I’m tired of people saying Tomtord is bad because it makes To/m/ska uncomfortable, but then they turn around and ship some other EW ship.

Guys, guys.

All EW ships are bad since they make the entire EW crew (or at least the old crew) uncomfortable.

I don’t get how basketball players or people like kim kardashian or even an actress or musician gets paid so much. like yeah dribbling a ball, acting and or just being pretty is cool and all but how does that contribute to society. like what does it serve the world and how do we benefit from it. just really think about it. the people that should get paid more are the teachers, doctors/dentists, construction workers/engineers etc. they are the true fucking hard workers and unsung heroes. like i don’t understand this planet

so weirdly enough i get asked a lot why i bother dressing up and being ‘uncomfortable’ during my college classes but like did you ever stop to think: 

These ARE my comfy clothes?????