i was playing animal crossing with @horrifichymns and this happened

,,except it was an axe

I don’t get how basketball players or people like kim kardashian or even an actress or musician gets paid so much. like yeah dribbling a ball, acting and or just being pretty is cool and all but how does that contribute to society. like what does it serve the world and how do we benefit from it. just really think about it. the people that should get paid more are the teachers, doctors/dentists, construction workers/engineers etc. they are the true fucking hard workers and unsung heroes. like i don’t understand this planet

I hate the RichBoy!Sasuke AU: Naruto AUs that Bother Me

I really hate the RichBoy!Sasuke AU. You know the modern AU’s that make Sasuke some snobby rich kid and his family usually owns some large corporation. The reason I hate it so much is because A) It goes very much against his character B) It goes very much against the purpose and character of the Uchiha Clan in canon and C) It’s almost always used to balance out a PoorBoyOrphan!Nauto and/or AverageMiddleClassGirl!Sakura.

The Uchiha Clan are police officers and servicemembers. They have the wealth they do because they earned it through police and military service. Not because they were old money. Not because they’re crooked businessmen. Not because they live the posh lifestyle and let others do the dirty work. The Uchiha Clan is made almost entirely of police and soldiers and the only ones who aren’t are the ones who can’t. It is expected that once grown a child of the Clan will go into either the police force or the service as a shinobi. They are rich because of the amount of S-Class shinobi in their Clan who are bringing in money from the high-paying S-Class missions. So it really bothers me when people make the Uchiha into some civilian corporate powerhouse instead of the military family that they are. Sasuke isn’t a spoiled rich kid, he’s a military brat. There is a huge difference, especially in how Sasuke and the family are characterized. The only time it’s fine with me is if the entire setting takes place in high society. In other words, the other characters are also rich kids. Because it puts them all on an even playing field that makes sense.

The Uchiha Clan are not civilians: they are very much a military family of public servants. 

I also have no problem with AU’s in which Sasuke’s family is alive…so long as Naruto’s is as well. It annoys me for some reason when people make one an orphan and the other not. I don’t know why, it just does. Probably because it was their shared isolation that brought them together in canon and one of the biggest basises of their entire character story. You know, nothing all that big or anything. Unless it’s a canon-divergant story so long as Sasuke isn’t badly characterized and Naruto’s orphan status isn’t played off of Sasuke’s non-orphan status to turn it into another RichBoy!Sasuke with AbusedPoorBoyOrphan!Nauto AU because I honestly hate them. With a passion. Sasuke was the way he was as a kid because he was distrustful and traumatized. He acted out in class the way he did because that was the only place he could feel strong because at home, he could never reach his father’s expectations and always felt like a weak failure, not because he was just some spoiled brat of a bully.

I also hate Bully!Sasuke with Victim!Naruto (or Bully!Sasuke in general) AUs. Sasuke is not a bully in canon. Bullies go out of their way to make someone else’s life miserable. Sasuke did not go out of his way to “bully” Naruto. He only ever interacted with Naruto when Naruto challenged him. If Naruto never challenged Sasuke, Sasuke would leave him completely alone. Sasuke has stepped in and stopped bullying even in canon. Sasuke is not a bully. He’s just extremely competitive and has no compunctions about talking down/putting down his opponents/challengers. If no one challenges him, he leaves well enough alone and always has. Sasuke is not a bully and never showed any interest in canon to become one. The only people’s pain he derives any pleasure out of are those on whom he seeks revenge. He is not a sadist like Suigetsu. In fact, he even reigns Suigetsu in. He only does what needs to be done to achieve his goals and so long as no one steps in the way, he leaves them alone. Naruto, also, takes no one’s shit and would give as good as he got, not sit back and take it like in most of these AUs.

I also seriously hate sadistic/sex god/sex obsessed Sasuke. Like do I even need to explain why? It’s so totally OOC it is painful. There is a reason Sasuke’s counterpart in Road to Ninja is his complete and total opposite. It is because Sasuke is not like that. In fact, Naruto Gaiden plus all of the evidence built up over the series seems to suggest that Sasuke is canonically demisexual. He is not some sadistic sex-crazed maniac. He is also the furthest thing from a playboy on the planet.

I also really hate Fem!Naruto with Male!Sasuke fics. With an absolute and total passion. If you’re gonna genderbend Naruto, do the same to Sasuke. I could conceivably see Sasuke being genderbent and staying IC with a male Naruto, but Fem!Naruto with Male!Sasuke is always super OOC and never works. Ever. The above image is a perfect example of why I hate it. And it’s always an excuse for romance almost always with a bully/rich kid/sadistic/playboy Sasuke.

So yeah, there’s a rant on all of the Sasuke and Naruto AU’s floating around the Naruto fandom that I can’t stand.


Okay, let me first get this out of the way: I am all about historical accuracy and shit, so if I say anything that makes you say “modernized” in any way, ignore your thoughts

I am truly disappointed in the new ballgown ??? For one, it’s not even a good color, two, it lacks historical accuracy in a movie surrounded by HISTORICALLY ACCURATE COSTUMES. Three, it looks cheap and fake.

Let’s begin with my first point. The dress is supposed to be gold not yellow. Thank you, I rest my case.

Second point: BatB is set in 18th C France, around the era of Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette hasn’t been overthrown yet, bc Belle and Beast would have died if she were, so two plausible dress styles would the “robes,” as I call them. This dress doesn’t follow the correct silhouette for either robe, more like a 15th Century skirt, and doesnt even have a corset. Mind you, I know that Emma refused to wear one, but hey, historically speaking, it didn’t matter. Anyway, the dress doesn’t fit the style, lacking the three quarter sleeve style, pocket hoop panniers and etc. And when you match it to the rest of the movie, it’s saddening. Like, all of her costumes make me want to vomit. I’m sorry, but it’s true and I feel very rude for saying that so I’m going to move on.

Third point, it looks tacky and cheap. With all of the glitter glue and stuff added on, it just looks really bad…

To top it all off, I love the costume designer. She did a really good job with Anna Karenina, but the minute she let Emma take the reins on BatB, it wasn’t good.

Tastebuds are weird...

Isn’t it odd how people can have such drastically different tastes in food/beverages? I keep seeing posts about pineapple pizza. I personally hate the taste of cooked pineapple in any fashion, but really hate it when it’s paired with something savory as opposed to sweet.

But something that has always bothered me, is that I just cannot eat fish. Everyone has always told me “if it tastes like fish, it’s not fresh enough.” I have had fish caught fresh from the ocean that very day and prepared later that afternoon, and guess what? It tasted like fish. It’s the fish part of fish that I hate. It tastes like garbage to me, and I almost always throw up (involuntarily, I don’t make it a show). People have hidden fish in my food and told me it’s not in there, and I can STILL taste it (and have a gagging reaction). 

This really trailed off, but I wish I could enjoy fish. Tastebuds are just really weird. 

anonymous asked:

I'm 15 and I'm sure that I'm a sex repulsed asexual but the last time I tried telling someone close to me they told me I'm too young to know. Are they right and I'm just not at a point where I know yet? I'm v confused about this D:

I’ve said it before and I will say it until I die…

As soon as you are old enough to question your sexuality, you are old enough to decide your sexuality.

Period. Plain. Simple.

Straight kids are allowed to know they’re straight when they’re five years old. Which is ridiculous and not okay and that’s heteronormativity at work. But if a nine year old boy goes “I think that boy is cute.” (which I have heard a kid say.) He is too young to know. Or if a 25 year old woman goes “You know… I don’t think I anyone is good looking. I think I’m just going to stay single.” She’s too young to know. Or just in denial and is trying to reconcile with being single and alone.

But that five year girl. Who looks at a boy and says “Hi.” or just “Jimmy is nice. I wanna be his friend.” Oh she’s going after all the boys. She knows exactly who she likes. Gonna have to watch that one.

And that’s complete trash.

Your sexuality is what you decide it is when you decide it is. And even if it changes later, it’s not because “you were too young to know.” Or that it was “just a phase.” It’s because sexuality can be fluid and change over now. If you feel asexual now, you are asexual. But if that changes that’s okay too. And does not make anything you feel right now any less valid.