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Holy cow! This weekend is chocked full of events and I am going broke fast! The first gambit I went with the Wizarding Faire. Its a rare person who does not like Harry Potter and I am not a rare person, I suppose. I was ready to don a uniform, whip out my wand, and look for some cute things to add to it!

FATEplay has a load of fantastic Hogwarts uniforms and the line is ever expanding with cloaks, scarves, and a free (FREE) witches hat! Get there as soon as they open! Are these not just perfect? The texture detail makes me feel as if I could be a witch! What else helps with that feeling? Ohmai’s Every Flavor Beans and Essence’s monogramed fob watch! Yes, the beans are not new and not part of the faire, but they are available again! And The watch is a gatcha, so be prepared to stuff it full to get these lovely pieces.

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STORYLINE: Fennimore was tired of being picked on. He knew how to defend against the Dark Arts, he just wasn’t fast enough to deflect. His girlfriend from Hufflepuff suggested he try out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. “It will do you good, Fenni. Help improve your reflexes.” Grudgingly “Frail” Fenni accepted the Quidditch team’s challenge: Deliver a scroll before the sun sets. Of course it’s never that easy, the members of the team would do everything possible to distract, throw him, lead him astray, or trap him, whatever it took to stop his Sunset Run. “On our mark…” Fennimore put on his goggles. “…Set”  He tightened his grip on the broom. “… GO!”

Events: Wizarding Faire, Men Only Monthly

Designers shown: Ayashi, Coco, Devin Vaughn, FATEplay, FATEwear, Genesis Lab, MANDALA, Strike-it,

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I wanted this post to be longer, but I only have time to say this: Amazing. The Wizarding Faire is ah-muh-zing. All of the skins are perfection, clothing perfection, and accessories/toys covet worthy. Never stop designers. You make SL the best place ever. Sadly, I didn’t get to stuff everything I wanted to into this picture, but happily, that means I can play with more later!

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The Wizarding Faire is opening in half an hour and so many creators are participating!
[Stitched] EXCLUSIVE releases for the Faire are:

Handy Cauldrons :
Three versions : One attached to the left forearm, one for the left hand, one rezzable! Only 2 LI !
Change the potions that you’re brewing with a simple click on the surface of the liquid!
Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Green and Golden colors for all your Hogwarts needs.

The Wand:
Choose your wand’s texture in both the attachment and the rezzable version via a HUD!
8 wood textures, 2 metals & 2 leather handles.  Rezzable version only 3 LI !

And a potions gacha with 3 rare and 6 commons! Which one are you going to get?

We are in the Mandrakes’ little shop, the pre-last one!

Stay tuned !
Adele <3