Starting on September 1st,

Let’s support Lana

Taylor Swift’s new single “Wildest Dreams” sounds just like “Without You.” First off, let me start by saying this is NOT a hate post for Taylor. However, I’m not too thrilled about her song because it is obviously inspired by Lana, and she has yet to give credit. Any questions, just check this…

The point of this post is simply to support Lana. We can do this is a few simple ways:

1. Call your Radio

Taylor’s “Wildest Dreams” sounds so much like “Without You.” I think we should support Lana’s track. When you call your station, ask for “Without You.”

2. Buy her music on iTunes

Buy “Without You.” It is possible to bring this track to prominence. If you already own it, buy her new album, Honeymoon

- or -

3. Watch her videos on YouTube

If you can’t afford to buy music or if you just want to help more, watch her music videos. More view counts is important!

Let’s get Lana the credit she deserves. As an artist, she endlessly inspires me. Let’s show her how much we appreciate her art.