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He looks good! With all that hair, you’d have to wonder how he’d look with it tied back. In lieu of any sequel right now, fanart fills that curiosity.

I wouldn’t imagine how near impossible it would be trying to bunch up all that hair, but other fans have had rather hilarious concepts of what would happen should you tie all his hair back.

I wonder if ever in any future anime incarnation that animators would try touching that with a ten foot pole.

Of course the only thing I could think of is when it comes to fitting all that hair in, say like a football helmet, Jet would have grab all his hair, twirl it as tight as he could, then cram it in something as fast as he could. That’s why when his helmet pops off all the hair poofs out again.

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Have you had any new headcanons for any cyborgs?

Jet doesnt only like to collect Butterflies and moths but he’s also a huge nerd about them, like he can tell you the name of every species with little to no problem.

Also not really a headcanon per se but I’ve been thinking about making baby Jet have heterochromia because I cant for the life of me decide whether to color his eyes blue or brown.

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Another scenario where Francoise and Hilda could meet would be that AU idea that gets brought up every now and then (think Axl brought it up last) where Hilda was the one to survive and the Black Ghost agents grabbed HER to be their 004 subject. Albert's story is sad as is, but this would be pretty sad in its own ways too :c. Hilda would be free of East Berlin (if it were in the Cold War setting), but would be on the run, her fiance would have died, and her body's now a war machine.

YES I was thinking about this AU too. it’d be really interesting to see how hilda would react to all that stuff. would she be snarky and self-destructive like albert? it’s too bad we don’t see her personality in canon.

if hilda was 004, I imagine fran would stick to her a lot more, since it would be more comforting to have another woman around for support. and then their romance can bud :3c

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With how babies are so easily amused and can just spend time laughing back and forth at each other, sometimes I wonder how that'd look with some Ivans. Even if they're super-intelligent, they're also babies. Maybe they'd do it when they think nobody is watching.

Of course! it is my headcanon that no matter how smart Ivan is. Intelligence =/= Knowledge OR Behavior, so even if he’s even smarter than Gilmore, he cant still dodge the fact that he’s a little spawn of satan little child

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Headcanon: Albert went grey at puberty, and though he's physically not that old, this affliction (not to mention the other stuff that happened in his life) has lead to him being the butt of "old man" jokes by team members or random people who think he's someone's dad or grandpa when his hair's the first thing they see.

Omg I love it! Headcanon accepted! XD

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One of the animators in tonight's episode (Brett Muller), if I'm not mistaken, was part of the art team for Homestuck. That should make some of the "Jailstuck" fans here kind of happy.



I checked the arts credit page, and apparently, he worked on some of the MOST IMPORTANT FLASHES EVER OH MY GOD