Hikari Theory.

I was thinking about what fake Genai said and the post of the next movie.

I don’t know about you, but I automatically thought in Wizardmoon.

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I know the explanation they gave in first Adventure for him not to come back was that he wasn’t a exactly digimon. But the Tri seems to ignore a few things before. And we have a sad/angry Hikari with a Fall Down Mode Ophanimon in the preview.

Big chances of things being linked. Using a Wizardmon to make Hikari crazy doesn’t seem difficult.

I’m so excited for the next “movie”!


Ishida-san!! Happy 49th Birthday!!!! (11.02.67) Just one more year and you’ll be 50~~

Honestly, I thought I’d only know Zura, Izana, Kent & Zeref but to my surprise I knew a lot! And most of them are narcissistic characters. And again most of the charas I knew were blonde XD HAHAHAHA!! As Kakki said you’re simply A-sama and as Sugita said even with an iron heart you still laugh during Gintama recordings (Which is good and I would want to see in an event). Also, thank you for voicing such princely charas~~ Your voice suits them so much!!

I really don’t have a lot to say, I honestly even forgot to greet you because of school work but that’s a different story so let’s keep that away here. Hahahaha!!

There’s really nothing. Just take care of yourself and your health especially since you’re reaching your golden age soon. Bless us more with your voice dear A-sama & I wish you the best in everything~~~~!!