The best time for:

Cursing - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning/Dark Moon
Protection - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, Waxing/Full Moon
Cleansing - Saturday, Waning Moon/Blue Moon
Banishing - Saturday, Waning Moon/Dark Moon
Binding - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning Moon/Full Moon
Healing - Thursday/Sunday, Full Moon/Blue Moon
Enhanced psychic power - Monday, Full Moon/Blue Moon
Love/Friendship - Friday, New Moon/Waxing Moon
Success - Sunday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
Luck - Wednesday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
Wealth - Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday, Waxing Moon
Peace - Monday, Waning/New Moon
Courage/Strength - Tuesday, Waxing/Full Moon
Intelligence/Wisdom - Monday/Wednesday, Waxing/Full Moon

compiled from my personal collection of correspondences

White Sage, The cure all?

If you go to any spiritual person, For what ever reason it may be, Sage will come up. For good reason, It is an amazing herb used to cleanse a space or person of negative energy. But I think we depend to highly on it when there are other alternatives (That work better)

Sage is not the cure all of herbs. To be honest, There is no one herb for every cleaning occasion. Some situations are more intense than others. For example. Sage would be appropriate to burn to cleanse a crystal you plan to gift a friend. But sage wouldn’t be as effective cleansing a home of, Lets say a malevolent spirit. 

With that being said there are plenty of other herbs you could use in the place of sage click here to see my full post on this matter