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There are two kinds of reunions, high school and ones you create for yourself. I prefer the latter.

For one thing, the pressure of comparing myself to everyone I knew 5 years bores me. I think I’ve become a pretty solid person and I don’t need people who went through puberty at the same time as me to reaffirm that. Also “catching up” talk with old acquaintances gives me wrinkles and nausea.

However, magic can be found in reunions you create for yourself. You force yourself to go into the likable past and find why it isn’t apart of your likable present. It is risky. This connection did not end because you made zero mistakes. Maybe, you were a selfish, newly-colleged-life-experienced D-bag. Or, maybe, you spent too much time worrying about the friendships right in front of you and forgot the friendships out of arm’s reach.

And reaching out does not guarantee a perfect reunion. Making the effort to reconnect does not say all the things that were left unsaid.

But, if you are lucky, your likable past will forgive, forget or just not care about the past anymore. If you are lucky, you get to talk about the stupid things you used to do and the stupid things you do now.

If you are lucky, your likable past becomes a part of your likable present.

Subject:Dorothy Gale

Date: October 4, 1896

Department: Secrecy and Obfuscation  

Agent in Charge: Glynda North

Event: In a truly appalling oversight that has since been rectified, the subject, Ms. Dorothy Gale, when seeking shelter from a tornado in the South-Central Region, managed to gain admission to a heavily warded warehouse of dangerous and defunct magical objects. Though agents in charge of the warehouse swore up and down they had warded it against all Muggle intrusion, it seems young Ms. Gale not only found it no problem to locate the building, but also to let herself inside. She quickly became confused in the spatially warped interior and became lost for several weeks.

While wandering the interior of the warehouse, Ms. Gale befriended an animate scarecrow (which was incapable of scaring song birds, much less crows), a magical woodsman that felt such empathy for trees that its own tears caused it to rust, and a stuffed toy lion that had lacked the courage to fend off shadows for its original keeper. A little less than a month after her invasion, Ms. Gale was discovered by one of the keepers of the warehouse, Wilhemina Winkle. Madam Winkle of course apprehended the young girl and promptly called DSO agents to wipe her memory.

Whatever strength of will gained Ms. Gale access to warehouse, however, seems to have inured her to memory charms as well, and while the exact nature of her misadventure eludes her, she is quite caught up with the fanciful notion of another land called Oz, which draws broad elements from her time in the warehouse. Her three companions are repeated theme, as are the yellow walk-ways, a pair of cursed silver shoes the young girl apparently replaced her own shoes with, and Madam Winkle’s wooden leg and pursuit of her from the back of a broom.

We have deemed Ms. Gale’s modified memory acceptable, and she is currently at residence in a mental institution in Chicago, but hope she will be well soon so that we may release her back to her family. Her interest in Muggle newspapers is a good sign that she is slowly erasing these nebulous memories, and we are told she has taken up correspondence with several reporters for the Evening Post.

Case Status: CLOSED

(Mod Note: The idea for this concept was originally given to us by Adriene who also gave us permission to play with the idea for the fic. All the elements here are directly attributable to them, and I only had the extreme honor of putting it in ficlet form)