Luvia Cicero  || Head Stylist 

Luvia has always been one who speaks her mind, and isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks. At a young age, her eyes were always glued to the television as the Games were on and her favorite part was seeing the stylists and what they were able to come up with. Although Luvia isn’t as extravagant as some of the other district stylists, she puts everything she has into her designs and keeps her tributes in line while doing so.

Galla Severus

Galla has always had a knack for makeup and cosmetics. During prep, she keeps her mouth shut and lets her work do the talking. Not very social, she likes to experiment with makeup and think outside the box.

Trey Bryson 

Trey is known in the Capitol for his looks, but not for his brains. One of the only reasons he is a part of the team is because of his father’s connections and it’s simply another job that will get Trey out of his hair. Usually used as an assistant, the only thing Luvia trusts him with is hair.

Arwin Savion 

Arwin is known for his expertise in many fields in the fashion area. Despite his odd dress and awkward presence, Arwin knows how to put the finishing touches on his tributes to make them stand out as much as possible for sponsors and capitolites.


Bacchus Dorian || 38 || FC Jay Manuel || Aoife’s Stylist

The son of a retired gamemaker, Bacchus grew up in the high life of the Capitol. After years of being pruned and trained by his mother, Bacchus emerged as a stylist for the Capitol’s celebrities at an extraordinarily young age, avoiding the Hunger Games as much as possible despite his father’s career. However, only a couple of years after Bacchus’s debut as one of the top stylists in the nation, his father was found guilty of several crimes against the Capitol after he retired as Head Gamemaker . While watching his father be put to death, Bacchus had two choices: go to prison with his mother and siblings, or become a stylist for one of the outlying districts of Panem during the Hunger Games. Known as glamorous and fashionable, Bacchus enjoys partying and pink wine while cleaning up those dirty tributes from District Nine. 

Mack, Zack, and Blackjack Amigos || 36 || FC Martin Short, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin || Aoife’s Prep Team

The three Amigos brothers were born triplets and never left each others sides from the day they were born. Raised under the careful eye of their parents, both of whom worked in prep teams themselves, the brothers grew up to become three of the most enthusiastic prep team workers the Hunger Games has ever seen.


Charlottes Style Team

Head Stylist

Azreal Tinsley

She climbed her way to the top with her eye for unconventional fashion. Azreal is known to push the boundaries and occasionally damage her tributes in the name of fashion. Like they say Beauty is Pain.

Prep Team

Flynn Smythe (Skin Care)

He would be the normal one of the group. Though he is very blunt. Flynn is not afraid to comment on anything and tell his opinion no matter how vulgar or rude it may be. Flynn and Verona are partners in crime. Dealing with skin care well he’s sure to rip these tributes a new one.

Jubilee Winters (Makeup)

They call her the golden girl fallen from grace. She was tired of being that perfect woman that everyone wanted her to be. So she let loose and started taking control of her own life. As a stylist she gets that freedom that she always dreamed of.

Verona Simley (Hair)

Not the average stylist. He yes he deals with hair. They call him a comedian. His outrageous attitude and style make him a favorite among the Capitol.

With this many divas in one place there is bound to be a showdown.

Haliamory Ezor || 24 || District Seven female stylist || Kelly Osbourne 

Haliamory has been into design her whole life. She always says she’s the heart of the parades every year. She’s can be aggresive when her tributes do not like to listen but can also be the sweetest person you know in the Capitol. Haliamory doesn’t fully support the Hunger Games, but she completely sponsors it by being a stylist since its what she loves to do. She’s known to have a hot temper and anger if another district outshines her one and only seven.


Avia Villiark || Prep Team

Jantzen Jet || Avia’s Stylist || 29 || FC Adam Lambert 

Jantzen is the ‘it man’ of the Capitol. Always up to date on what is fresh and stylish, the Hunger Games had been eyeing this major designer to take on the role of stylist for the 33rd Games. Being one to love the quirky and unusual, Zen agreed to take on the role but only if he could be given the girl from 3, being a man enamoured by female beauty but also by the influences of circuit boards, wires, and all that the tech District has to offer. Flanked by his team Cyder (FC Allison Iraheta) and Kodiak (FC Jade Thirlwall), Jantzen is looking forward to transforming his little lady into somewhat of a sex goddess. But he’s in no way interested in her- he’s very happy with his boyfriend Uriah. 

Preparing for the Parade | Task Three | Part One

The door of the train slid open, revealing a crowd that was adorned in every colour of the rainbow all of whom were cheering for the two tributes from District Seven. I paused at the threshold of the door, uncertain of what I should do to make an impression on these people who would be my lifeline in the Games. Silas pushed to the front and waved at the crowd that was cheering for us, motioning for the two of us to do the same. A brief smile and a wave caused the crowd’s cheers to increase in volume and intensity, so much so that the noise was still reverberating in my skull as we exited the train. Balthazar led the two of us through the screaming crowd, Silas trailing behind. I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the presence of so many people bearing down at us, craning for a better look.

Nerves tumbled around inside me, making me shift nervously beside Eames as we walked side by side. Eames reached for my hand, lacing his fingers with mine. I glanced down at our entwined hands before back up to his face, offering him a smile in thanks as we continued to make our way through the crowd. I hadn’t expected him to try and reassure me, but I understood suddenly why he had done so. We were the only piece of District Seven we had left; holding onto each other in this foreign place was just as reassuring for me as it was for him. The cheers of the crowd turned to a a roar when someone realized that we were holding hands. People tried to grab our clothes, to draw our attention for one proper look at the two of us.  But Eames held tight amongst the chaos spreading around us. Eames was steadfast and unwilling to break our hold just in case something or someone tried to sever our last link to home.

Finally we broke away from the crowd, a set of doors closing behind us to shut out the sound of the crowd. I was so thankful for the reprieve from the cameras and the attention. I felt like I could finally breathe for the first time since stepping off the train. I finally glanced around the lobby of the building, I glanced to Eames ready to ask him what he thought of our first glimpse of the Capitol when a grunt emanated from Silas. He nodded at our joined hands, a disapproving gaze resting on his features as he waited for us to let go now that no potential sponsor was watching. I was just about to pull my hand away when Eames squeezed my hand to let me know he wasn’t ready to let go. Something passed between Silas and Eames, the tension radiating between the two of them before he spoke.

“Where to?” Balthazar curled his arm around Eames’ shoulder, squeezing him in some show of masculine solidarity. His glittery suit slightly ruffled from the train ride as he puffed himself up to sell the Capitol to the two of us.

“We’re gonna show you two where you’ll be staying while you’re here in the Capitol! Then tomorrow morning, you’ll meet your prep teams and get ready for the parade!” he said excitedly. Walking us across the lobby to the elevator, pressing a button to take us up to our suite. Silence reigned throughout the ride up to our rooms, leaving me to wonder if it was going to be like this for our entire stay in the Capitol. The doors slid open to reveal a room that looked exactly like it had been replicated from something in Seven. It was home. The walls were lined with polished pine trees, the large stone fireplace already had a fire roaring, overstuffed chairs surrounded the hearth, and a circular staircase led up to a loft where our bedrooms were located. A moose head hung on the wall but it was the smell of pine and birch that got to me, tears gathering in my eyes as homesickness gripped my heart. Being here was just a pale imitation of home but at least I could delude myself into thinking my father could be seated before the fireplace whittling, or that my mother was tucking Bay in upstairs. I didn’t care that it was all fake, a pale imitation of home. Being in here made me want to stay, to curl up in front of the fire and pretend the Games weren’t just around the corner.

The day had been so long and I couldn’t help but yawn, I needed to sleep if I was to face this living nightmare tomorrow. Silas settled into a chair in front of the fire, his feet resting on the coffee table as Balthazar explained where our rooms were.

I made my way up the stairs, Eames following in silence. I glanced over my shoulder to see Balthazar and Silas deep in conversation, the sound of their hushed whispers floating up to us even as we got to the hallway outside our rooms. I was tired of dealing with them, I was tired of listening to them decide our fate. I was tired of pretending I was okay.

Eames nodded, bidding me goodnight. I couldn’t thank him enough for getting me through today, for ushering me into this crazy world; for holding my hand when I thought I would fall apart. I needed to let him know how much it meant to me, I moved in closer. “Thank you for being there for me today.” I whispered before pressing a light kiss to his cheek, colour blooming across Eames’ cheeks as I fought off a smirk at rendering him so speechless. He muttered something like ‘Anytime’, the two of us standing outside our rooms, not quite ready to leave the other before I turned and disappeared into my room. The door closing and clicking into place, separating us for the first time since our names had been drawn this morning. I had the sudden urge to cry, to scream and to rage against our predicament but I knew as long as Eames was here I could get through this. We could hold each other together long enough to survive.

I don’t even remember crawling into bed, or falling asleep but soon enough I felt someone shaking me. Squinting against the harsh light as a purple blob began to move in my vision. Blinking rapidly as Balthazar smiled down at me.

“It’s 7am, time to take you down to meet your prep-team. You are going to love what they have planned for you!” Balthazar tittered, I was still wearing my crumpled reaping dress so he wasted no time leading me through the suite. The ride in the elevator was spent with him telling me about the significance of the day ahead of me. Soon enough I was left alone in a white room, an assortment of tools and instructions were lying on the only flat surface in the room. What exactly did they have planned for me?  

The door swung open, revealing an insane woman with wild red hair who talked so fast I barely caught half of what she was saying. She introduced herself as Xanthe Aspasia, the woman who was tasked with making sure I was respectable for my stylist. Soon enough I was plucked, waxed and buffed within an inch of my life. I swear Xanthe removed every freckle on my body for fear they were a speck of dirt. She talked about what the Parade would be like and asked me inane questions about what life was like back in Seven. I think she had this notion in her head that we all lived in trees and only came down to look for nuts like squirrels. Xanthe left the room, her voice floating to me through the closed door as I tried to calm down. Closing my eyes as I tried to think of home, of impressing Bay and showing my little sister that I was okay. A hand came down to rest on my shoulder, my eyes flicking open to settle on the man before me. His bright green eyebrows lifting in surprise as he chuckled at my fright, introducing himself as Vulcan Pollux the Capitol stylist that was here to remake me in the Capitol’s image.

He inspected me, his arms held behind his back as he circled me like I was a frightened animal. Muttering things to himself before he clapped his hands, obviously delighted with the canvas he had to work with. “My pretty little tribute, you are going to look stunning in what I have planned.” The way he continued to explain the intricacies of fabric that he made to look like bark was exceedingly boring and didn’t instil me with a whole lot of confidence. But he was paid to do this, I guess I had to have some faith in the man despite his ill-fated decision to die his eyebrows bright green for the occasion.

After pulling and prying me into our costume for the parade, Vulcan disappeared from the room, leaving me to stare at my reflection. Like every other year we were dressed like trees, the perfect depiction of District Seven to the Capitol. Somehow I thought I would dislike being made to look like every other tribute from my district but as long as I reflected my home I could deal with his.

“I retrieved this from Xanthe’s work space, I think she meant to return it to you but sometimes she gets distracted and can lose things easily.” Vulcan spoke as he returned to the room, unfolding his hand to reveal the green and bronze hair clip that my mother had affixed in my hair the morning before. I had completely forgotten about it when Xanthe had pulled it from my hair. I was a little preoccupied with the fact that she was wielding scissors and a mean looking set of tweezers while she spoke. He moved behind me to fix the pin at the back of my hair, teasing a few tendrils out from the hair-style Xanthe had spent almost an hour on getting just right. Vulcan laid his hands on my shoulders, careful not to disrupt his creation as he looked over me one last time. “I think you are ready, sweetheart. The two of you will look amazing together; strength and tranquillity all rolled into a tiny package. The Capitol will love you.”

I just hoped he was right. 

I would have liked a little longer in the quiet room with Vulcan and Xanthe talking, but the time had come for the Chariot ride that would introduce us to the Capitol. We were running a little late, thanks to Xanthe who had chosen that exact moment to insist girls always kept boys waiting. I rolled my eyes, standing with her as she gossiped about the other tributes and what they would be wearing. She was intent on building up my confidence and assuring that we were one of the most breathtaking pair she had the pleasure of ever working with. Vulcan hurried us to meet Balthazar, Silas and Eames. Who was obviously getting another lecture from Silas, I wondered if the two of them would ever work out whatever was standing between the two of them getting along. I moved behind Eames, tapping him on the shoulder to try and save him from utter embarrassment. He spun around, wobbling a little on his feet and it was then I realised why Silas was glaring at him.

He was drunk.

I looked away, disappointment settling in my heart as Balthazar congratulated Vulcan and Casper on our outfits. Eames looked the way the leaves turned when Autumn fell, while I was the spring. It wasn’t long before Silas and Balthazar ushered us onto the chariot.

“Hold on tight, Sawyer.” Silas barked at Eames, his gaze resting on me as anger laced his voice. “If the fool looks like he can’t even manage to hold on just let him fall off, it wouldn’t be a complete loss.”

With that it was just the two of us, silence reigning between us as I fought to try and not let myself show my own anger at him giving in. After the train I had just expected him to try harder somehow. But I had a feeling it was only going to get worse.

“Oh, Eames… what are we going to do with you?” I finally said softly, putting my hand in his mine. Maybe if he had something solid to hold onto he could show me that he was that carefree boy on the train, the friend I had thought I made rather than the drunken boy who was so broken on the inside.

Samson’s Prep Team: The Cheetah’s

Four childhood friends find themselves reunited after a few years apart at the end of school. Each had chosen to go their separate way with interestingly enough only Raven choosing to pursue fashion. The other’s took up more menial jobs such as business or politics. After a few years working in and around the Hunger Games scene Raven was finally offered a spot as a prep team member and took it the moment it she found out. She gathered her old gang back together to work alongside her and the rest is history.

Task 3: Part 1: Arriving + Getting Prepped


That’s what I had been doing my entire life. Running.

Running from reality.

Running from my fathers death.

Running from everything.

But not anymore.


From this day on.

I will fight.

I will fight until I am on my deathbed.

Even then, I will fight some more.

I won’t give up.

I will never give up.

I am surrounded by a warmth. Not an earthly warmth, but a warmth. To my left, is my brother. To my right, is my father. Is this it? Am I dead? I must be.. Because I am with my father and brother right now.. But what about my mother and sister?! They won’t survive without me. They need me more than anything. Just to live.

I’m falling now. I’m falling in to a dark abyss. Spinning uncontrollably. Nothing around me, just hot air. I turn to face the direction I’m falling and am met with a bright yellow substance, it covers my body completely and I am being burnt alive. I keep falling until I hit the floor and wake up sweating.

“It was all a dream Kern. It was all a dream.” I tell myself repeatedly. Somebody walks past my room and hears me talking to my self so he sticks his head in the door. It’s Magnus. At least it isn’t a stranger.

“You okay kid? You look a bit hot..” He asks me with a concerned look on his face. He then walks over to my sink and  runs me a cup of cold water and hands it to me. I take it out of his hands and sip it slowly.

“Yeah, just a bad dream. That’s all.” I replied whilst still sipping the glass of water in my hand. I swallow the last mouthful and then swung my legs over the bed. Magnus looked in the cupboard that was in the corner of my room and got out some dark blue trousers and a white shirt. He passed them over to me and told me he would be in the food car when I was ready for breakfast. I gave him a nod of thanks and then slipped in to the trousers he had gave me. I walked over to the sink and washed my face with some cold water. It made me shiver slightly but I dried my face with a small red towel and then pulled the shirt on and buttoned it up.

I left my car and then passed through a smaller one with several seats and a couple of tables scattered around it. I left through the other door and then arrived in the food car. Magnus was already at the table biting in to some sort of bread roll and occasionally taking sips from a cup of a dark brown liquid in a glass mug. There was steam coming off of it, so I figured it was some sort of Capitol coffee alternative. I had only drunk coffee once, during one of my training sessions, a peacekeeper had a cup of it, and poured me a cup. I took a small sip and then spat it out, he chuckled at me then took the cup off of me. I had not drunk any since that day. It tasted vile and it burnt my tongue. But, Magnus was older, so he liked it.

He nodded towards a seat opposite him so I pulled it out and then sat down. An avox placed a plate on the table in front of me and then piled it high with bread rolls of all shapes and sizes, and then poured me a light brown liquid. I thanked him and then dug in. The first bread roll I picked up, was perfectly round, and had green seeds embedded in the top of it. I teared it open and then dipped it in a red goo next to my plate. It tasted like strawberry’s, but sweeter.

After that, I took no notice of the rolls, I just chewed and then swallowed. I gulped down the liquid which was sweet, but not too sweet, and tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before. The whole meal was silent apart from the occasional giggle from Caldwell who was sat in the corner reading a Capitol news letter.

As soon as I had finished drinking the warm liquid, the Capitol came in to view. It was huge and looked so much better off than 11 does. The city disappeared behind a wall and I noticed we were in a tunnel. When we emerged from the tunnel, the crowds of Capitol citizens were flocking at the window to get a glimpse of the two District 11 tributes that will be fighting for their lives in a week or so. The people outside are painted like rainbows. There hair is huge and their color's are bright and bold. They definitely know how to make a statement.

I walk out of the train door and in to the city. Either side of me, citizens are cheering our names, waving bits of cloth around like a bunch of mad people. I wave at a few but keep a straight face the entire time. We are soon whisked away from the streets and to a building where we will be getting ready for the tribute parade later tonight. A man with bright blue hair and green eyelashes introduced himself as Otto. He led me to a small room with a white table in the center of it.

He got to work on shaving my entire body whilst the two other people in the room told me their names. The girl with purple hair and green skin like the fields in 11 said her name was Thalia, the other girl, with Pink eyes, dark skin, and white hair said her name was Bergwind. They got to work putting various creams on my body until I was caked in the stuff, they then washed it off and repeated the process. Over and over. Until my skin felt like it would rip if I got poked. After a few hours, Otto motioned for the girls to stop and he stood back looking at their work.

“All finished. Good luck out there Kern.”