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Have you had any new headcanons for any cyborgs?

Jet doesnt only like to collect Butterflies and moths but he’s also a huge nerd about them, like he can tell you the name of every species with little to no problem.

Also not really a headcanon per se but I’ve been thinking about making baby Jet have heterochromia because I cant for the life of me decide whether to color his eyes blue or brown.

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Another scenario where Francoise and Hilda could meet would be that AU idea that gets brought up every now and then (think Axl brought it up last) where Hilda was the one to survive and the Black Ghost agents grabbed HER to be their 004 subject. Albert's story is sad as is, but this would be pretty sad in its own ways too :c. Hilda would be free of East Berlin (if it were in the Cold War setting), but would be on the run, her fiance would have died, and her body's now a war machine.

YES I was thinking about this AU too. it’d be really interesting to see how hilda would react to all that stuff. would she be snarky and self-destructive like albert? it’s too bad we don’t see her personality in canon.

if hilda was 004, I imagine fran would stick to her a lot more, since it would be more comforting to have another woman around for support. and then their romance can bud :3c

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With how babies are so easily amused and can just spend time laughing back and forth at each other, sometimes I wonder how that'd look with some Ivans. Even if they're super-intelligent, they're also babies. Maybe they'd do it when they think nobody is watching.

Of course! it is my headcanon that no matter how smart Ivan is. Intelligence =/= Knowledge OR Behavior, so even if he’s even smarter than Gilmore, he cant still dodge the fact that he’s a little spawn of satan little child

wisnia said: Ugh, I know the feel especially about controlling parents and lack of work ;; I’m so sorry

it’s okay -hugs- It’s just like this vicious cycle y’know?

Dad is controlling towards mom, so mom is controlling toward her offspring, but she still likes to pretend that she’s the “fun” one who gives us more freedom, and then the two will team up together to tell us that we “can’t” go looking for work because of some bullsh*t reason.

  • mom: “wait ‘til you’re older”
  • me: *becomes older*
  • mom: “wait dad needs the car for HIS job!” (because no public transit in this small town)
  • me: “I can ride a bike, walk, carpool”
  • mom: “NO!!!!”
  • dad: *retires*
  • mom: “ohhh let me look for a job first!! I still have to collect some points so I can collect social security :)”
  • mom: *has medical problems and dad can’t afford the necessary medication so she can’t work*
  • mom & dad: lol we’re still not letting you work anyway XD

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GB for the character meme

  • Why I like them - He’s the only one who seems to take being a cyborg as a positive influence in his life. Chang and Geronimo just sort of keep going and are pragmatic about it, but GB embraces it entirely from the get and I love that about him.
  • Why I don’t - Sometimes he’s way too much the comic relief and his contributions to the team are overlooked. Also kid!GB is terrible.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) - The paint scene at the beginning of Search for the Professor. What a dork.
  • Favorite season/movie - 2001, def.
  • Favorite line - “If I’m not back in three days have a nice life.”
  • Favorite outfit - His brown suit in the 70’s, actually. It’s very English.
  • OTP - 67
  • Brotp - Albert and GB European buddies! Especially the 70’s versions.
  • Head Canon - The loss of GB’s former life of fame and prestige still haunts him and he overacts on purpose around the group to earn eye rolls and such because if he acted for real, he’s afraid they’ll react the same and he’ll find he’s lost his talent.
  • Unpopular opinion - Does disliking kid!GB count?
  • A wish - Actually showing GB struggling with his continued alcoholism. It doesn’t just go away.
  • An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen - No live action ever /broken record
  • 5 words to best describe them - Buster Keaton meets James Bond
  • My nickname for them - GB

wisnia said: I’d noticed Greaseball’s hair looked pretty different in the closing night Broadway clips, so I wondered if that was an understudy or replacement. Nice to see some confirmation of roles!

His hair is blonde, right? I just assumed it was Robert Torti still performing since I hadn’t heard him yet. But in both cast lists I used to list performers, it had Robert on both as G.ball while others had been listed as replacements for other characters, so I figure it’s just an understudy. I didn’t think to ask Greg when I replied back, though.

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The dub version of “Gilmore’s Notes” is so inaccurate, gah D:. I noticed the “80” thing too! oh, how nice it’d be for a company to license-rescue the thing and for real subs to be done.

ah….the dream

as much as i’ve become accustomed to their voice acting and sometimes over the top cheesiness, man what i wouldn’t give

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Let's see, how about 67 for the ship meme?

  • who is more dominant in the bedroom?: Chang mostly, though sometimes he just goes “you do it” when he’s tired lol
  • who complains the most?: Both of them? All the time?
  • who’s the laziest?: GB
  • who wakes up the earliest?: Chang’s up bright and early. GB’s usually up pretty close after him but more grumbly until he’s had breakfast.
  • who does the chores around the house?: They share equally, though Chang has to henpeck GB into it. (Actually he doesn’t, GB would do it anyway at this point, it’s just their rhythm)
  • who is the most protective of the other?: They’re both FIERCELY protective of each other.
  • who gets jealous the easiest?: GB. Chang huffs about it but he actually likes when GB gets sort of possessive
  • and a song or group of songs that describes the ship: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off - Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong