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Have you had any new headcanons for any cyborgs?

Jet doesnt only like to collect Butterflies and moths but he’s also a huge nerd about them, like he can tell you the name of every species with little to no problem.

Also not really a headcanon per se but I’ve been thinking about making baby Jet have heterochromia because I cant for the life of me decide whether to color his eyes blue or brown.

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Another scenario where Francoise and Hilda could meet would be that AU idea that gets brought up every now and then (think Axl brought it up last) where Hilda was the one to survive and the Black Ghost agents grabbed HER to be their 004 subject. Albert's story is sad as is, but this would be pretty sad in its own ways too :c. Hilda would be free of East Berlin (if it were in the Cold War setting), but would be on the run, her fiance would have died, and her body's now a war machine.

YES I was thinking about this AU too. it’d be really interesting to see how hilda would react to all that stuff. would she be snarky and self-destructive like albert? it’s too bad we don’t see her personality in canon.

if hilda was 004, I imagine fran would stick to her a lot more, since it would be more comforting to have another woman around for support. and then their romance can bud :3c

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Seriously. Even with the great development she had as Oracle, it doesn’t excuse the shitty way DC editorial wanted her written out and the creepiness surrounding that story.

And to make matters worse, DC missed a serious opportunity to rectify things with the New 52. They could have used it as a chance to retcon things. They could have had Babs be Oracle, but maybe instead of The Killing Joke happening, they could have a written a new story where she gets injured while on duty as Batgirl, and then have her overcome that by reinventing herself as Oracle. Instead they chose to leave The Killing Joke intact while removing her development as Oracle.

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With how babies are so easily amused and can just spend time laughing back and forth at each other, sometimes I wonder how that'd look with some Ivans. Even if they're super-intelligent, they're also babies. Maybe they'd do it when they think nobody is watching.

Of course! it is my headcanon that no matter how smart Ivan is. Intelligence =/= Knowledge OR Behavior, so even if he’s even smarter than Gilmore, he cant still dodge the fact that he’s a little spawn of satan little child

Thanks guys.

Dad thinks a small funeral and cremation, having his ashes here with us. Seems fitting, uncle Robert wasn’t big on many people and was pretty close to dad considering.

Luckily dad wasn’t the one to find him, he called the fire department to check the place out, turns out my uncle may have been dead a few weeks before he was found, so I’m glad avoided that, even if he’s feeling guilty that he didn’t check up on him sooner.

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Sorry about your uncle.

It’s now that I realise my relationship with my own younger brother is a bit like this, though I think Tim will have a better time of it as he wants to do better and he’s not gotten into too heavy stuff and it’s not at the stage of years and years of shit weighing down. He actually has work now if facebook is to be believed.

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I’m so sorry.

It’s gotta be really hard on dad, he was the one Robert depended on, basically the only family that really spoke to him. My uncle had a bit of a drug problem back in the day and had a hard time shaking it among a whole host of other things that made it difficult for people to, well, deal with him too often.

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Apparently last summer Greg Cipes and Tara Strong…

I honestly feel like the crazy side of the fandom, aka the loudest side, got to their heads. It happens in a lot of cases… which is disappointing.

That is like very, very extremely possible at this point. Esp with that particular fandom they also cater too. Tara’s done this already with the new PPG casting (tho some different circumstances and she did apologize yet still she handled it badly) and I guess being a VA Goddess popping up in every other show can swell up your head too. Greg Cipes is a surprise though he always seemed so nice and chill. YET, there was a TTG panel where he went “Terra who?” for fans and…the guy who talked about how much he loved Terra and wrote a song for her as BB and he says that okay…yeah it’s fandom going to their heads.

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Apparently last summer Greg Cipes and Tara Strong…

Oh dear D:. Yeah, that’s not going to go over too well (especially with what you said about the TT ‘03 series being treated as the one true team)

Yeah, though it was a year ago so hopefully they got over it and realized they were being rude (I’ve seen some understanding points like these DCAU movies mostly like to just bring in big names actors to read lines to grab attention yet still how they handled it is another problem). But yeah fandom’s going to be a mess once the movie VAs are announced and bring up SAVE~SEASON~6. Hell, there are some upset the TNT show doesn’t have all the “real” Titans either and just added “some new guys.”
Really, times like these make me wish more than ever we mix it up in Titans line-ups esp the TV ones.

wisnia it’s fine. Honestly, I’m moving out on the 8th to my dorm and I’m not coming home all semester. I don’t even want to come home for holidays honestly. By next year this time, I should have an apartment secured so I can start the better half of my life.