20 Song Shuffle

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Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs, then
tag 20 people!

1. Psychic Chasms by Neon Indian
2. Can’t Stop Loving You by Van Halen
3. Hearts On Fire by Cut Copy
4. Here I Stand and Face The Rain by A-ha
5. Heading South (Nite Sprite Remix) by Mitch Murder
6. Souvenir by OMD
7. Party Talk by Craft Spells
8. Missing by Arcadia
9. Elevation by U2
10. Great Escape by Washed Out
11. [JFK] by Muse
12. You’re All I’ve Got Tonight by The Cars
13. Unforgettable Season by Cut Copy
14. Witch Hunt by Rush
15. For The Ages by Craft Spells
16. Survival by Muse
17. Within and Without by Washed Out
18. Why Can’t This Be Love by Van Halen
19. [Drill Sergeant] by Muse
20. Dreams by Van Halen

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a corkscrew curl of hair rests on the marble shelf,
thin scribbles atop the dried drops of water
like empty ponds reduced to pale blemishes only visible in afternoon light.
glass tumblers stand still, half full - half empty.
a pallid light sits on piled objects as they stand dutifully,
with bald circles beneath them where the dust can’t reach.
stalks suspended in vases, the flowers still live.
within and without.
air bubbles cling to the severed end,
no movement to disperse them.
in the garden there is no wind,
but the plants sway as if in its memory.
small apples weigh on the trees but they are too light to fall.

in my bedroom,
full bottles stand like chess pieces on the windowsill, the chemicals separating.
necklaces hang from the tiny necks of push pins and coat hooks.
the last light picks up frail hairs on the back of my hand,
and the roughed-up fibres of shirts
piled, not folded.
thunderbugs trapped in picture frames sleep in their flat caskets,
dolls and stuffed animals stare with vacant wonder.
it gets dark, and the lights from cars and street lamps come into the house.
headlights turn a corner, the orange glare bends until it snaps.

and I feel the house sigh
I know it all - the shapes of reflections on the windows,
the last sounds made before sleep.
the stairs that creak, the ones that don’t.
the dark that swells then subsides when the lights go out.
—  some words about my house (by me, alice)

can’t stop swimming but i need to catch my breath
gotta give into the tides so i don’t get swept
away from this reality
you and me
together we’ll see the world crumble but not fall
cause we know the answer to it all is
within, not without
being love is what it’s truly all about
shine your light bright, like the mighty Phoenix preparing for flight
no time for fear
no time to wait
just be here now cause we can’t fight our fate


I’ll carry you
if you’ll carry me
when your standing by the roadside
and it’s a long way to go
where ever
whatever that road
within or without
sometimes you need a lift
over the rough cobbles
in the road