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Have you watched Attack on Titan?

Yup! It’s one of my top favourite animes I think ^_^

I actually once gave a copy of this piece to Dan and Phil, with them drawn as soldiers! Here’s a photo of me giving it to them (just cuz it was one of my proudest moments - Phil even recognized it bc 10 days previously he’d liked it on Twitter aaaah) 

I’m so grateful for the love of my Xander picture (which is at like 1000 notes now!?) Thank you all so so so much!! I had to continue with my Ryoma and here he is! I’m colouring it at the moment but its 3am here so Ill post it tomorrow when it’s done, I hope you all like this one as much as you loved the Xander!

SVT nicknames

A list of nicknames I use for SVT

S.Coups : Spoops, Papa scoups, beef steak, mafia boss, dimple monster, boft

Jeonghan: mom, ethereal being, swindler, dino’s mom, becky with the great hair

Joshua: Joshers, Jisoos Christ, my California m8, handsome gardener

Jun: saviour of china p.1, mom 2.0, handsome vampire

Hoshi: Yoshi, Kwon fire, hamster man,(recently) r00d p.1, hyper p.1, naega hosh, shinee’s biggest fan

Wonwoo: Wonwow, nerdy babe, minggu’s boyfriend, r00d p.2, bookworm

Woozi: ooji, oojipatootie, cutiepie, devil himself, suga’s son, perfect angel

DK: Donkey Kong, mr.sunshine, toothpaste commercial, d-horse, hyper p.2

Mingyu: Mingguu, housewife ming, tan prince, big puppy, germs, wonu’s bf

The8: saviour of china p.2, bambam 2.0, thughao, ming ming, goat

Seungkwan: Boooooo, booty, mr boo, fluffy tangerine, mom’s bestfriend, plump prince, my fav, protect with all cost, diva boo, booyonce, hyper p.3, im from jeju

Vernon: eyebrows could cut butter, smtm 4,verns, vernoooons, memesol, dicaprio, pretect this child, prince, BOOty fetish, hansoul

Dino: chan, lee chan, little baby, fetus, never forget mansae era, jeonghan’s baby, micheal jackson fan, r00d dancer, totally fluffy, questionable fashion sense, noona supports u