Without You

If we don’t end up together and we belong to other people please tell your kids about me. Tell your daughter to be fearless but also build walls around her so guys won’t break her heart like you broke mine. Tell your son to be tender and consistent in every decision, to listen to what his heart says and not what everybody else tells him to, like you did. Tell them that for every person there’s another person who would go through everything just to be with them, like I did for you. Teach them that giving up on the person who sees the world in their eyes just because times are hard will make them drown in regret, like you probably are right now. Most importantly teach them to be fighters and not quitters on that certain person who goes to hell and back, like I did.
Sometimes there is no catch. Love can sometimes just be love. Sometimes someone can just love you. For all the flaws that rot you and all the beauty that paints you. For all the twisted darkness knitted into your soul, someone can just love you. For the cigarettes you smoke and for the nights that you break their heart, they just love you. Unreasonably, unconditionally, wholly and entirely. Love can sometimes just be love.
—  sometimes, rarely, hopefully -blue-delusion