When Land of Oz first opened, it was very popular and one of the top attractions in the area. 

Apparently Debbie Reynolds was there.

But it was tied to another investment that fell flat, and one of the owners passed away, so eventually the doors were closed for good.

Thirteen years later, the doors were opened for a weekend festival in the autumn, and it’s been a tradition ever since. The park is mostly in disrepair, but gets spruced up a little for the festival.

Thousands of people attend the annual festival to get a glimpse of what the park might have been like when it was open.



British master jeweler Theo Fennell creates awesomely intricate gold rings that combine opulent design with classical literature. The rings feature secret compartments hiding items or characters from their respective stories as well as gates, doors, and drawbridges that really open to reveal tiny painted scenes. The ring inspired by the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has a tiny door that opens to reveal the Yellow Brick Road as it passes through poppy fields in sight of the Emerald City. The Wind in the Willows-inspired ring features a miniature Badger and Mr. Toad beneath a transparent dome. There’s even a ring inspired by the biblical Garden of Eden. The top features a carved wooden serpent that opens to reveal a ruby red apple in a secret compartment.

Fennell’s attitude towards his work is that it should be timeless, and so pairing it with classic literary interpretations makes sense. “Jewellery should be something talismanic and precious, beautifully made to last and not at the ephemeral whim of fashion: it should be truly owned,” he says. “Jewellery has that power – it is a very romantic, sexy and emotional thing.”

Head over to Theo Fennell’s website to check out many more of his fantastically fancy rings and other pieces of seriously fancy-schmancy jewelry.

[via Demilked and Beautiful/Decay]