Bts reacting to you cooking dinner for them for the 1st time!


“Woooow! Baby this is wonderful! Thank you so much! It all looks so great. Where should I start? Because I was thinking with you…” *smirky as hell*

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“You are the girl of my dreams. An angel with the key to my heart, food. I’m amazed, shook, truly. Thank you.”

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“For me? Baby! You shouldn’t have! Here stand next to the table so i can take a picture!”

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“Is it poisonous?”


“Did you cook it all the way through?”

“Eat the damn thing!”

“I’m going to die tonight.”

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“You made this because you want me chubby, don’t you? It’s okay! I like being chubby.”

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“All this? Its so much! I’ll eat it all though! For you. Thank you so much jagi.”

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“Woaaah! It looks good! I’m ready to eat and eat it all so I could become stonger! Thank you so much baby!”

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Random Fact #6

If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib.

If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head and/or neck and die, or cause yourself spinal injury.

Genos appeared in the web comic … I am in tears. Finally q,q

NOW GO HOME haha ur lover Sensei is waiting

The last frame has the doctor saying: “I see, then what do you plan to do, Genos? You said you don’t trust the Hero association anymore…” “I will…”

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We do not know what happens to Nora when she leaves the house, and that’s not really the point. The point is that she slammed the door and left.

AGAIN, this was NOT considered natural – in life or on the stage.

When the first audiences at the premiere of the play in Norway saw this performance and Nora slammed the door, they remained quietly in their seats and did not clap – they did not think the play had ended. They were waiting for the next scene when Nora returned to the house and made amends with Torvald. That night the stage manager had to come out onto the stage and explain to the audience that the play was over.
Audiences were completely bewildered.

This is important for a couple of reasons.

1. Naturalistic/realistic theatre (as we discussed last class) had certain conventions that audiences had to learn: they were used to romantic theatre and melodrama and thus were used to happy endings and resolutions. 2. Nora is not like the women of her day in one major respect: she is so much stronger
than the bourgeois women of the late 19th century in her Norwegian society (and in European societies more generally) because she had the self-respect that other women were denied.

- Responses to Ibsen