Woe Is Me


Out of the Office Note…🚑

Well, well, well. This certainly is not the the vacation I had planned. To my love ones who have been concerned about me. I’ve been slaying dragons in “RL”. Aside from this, I’ve suffered a severe back injury with (3) days of bed rest.

Argh… You can’t imagine how boring bed rest can be. When muscle relaxers just won’t do…I sleep.

In light of all of this, I suppose my next bit of cc will be, heating pads, Bengay, IcyHot, an electrode machine, an ambulance and any other medical cc I’ve come across this past week. ツ

theveronarelapse thank you for the letter. I love you to the moon and back 💕.

Xavier’s school for mutants. All embellished in big letters and flashy colors. As if. That was just the creative side of him daydreaming. Like all professionals say- don’t mix your personal life with your business life. He was fairly good at it but it was a drag sometimes. Being enrolled in this prestigious school was hard but he managed to do it. All thanks to his ass. Literally.

Classes were over for him for the day so he decided to go out and sit around till he had to go to work. Once in his life he loved dancing for the men out there, but with his status taken he had mixed feelings about it. For one, Jacob would be there. Ever since he started dating the guy the man was always there ‘helping around’. Everyone that knew him or the both of them knew how their relationship went. Jace did whatever Jacob wanted him to do and that was it. 

The first year was great. Honeymoon phase the whole way but things changed. Slowly, even slower than the first relationship he had, but it was still going down the same path. By the time he noticed what was going on it was too late. He was trapped and he had physical proof to show it. His best friend, Heath, was there to help him but he had to stop the guy from killing Jacob multiple times. If Jace gave the word then he knew that Heath would go after him. The issue was that Jacob wasn’t some sort of sleazy guy. He was sharp, punctual, and every girl or guy’s dream. At least on the surface.

Without noticing he had settled into a spot beneath a tree. The shade was cast over his body and shielded him from the sun. Just thinking about going to work made him dread it. The bruises from last night’s ‘cleansing’ were still there and they ached. A frown pulled at his lips and he shook the thought away half heartily. No matter what he did he’d always be stuck there in Jacob’s grasp. If only there was a way, a sign, or hell, someone to help him.. Yeah right. That only came in fairy tails.