It has a pulse of its own until it syncs with Keith’s own anxious heartbeat.

Desperate, erratic, scared.

It’s in the way that his magic springs out from his fingertips, sharp looking sparks breaking out from them. They quickly shape themselves into lighting, growing higher and louder with each beat.

The colors dancing within clash against each other, a deep dark magenta overtaking the faint golden on its edges. He tries to shake it off. Or push it back, maybe even burying back deep inside him where no one would ever find it.

But he has no say on it. His panic turns into anger and Keith looks for an out, for an escape.

And it comes in the oddest way.

It comes with small gentle paws pressing themselves down on his forearm. It comes with blue eyes and dark skin glowing under the sunlight.

It’s in the laughter that arrives with teasing headlocks; in the warm hugs, new handshakes, playful shoving and understanding gazes.

It comes in friendship and love Keith has yet to learn about.

⭐  ⭐  ⭐

This is NOT just another witch!au picture guys - it’s a preview of what’s been cooking for a few weeks now, which is a witch!au zine - a collab between me and the amazing writer - @bleusarcelle

The zine will include illustrated stories, character sheets - all that happening in the world and environment built by Bleu and me. Hopefully we will release it just for halloween!
Hope you guys like it! 💖

✨🔮 witchy playlists 🔮✨

//playlists for each of the witches, playlists that, for me, hold their essence\ 

green witch 🌿🦌✨

urban witch 🏙🕯

tech witch 👾🕹

love witch 💖🥀🌸

moon witch 🌙🔮

sun witch ☀️🌻

cosmic witch 🛸💫🚀

sea witch 🐚🌊🧜‍♀️

Been noticing a lot of worrying posts lately,

Particularly among the newer witchblrs, so I feel as though I should say something:


And research that is preferably done off of Tumblr (aka Google it), so you’ll find a wider range of opinions, articles, and thoughts on the matter.

For example:

  • Certain stones and crystals are toxic when mixed with water/liquids! Big ones include malachite, turquoise, and selenite - but that’s just to name a few!
  • Various herbs can interact negatively with medications/the body: St. John’s Wort with birth control or anti depressants (even though it is used to treat depression in small doses), sleepy time herbs are not to be used in conjunction with melatonin or other sleep aids/pills; some herbs can cause liver damage - pennyroyal, valerian, comfrey, etc - if consumed.
  • DO NOT JUST SMOKE THINGS because a tumblr said to try it!!! I just saw a post about smoking valerian root - THIS WILL CAUSE A CHEMICAL BURN IN YOUR THROAT AND LUNGS. ⚠️

So for the love of gods, and all things decent - including your health - PLEASE do legitimate research before ingesting any herbs or concoctions. 🌿

  • people when you tell them u r a witch: *think of you surrounded by crystals in a dark room, summoning spirits with pretty fancy rituals, drying your herbs in a cabinet, writing in an ancient beautiful grimoire with curly calligraphie, talking to your familiar who help you and do everything you ask*
  • Me: my practice is basically reblogging a bunch of witchy stuffs on my blog for later but later never comes and I just forgot about them

Buying crystals in front of your v Christian parents like

Me: Oh wow, mum look at this rock, isn’t it pretty? Such a pretty rock, I’m just going to buy it because it’s pretty, you know, for decoration.

Mum: Uh, okay, hon, you can do that.

Me: Yeah, it’s just really pretty, I definitely don’t believe in all that crystal energy shit lollllll Oh it’s apparently “citrine” whatever the hell that is, never heard of that before, have you heard of that before? Isn’t this so pretty? Wow.

Witchy things to do this summer

Originally posted by leave-me-colourless

♡ search for faeries! they live everywhere, they can even live in a mall or in your garage, but they’re usually found on forests. if you find a mushroom circle, that means a faerie may be nearby! if you encounter one, be careful since they are really playful and will probably trick you. make sure to give them sweet offerings.

♡ celebrate litha and lammas! there are plenty of ways to celebrate litha and lammas, i’ll do a post about it soon!

♡ go in a picnic! bring some food, tea and your crystals!

♡ blend with the season. take a walk and notice how the air brushes the leaves and how they start to fall gently on the ground. breathe deeply and become one with nature.

♡ make a summer themed spotify playlist and dance to your favorite tunes!

♡ relax! summer break is your time to wind down and take care of yourself. pamper yourself, do a lot of face masks, do a lot of baths with oils and rose petals, moisturize your skin!

♡ cleanse and re-decorate your room!

♡ start your own garden! plant flowers and various plants (such as sage) that can help you with your craft! having a garden and taking care of a living being is such a lovely feeling!

happy crafting, my loves!

(´ ꒳ ` ✿)