“Hard day at work, Mr. Ishida?”

“Heh! You have no idea, Wizardmon!”

im afraid with this one ive indulged a little into one of my own stories about Matt and TKs dad knowing about wizardmon haunting the TV station and sort of…making friends i guess? like, whenever theres a bit of technical trouble , he asks wizardmon (knowing he was once made completely of digital matter) if he can help him sort it out. i guess it sort of plays on the theories that ghosts apparently having an affinity with electrics as well. In a way, he kind of becomes his partner digimon, albeit a dead one!:(

im sure they would make a pretty badass team!:)

(story concept panel)

i hope they end up this happy! :)

anyway! in light of the recent possibility of wizardmon appearing in the next digimon tri movie, i have decided to attempt to dedicate inktober to him. my aim is to post a pic every (if not, 2-3) days! this character had quite the impact on me when i was a kid. its the least i could do for him!;)