Rupert Grint and Emma Watson playing wizarding chess on the Deathly Hallows set during the Seven Potters scene. (2010)

“After me and Rupert had finished filming our scenes, since most of the scenes in this film have me and Rupert together, we spent a good amount of time playing wizarding chess, and even though he won’t admit it, I won almost every time.” - Emma Watson.


‘‘What is this?’‘

‘‘That’s a laptop, Draco.’‘

‘‘And what is a ‘laptop’?’‘

‘‘Only one of the best muggle inventions you will ever come across. You can play games on it, do research, watch videos…’‘

‘‘I…I don’t see how you can play a game of wizard chess on this, (Y/n).’‘

‘‘….That’s because you can’t, it - oh, nevermind.’‘

‘‘And is this a phone?’‘

‘‘No, that’s an electric alarmclock,, you can put it down now.’‘

‘‘This muggle technology is very confusion.’‘

‘‘It’s not that bad when you’re used to it, really. Don’t worry, we have got the whole summer to help you figure it out.’‘

‘‘‘…And what is this?’‘

‘‘What is wha-HOW DID YOU GET THAT?! No, no, no, that is no technology, please put that down right now!’‘

‘‘Alright, alright! Calm down, (Y/n)! But seriously, what is it?’‘

‘‘….A magical absorber…Now please put down the tampons, Draco.’‘

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The Signs at Hogwarts

Aries: captain of the quidditch team. Plays a mean game of wizard chess. Most popular in their house.

Taurus: Herbology whizzes. Has collected all the chocolate frogs. Can usually be found hanging in the common room.

Gemini: always getting detention with snape for gossiping in class. Usually gets into debates with the teachers and is very behind in their homework.

Cancer: chilling with the house elves in the kitchen and bringing back food to their friends. Helps the first years find their classes.

Leo: thinks they’re a hot shot quidditch player, always showing off new spells, but really just a dork who gets lost to every class. Type to put their name in the gof

Virgo: Uses a time-turner, helps Gemini with their homework, makes the best jokes in class.

Libra: conjures up a love potion to give to their crush (backfires) always cheering on their friends at matches, even though they suck at quidditch.

Scorpio: the “nice” slytherin. Top of their class in DADA. Rumors are that they can read minds. Knows a little too much about the dark arts.

Sagittarius: Prankster of their house, Never goes to hogsmeade without a date. Knows all the secret passages.

Capricorn: Head boy/girl. Works especially hard in school. Everyone in their house looks up to them.

Aquarius: Blows everything up. Actively involved in SPEW.

Pisces: makes friends with all the ghosts. Falls asleep in history of magic.

Hogwarts - Common Rooms

Okay but consider these headcanons about getting into the common room of each house at Hogwarts:

  • when you don’t know password to enter Gryffindor Tower you can challenge the Fat Lady and offer a singing battle and if you win you get in
  • or simply sing along with her in an opera duet
  • or start singing Hogwarts school song as loudly as possible and eventually she will let you in cause it’s the only song she truly can’t stand
  • when it comes to Ravenclaw Tower, if you don’t know the answer for a riddle you either can wait for someone to save your ass or you can challenge the eagle statue by requiring an answer for your question (about some personal shit of yours or distant family members). if the statue doesn;t know the answer (but good luck with beating it, it knows everything) it lets you in
  • also: if you beat it in wizard’s chess (good luck with that too)
  • everyone knows that if you want to get to the Hufflepuff common room you must tap the barrel two from the bottom, middle of the second row, in the rhythm of ‘Helga Hufflepuff’,  BUT if you’re tone deaf or something no worries you can be saved
  • the answer is simple: Devil’s Snare (enchanted by professor Sprout ofc so calm down those one’s won’t kill you)
  • you can either choose to go via the barrel entrance or via the secret door hidden behind Devil’s Snare surrounding the barrels, by simply using Lumos Solem charm (ofc it’s more difficult than tapping, but hey, not everyone was born Bach or Chopin) 
  • to get to the Slytherin common room you need password but if you forget one you can try opening using the word “open” in different languages
  • it’s tricky cause the stone wall is enchanted and chooses different language every day and sometimes it’s really difficult to get in (especially when the Gobbledegook, the language of the Goblins is chosen) and may Salazar bless you if it chooses the northen dialect of it
  • or ancient runes
  • but it will always let you in if you say ‘open’ in Parseltongue 
  • hiss hiss motherfuckers
Being Newts little sis headcannons

Im already fangirling and i haven’t even written anything lol. okay ALLONS-Y!!

•Being a a couple years younger then Newt but he treats you like you’re 5.
-Its only because he cares so much.
•Both of you dealing with being in your older brothers shadow and Bonding over being the forgotten children.
•Him noticing when youre stressed at school and him trying to get you to relax by playing you in Wizard Chess
-He knows hes pretty horrible but when you become more relaxed it makes being destroyed by you in wizard chess much more bearable.
•You teasing him when he gushes over what you think is a girl but later discover its a Bowtruckle.
•Him letting you cry on his shoulder after every fight you had with a friend or anyone who broke your heart
-mysteriously, whoever broke your heart woke up with all their homework eaten and little tiny footprints spelling out “Screw you”
•When Newt gets expelled you begin to resent him because you get made fun of being the sister of the “Hogwarts Failure”
•You still defending Newt because hes your big brother and end up getting detention for punching a Ravenclaw in the face for talking bad about him.
•When you graduate he’s the first one to congratulate you through Owl post but when you go home to visit he stays in the back of the room because he thinks you hate him.
-Confronting him about it and you two catch up for the rest of the evening
•Finding out hes going to travel around the world and begging to come with him but him refusing because you could get hurt and you retaliate by sneaking into his case anyway
•Him scolding you harshly when he discovers you but lets you join him.
•Being the overprotective brother and making sure your okay every single day. It can get pretty annoying but you love him for still being there for you.
•You and him sending letters to your mom with him talking about his animals and you talking about how Newt keeps almost dying.
-Newt receiving a Howler every other week from your mom because he keeps endangering himself and you laughing in the back while it screams at him.
•You always doing the talking with the breeders because Newt isnt great at human interaction.
•One time you had to pretend to be a couple and it weirded you guys out so much that you decided just to Stupefy the guy instead. Which of course Newt yelled at for.
-“The guy was a poacher we saved the animal everything’s fine Newt”
-“FINE?! We got chased by 10 very angry wizards and almost got killed you call that FINE?!”
•Patching up his wound whenever he got injured and gave him the “Be more Careful Speech”
• Taking the cutest brother/sister christmas card picture
• Both of you knowing that you will always be there for eachother

My best friend and I went to the midnight release of Cursed Child at our local B&N. They had loads of activities like trivia, human wizard’s chess, photo booths, scavenger hunts etc. You could feel the excitement for the book swelling, with all the people there. It was so disappointing that the story was so poorly written. It was such a bad ending to a great, fun-filled night.