I literally have tears in my eyes right now. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Know why?

These are the official Wizardmon reference sheets! Such a rare find!

He’s my favorite character (from anything - ever), and I’ve been looking for something like this for nine years!

The notes on the source page were typed by a fan who was lucky enough to get a hold of this artwork, and includes some interesting data. These are things that were previously unknown to me. Most are fact with some speculation thrown in:

  • His weight is 15 gigabytes
  • His height is estimated to be at 4’ 3" (133 cm)
  • He was originally designed as a vagabond who travelled the digital world aimlessly
  • He was exiled from Witchelny (His own native digital world in another dimension) for committing some sort of taboo
  • His favorite food is corn soup (omg)
  • It’s confirmed that his body is covered with stitches (I didn’t know, but always added them)
  • His mouth has seven stitches
  • His body is not flesh but cloth, like a scarecrow’s
  • He has an ahoge (“stupid hair”), which might be a reference to a candlewick (he evolves from Candlemon, remember)
  • In the original design his leg zipper was open, and there is nothing inside. I used to know a fan-fic author who noticed this and theorized that his body was gaseous from the waist down (also mentioned on the page). Since his body composition was said to be altered when he came to the digital world, that could very well be true.