For those concerned about me deleting my blog

There are a few things I need to make clear.

First. When I say the last lee that means when the youngest of the lees ( @brokenpastelwings) gets here with the rest of us. Due to her age that will be 5 years.

Second. None of you who truly care will lose me. I have a gaming tumblr you all can talk to me on. You just can’t tag me in anything. It’s @jokerplaysonyoutube

And last. This community is to much of a clique I can’t take dealing with people who are blind to their own bullshit. Treating younger people different because they are young. Treating lers different because they accept the younger people. Treating somebody different because they don’t show their face while others who do show their faces and get praised (excuse me for wanting my privacy you worthless cunts)

So I want nothing to do with such a place. I literally only stay for my friends here. If I didn’t have them I would have left in July.

If you disagree then don’t reblog. Because I don’t care to be honest. Then again if you disagree you’re probably already blocked in my end. Sorry not sorry

anonymous asked:

I'm 15 and I'm sure that I'm a sex repulsed asexual but the last time I tried telling someone close to me they told me I'm too young to know. Are they right and I'm just not at a point where I know yet? I'm v confused about this D:

I’ve said it before and I will say it until I die…

As soon as you are old enough to question your sexuality, you are old enough to decide your sexuality.

Period. Plain. Simple.

Straight kids are allowed to know they’re straight when they’re five years old. Which is ridiculous and not okay and that’s heteronormativity at work. But if a nine year old boy goes “I think that boy is cute.” (which I have heard a kid say.) He is too young to know. Or if a 25 year old woman goes “You know… I don’t think I anyone is good looking. I think I’m just going to stay single.” She’s too young to know. Or just in denial and is trying to reconcile with being single and alone.

But that five year girl. Who looks at a boy and says “Hi.” or just “Jimmy is nice. I wanna be his friend.” Oh she’s going after all the boys. She knows exactly who she likes. Gonna have to watch that one.

And that’s complete trash.

Your sexuality is what you decide it is when you decide it is. And even if it changes later, it’s not because “you were too young to know.” Or that it was “just a phase.” It’s because sexuality can be fluid and change over now. If you feel asexual now, you are asexual. But if that changes that’s okay too. And does not make anything you feel right now any less valid.


I’m not real good at writing I don’t think but if I wrote a fix it fix for like, all of season 12, would y'all wanna read it? Like. It would be like this:

Fic Idea that I’ll probably never write: After Dean helps Chuck and Amara make amends, they give the Winchesters what they’ve always wanted, a chance at a normal life. With the guarantee that they’ll be able to live normally if they so wish, Sam, Dean, and now human Castiel get taken in by Jody. Jody helps them try and get settled, but problems crop up of course. Dean is still hesitant to admit his feelings for Castiel, who’s lack of experience being human makes for some goofy moments. Dean ends up helping Jody with a police case, and bonds with a misplaced kid who’s homophobic parents threw them out. He starts to be faced with the possibility of a future with Castiel. Sam however is appearing to have an easier time adjusting, though that’s just a front. He gets a job as a janitor in the nearby highschool to help keep an eye on the girls where he meets a teacher named Mr. Mackelly, who isn’t all he appears to be. Sam recognizes him immediately, but the man who appears to be a normal teacher is having trouble with his memory. The brothers learn that its okay to live how they want, and as time goes on they try their best to come to terms with the fact that they could lead normal lives. And of course there’s Destiel and Sabriel and Wayward Daughter antics.

Because like I’m really angry at season 12 and need to write something

Me Watching FRIENDS (every episode)
  • Me: I love Phoebe <3 ALL THE GIRLS REALLY but Phoebe <3 Monica...stop...honey breath. Rachel, you beautiful little fashion nerd.
  • Me: At least Chandler knows his flaws and works to improove. Joey you wonderful dump horny puppy. SUCH CUTE BEST FRIENDS <3 <3 <3
Mi sedetti stanotte sul balcone della camera,
Alzi la tapparella guardando il giardino, iniziai a parlare con la mia penna, ed essa mi disse; “Ragazzo, non rattristarti.
Ché l'amore non è il tuo destino.
Ho letto i fondi di tazze di caffè e ho predetto il futuro tante volte
ma non ho mai visto tazza simile alla tua
Ho letto i fondi e ho predetto il futuro tante volte, ma non ho mai conosciuto tristezza simile alla tua.
Sei destinato ad attraversare sempre il mare dell'amore senza vele.
E la tua vita sarà sempre un libro di lacrime.
Il tuo destino è rimanere imprigionato tra l'acqua e il fuoco.
Ma nonostante tutte le sue fiamme
nonostante tutti i suoi trascorsi
nonostante la tristezza che abita in te notte e giorno
nonostante il vento, nonostante la pioggia e il temporale nella tua vita ci sarà una donna…
i suoi occhi sono di infinita bellezza
la sua bocca è disegnata come un grappolo d'uva
il suo sorriso è rose e melodia
i suoi capelli zingari al vento viaggiano
per il mondo.
Ma dentro di te piove e la tua strada è interrotta.
L'amore del tuo cuore,
ragazzo mio,
dorme in un castello incantato
chiunque entri nella sua camera
chiunque chieda la sua mano
chiunque s'avvicini al recinto del suo giardino chiunque provi a sciogliere le sue trecce, ragazzo mio, è perduto.
La cercherai ovunque, ragazzo mio,
e chiederai di lei alle onde del mare
e alle conchiglie
attraverserai mari e mari
e verserai lacrime a fiumi
e la tua tristezza si farà tanto grande da diventare alberi.
E tornerai un giorno, come un re
sconfitto ragazzo mio, infranto.
E capirai alla fine
che andavi cercando un filo di fumo,
perché il tuo cuore ragazzo mio,
non ha terra, né patria, né indirizzo.
E così la donna amata può diventare,
il mondo intero.