friend. I’d still put myself on the line for you and I’d still follow you wherever. I know it sounds hollow now, but I’ll prove it to you. To all of you…’’

‘’ you’re on your own on this Isaac…’’ Stiles said turning to leave.

‘’ then I’ll work until I’m not…’’



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