Witchblr is Toxic

PSA on some toxic minerals

Cinnabar: Is extremely toxic, if you handle it please make sure to wash your hands afterwards. This mineral should under no circumstance be ingested or inhaled. 

Galena:  Contains lead which is toxic to ingest or inhale, this mineral specimen can be handled but prolonged exposure to its dust can cause serious health issues. 

Chalcanthite: Is a copper sulphate crystal, this mineral can cause copper poisoning if ingested, do not under any circumstance place this mineral in gemstone elixirs. This mineral however can be handled. Chalcanthite can sometimes be lab grown and not the natural variation of the mineral. 

Asbestos: Unless you are a qualified professional please do not handle this mineral! Do not inhale it, under no circumstances should you ingest this mineral and even handling this mineral can cause serious health issues. Unbelievably asbestos is still sold as mineral samples, luckily most of the ones you find online are generally fake satin-spar or varieties of garnet.  

Malachite: Another copper based mineral, cannot be used in elixirs and must be handled carefully. Fibrous malachite specimens can scratch and disintegrate in water, it is a good idea for this mineral to be bought in its polished form. Malachite is being artificially produced and faked, so beware when purchasing online. 

Orpiment: An arsenic sulphide mineral, handled incorrectly and left to oxidise this mineral will cause arsenic poisoning. Repeated exposure and handling is not recommended. 

“I am immune to the negative effects of toxic people.”

This is a sigil I came up over the holidays, meant to help you deal with toxic people, particularly family (as much as I love my mother, she can be hard to be around sometimes). Enjoy!

Note: If you are in any real danger, mentally or physically, please get help as soon as you can! Don’t rely on magic to save your life.

Not every witch agrees 100% or even 1% with your sociopolitical views and I feel the need to repeat this every time I log onto this godforsaken website

I love when fellow witches support each others and send genuine loving intents and support to others, chanting and sending good vibes for someone if they asked them. You all deserve those warm and protective vibes to get back to you the day you’ll need it the most 💜

Me thinks im gonna make some zines about proper safety (toxicities/burning/etc) in the practices of witchcraft.

I have nothing against new practitioners of wicca, paganism, or other practices, secular or othereise, but with all these new “trends” and pop culture involvement and attention to witchcraft, it doesnt really offer the safety precautions or cultural mindfulness that these respective crafts deserve so I’ll be compiling a bunch of stuff from my grimoirs and books to offer some advice and measures. Send me a message/ask if there is anything you would like to see included and I’d be happy to look into it!