It took me a good while to notice this but Naoto Shirogane herself has a lot of Ishinomori references going on.

This one goes for you wisnia since you like to gather as many Ishimori references as you can!

First there’s her persona, Sukuna Hikona

who may be loosely based after Izanuman

Sukuna’s uniform may also be inspired by the way Ishimori liked to design uniforms (*winkwonkcyborg009winkwonk*)

(Im p sure I saw a version of him with wings but google is not a big help)

And then there’s Shadow Naoto

Who may prolly be the most obvious shout-out to Android Kikaider

Heck I would dare to say that Naoto herself may be a subtle shout-out to Robo-Detective, just to keep the whole robo-superhero motif consistent.

So yeah, sneaky Atlus how the fuck did you get away with this? not even the shin megami tensei wiki has anything about this in the trivia section of Naoto’s page.

because everyone was doing it and i’m alwayslate to the party I finally did it. this year has been absolute bullshit but I made some new friends so thanks for making things easier i really appreciate it. friends are in bold print. i don’t know how to do this.


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wisnia-inactive-deactivated2015  asked:

One of the animators in tonight's episode (Brett Muller), if I'm not mistaken, was part of the art team for Homestuck. That should make some of the "Jailstuck" fans here kind of happy.



I checked the arts credit page, and apparently, he worked on some of the MOST IMPORTANT FLASHES EVER OH MY GOD


((Idea I got when Ozzal showed me a photo of a huge sundae during the “tiny twin” magic-anon. I’m still trying to get back into the swing of drawing digital XD;.))

what a beautiful drawing! We love it very much~

And that ice cream looks absolutely delectable. Now we must go to the store and get some.

wisnia said: There are also fans that hate the manga and prefer the anime over it, story-wise and art-wise. I’ve seen people think Takeuchi made the villains too shallow, and didn’t explore the other girls enough.

Ahh I see :O

I haven’t finished the manga myself- not because I dislike it, I’m just really, really lazy- but from what I read, it had some cool elements that made me think “wow, I wish that was in the anime”, but it also made me think “wow, I’m glad the anime took their time so we could explore these villains”.

From my understanding the manga was super rushed and the editors always kept Takeuchi on a leash (“you can’t do that in a Shoujo manga!!”) so that definitely comes with its pro’s and cons.

Basically I’m saying that the manga is far from perfect, but the old anime had its share of flaws too. (boy, did it ever!)

wisnia-inactive-deactivated2015  asked:

When it comes to theories, we should be getting a preview for Planet Radio tonight after the new episode, right? I've thought there's something up with the Twins, but haven't wanted to say. The presence of their crystals in space in what look to be preview backgrounds from it though, have me wondering. That, and the sky looks like the Time Court.

I noticed that too! I wonder if the Time Police will make another appearance.

…What if the Twins are in on something similar…?

This should be interesting!

They changed up quite a few of the Titans they used in season 5; some changes due to the character designer’s own views (furries “sickened” him, so Pantha became a luchadore girl), and others…well, I don’t think they ever gave much reason why.

I guess with Argent, red bolts might have looked more eye-catching on screen, but it didn’t mesh with her name (“silver”). And animated!Kole’s powers made her into an accessory/weapon for another Titan instead of her getting to spin crystal. Kind of off-topic though, don’t mind me~

Making a new post because I wanted to comment without deriving the post even more.

Anyway, all the changes you mentioned frustrated me so much.

Pantha’s was bs because they had no problem with male characters that were part animal and then they made their own new catgirl for the movie.

Argent you already covered. Though I am bothered they changed where she’s from. They wanted to show a more global Titans? Great! How about using actual foreign members? And not making a few that were used possibly Americans. Though kudos for making two new ones, especially since they were POCs.

Kolle annoys me because a bunch of people call her weak/pathetic because of her cartoon powers and maybe they’d like her more if she had her comic powers. Plus I don’t like her antennae hair.

And let’s not forget the dumb whitewashing (or grey/gray for those that say it’s technically not whitewashing) of Jinx. Plus her hair and power change (though to be fair her cartoon powers match her codename better).

wisnia replied to your post: wisnia asked:I vaguely recall see…

Well, Joe, Francoise, and Ivan are the only characters seen and it’s based loosely off the “Angel” arc. We can just assume Jet would be alive with the others, but YEAH. It certainly would give off of such an impression (and darkfic fodder sob)

ahh but joe does say: “When Jet decided to throw his life away for my sake, even though I was beyond rescue…”

I mean you could interpret that as Jet just being willing to do that, not that he actually did, but it strongly sounds like he is dead

but man, if he died joe would not get over that one quickly. cause unlike the other deaths they’ve experienced, this one could have been entirely avoided. the guilt would really get to joe…

wisnia replied to your postcan we just have a balance in Superjail!?

I hope they come back too. We’re supposed to get another “Twin” episode D:. Maybe they’ll be triumphant next time.

Bwahhhh, I’m just REALLY missing the quality art and animation right now. That was half the fun of the show and took away from the gorey aspects that I wasn’t really into as much. 

I do like that they are focusing more on the twins though, I’m just not sure if I liked how they went about it in this episode. 

I don’t know…Something about these season has been rubbing me the wrong way ever since it started and I feel like I’m going nuts trying to pinpoint what exactly it is.

Maybe I’ve just lost my marbles X’D

wisnia replied to your post:Oh man if you’re interested in trying…

It’s true. I have my own issues with some dubbing practice, but ugh. I try not to stoop to some of the petty elitism I’ve seen with sub/dub wars. Especially since with Pokemon, the localized names are most familiar (and all countries do it, I think)

Oh yeah, I get the frustration with some practices, especially in cases like 4kids’ non-Pokemon dubs or original Sailor Moon (I singled out Digimon because as corny as their jokes, which they got better on after 02, they don’t “dumb down” the original plot or hide the fact the kids are Japanese as badly as the mentioned ones) but the general fandom elitism on how (english) dubs and voice actors always being “inferior” to the Japanese voices, not to mention being dismissive of why someone would enjoy dubs or hell, NEED something in their native language in order to enjoy the story better is beyond frustrating. And true, in Pokemon they get different names for different countries and like most Japanese names they are references or plays on words about the Pokemon. Sometimes it’s needed, like Haunter’s original name is just “Ghost” which would be lackluster naming or just confusing for English speaking audiences.