Wolf Rights




A lil halloween poth comic ;w; my art tride w/ @angexci hon actuallyyy

honestly I rly want to make it a lil more special but i ended up ‘hated’ what came up ;–; so i decided to make a lil comic out of it.. and well… HOPE U LIKE IT ;;W;;


I was going to make this in story format but I liked the idea of a 911 call transcript more. And it’s a faster read so that’s a plus ;)

Btw I wrote “order class” when I meant order classification so don’t judge 

Look at Scott’s face when Lydia says, “I never said it back.” Look at his face, a visible tear caught in his eye and his face totally wrecked with emotion when she looks up at him and she says again, one tear rolling down her face, “I never said it back” and don’t tell me Scott McCall wasn’t thinking about Allison Argent telling him she loved him right before she died in his arms and how he never got to say it back either.