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puke at parties

leave the bathroom for

someone else

to clean up

(all i want tonight is) something to relate to; all these old stories don’t have a drop of soul, they’re just a collection of part-time wizards and full-time islands, it’s so sad

(every page is) saturated with tears, the salt corrodes the ink and turns it into something ugly, something i can’t touch, it hurts to flip through the pages, god, bring me something else to read for once

every library is burning, the machines are taking over, how ironic i should care and be frightened by it all; i’m strolling past canvases and pretty people, there’s the smell of smoke, the smell of pottery baking, i want to be home

i’ve skipped through countries, time, space, stepped on different pillars, and all of that within the span of a few hours, just by walking through a gallery of portraiture and modern art madness

it seems unfair to leave the puke for someone else to clean up but i can’t deal with barf even if it’s my own barf i had to leave it behind i had to go outside and breathe under the stars; my mind is everywhere and i am nowhere

Chip or Dale(Q) by WestEndFoto +animal +Shot from the summit of Wizard Island at Crater Lake in Oregon, the blue background is the lake and the white background is a cloud reflecting in the lake.

Things that turn 10 years old this year

Wizards of Waverly Place
Super Paper Mario
The Orange Box
Team Fortress 2
Half Life 2: Episode 2(the most recent installment in the Half Life series)
Chowder(the cartoon)
Total Drama Island

Think about that for a second.


Panorama across Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

With pinkish clouds over serene blue waters and stately trees, there’s beauty everywhere you look at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon! Photographer Jeff C. Bryant waited until just the right moment to capture this striking sunset shot: “As someone who photographs sunsets quite often, you win some and lose some. One thing I’ve learned is not to leave early!” We think this shot is definitely on the winning side. Photo courtesy of Jeff C. Bryant,

“Universal team members and friends raise wands in memory of team members Luis Vielma and Xavier Serrano, who were killed in the Orlando nightclub attacks. #orlandounited #oneorlando”

Wands up /*

“In the late spring I made a trip to Crater Lake National Park, planning my visit to coincide with a new moon. I scouted areas to capture the Milky Way together with other landscape features and made note of where and when the interesting part of the galaxy would rise between Wizard Island and an old white-barked pine tree disfigured by decades of storms and winds. I returned at about 2:30 a.m. and captured this scene. The old tree seemed to stand like a sentinel over the lake, and over Wizard Island and the Milky Way. The orange glow over the left part of the rim is from the city of Klamath Falls, Oregon, located about 45 miles south of the park. The same type of glow can be faintly seen on the right of the image, coming from Grants Pass, Oregon, located about 80 miles to the southwest.”

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