Tom Hiddleston {February 9, 1981}

“Actor. Prince Hal/ Henry V. Loki. Capt Nicholls. Fitzgerald. Freddie Page. Edward. Magnus. Oakley. Also: brother, son, friend, runner, dancer, prancer, loon.”

Wishing you an Happy Birthday, precious snowflake.

I don’t know why but when I catch you looking at me, it really rubs me the wrong way. I just get so annoyed because I know part of you wishes we still talked but not enough to do something about it. So, I guess just keep doing whatever the hell you’re doing with this new girl. I’m still going to be the one you loved and lost and that’s your problem, not mine.
—  It must suck to be so incredibly lost

NaLu Little Red Riding Hood AU  – oneshot
: 10870
rated: M (*skippable* very light nsfw)
trigger warnings: violence, intended rape (
nothing more, and obv not nalu)
summary: “The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he’s as cunning as he is ferocious; once he’s had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do.”  - Angela Carter

Happy Birthday @phantombones!!! I wish you alllllll the best, and hope you have an amazing day!! I love you lots! -3-

I thought I’d write you a piece for your Red Riding Hood AU B)

There’s also amazing art by the bae @mslead​!!!

A fairy tale – reimagined. ;)

Once upon a time…

A young woman, the hems of her many skirts dragging along the wet ground, made her way through the arched doorway of the tavern she called her workplace, and along the road leading to the little marketplace of Magnolia town.

The light drizzle that had plagued the townspeople all day had slowly declined along with the course of the sun, which had been barely visible behind the grey clouds. Now it cast its setting rays over red rooftops and dirt streets, caressing the faces of the ones attracted by its late afternoon warmth.

The woman smiled up at the sky as the last remnants of the rainfall dripped along pipes and barrels and made for the ground. The air smelled fresh, the tint of rain having washed away the mud and remnants of frost. It had been much needed. The cold had clung to the country for months, and though the foreboding of spring was a long way away, the slight shift in temperature was very welcome. A faintly visible rainbow stood proudly behind the woods, stretching from one side to as far as the eye could reach.

Just what one wished to see after a long, strenuous workday.

Her tired feet ached slightly in her worn-out boots, but she trodded along the cobblestone of the single main road with light steps, a soft tune on her lips.

As she reached the stalls that stood scattered across the marketplace, most already closed down for the day, her pace slowed. A hand dove into an inside pocket, slender fingers feeling the number of coins carefully. A small smile tugged at her lips.

“If it isn’t the young Piroschka!” the elderly man behind the stall she headed for greeted her enthusiastically, “I haven’t seen you around much lately.”

“You will never stop calling me that, will you,” she replied with a chiding smile, “Work has been troublesome, and money scarce.”

Old man Makarov smiled right back at her, the wrinkles on his face multiplying. A stranger to these lands, he had given her a nickname in his own tongue when they had first met. Back then, she had been a young girl, no more than ten, clutching her mother‘s hand as she curiously observed the marketplace. It was a rare occasion the two came to town.

Many things had changed since then.

Her mother had fallen ill, and Lucy – for that was her name, though spoken scarcely – had taken up work from a young age to support her small family of two. The path through the woods had become a familiar one, trodden almost daily as she balanced work and her bedridden mother.

But one thing had remained constant. It was the reason why not only Makarov and his wife Porlyusica had taken to know her only by her moniker, but the entire town had picked up on the curious, foreign word.

Piroschka – little red riding hood.

Lucy tugged at her infamous cloak, letting the hood slide off now that the rain had ceased altogether.

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i don’t know if i love you.

but god, i want to.
i want to love you like no one has before.

i want to love you just so you believe it.
even if you don’t love me back.

you should know that:
i am real and i am good.

and you should be loved.
there are people who want to love you.
if only you’d let them.
if only you’d want that for yourself.

i wish you would want good things for yourself.
i wish you the very best.

—  letters from drake’s ex; cause baby you’re my everything, you’re all i ever wanted

I was afraid of this. Looks like we’re going to be getting an Edge type of speech tonight. I may have not always been the biggest Daniel Bryan fan, but this is not something that should happen to any wrestler. Having to give up their passion because of their health. But you know what they say, health is always #1. Without it you’re nothing. I wish Bryan the best in his future and what he decides to do.

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I came out to my friends as agender today! ☺️


That’s a very hard thing to do and I hope you received all the love and respect for coming out that you deserve. I’m really really proud of you and I wish you nothing but best.

imfact_twt: [태호_생존신고] 짠❤️여러분 새해 복 많이 받으세요~! 떡국 많이 먹었어요? 세뱃돈은 많이 받으셨어요? 내 생각은 많이 하셨어요? 그래요^^행복하고 건강한 한해 되세요!! #설날 #떡국 #IMFACT #태호 

[taeho_update] tada ❤️ best wishes for new year everyone~! did you eat lots of rice cake soup? did you receive many new years’ money? i think you received many, right? that’s good^^ have a happy and healthy year!! #newyear #ricecakesoup #imfact #taeho


Taylor, with the Grammys approaching, I want you to know a few things. No matter what happens, know that I am so unbelievably proud of you. To take a risk and do something totally different takes a lot of courage. To be your authentic self, despite what people might think, is inspiring. 1989 has helped me through some extremely hard times and inspired me to turn my life around. This album has touched so many lives, more than you could possibly imagine, and that holds far more value than any award. I don’t want you to ever think that you failed us. I wish you all the best and I love you to the moon and back. ❤️


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Every time I see your art I get this huge need to cosplay your Frisk, it´s just really adorable!! I even started to search how to make the flowers, I just.. I want to thank you so much for making this AU, your art is adorable and I wish you all the best in the world c: ~

* AHH!!
* I really can’t wait to see all the cosplays people are planning!
* I’m super excited about all of them and how they’ll be pulled off!


So hey there Tumblr. I don’t plan to be here much this semester. I need to keep myself on track because out of every semester I’ve taken, this is the one that means the most. If I don’t complete the 15/20 page research paper I need to write this semester, then I won’t have a writing sample for my grad school application. So I have to do that. Not tumblr. 

This is to say that my queue might run out and that I won’t be posting updates very frequently. 

You’re always free to contact me via email, inbox, steam: just check my about me, but be patient. I’ve set up an extension on chrome to block everything that isn’t relevant for most of the day, so I might not catch messages right away. 

I know you understand. I wish you all the best and encourage you to contact me. 

One last bit of advice: be gentle with yourself. 

heyy!! so hate to be ‘that guy’ but this websites kinda not been doing me well lately (i wont delete but i just wont be on) and i think i’m going to take a break!! if you need to reach me for anything you can just inbox me but other wise i’ll see you guys!! i wish u all the best

Oh hey Catelynn, guess what, I raise my daughter alone and work full time. I’m also doing a distance learning university course. I suffered from PPD, but didn’t use it as an excuse and seeked help so that I could succeed in life and raise my daughter the way she deserves to be raised. To any momma’s suffering PPD, stay strong and seek help! 💕 I know how hard it is but I am proof that you can fight it and get better 💪🏼

Good on you! Great job and I wish you the best!

r.i.p. i just realized that i never added these to my masterlist so even tho i wrote them 4 months ago.. here have these lol. also feel free to tell me if yall notice anything not on my mast list :-))))

for Calum

  • His Sweater - In which you give Calum’s things back after the breakup.

for Luke

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I find it really odd that so many people go after you when you run such a genuinely nice blog. Everything on here is so inspiring, from the quotes to the photos you post. Your riders are all so happy and do so well, and you encourage so much kindness and positivity. I guess there's always got to be some darkness with this much light. I truly enjoy your blog, and I wish you all the best <3

Thank you so much… I honestly think a lot of it was series of misunderstandings that got out of hand…. My reactivity certainly didn’t help. Hopefully we are on the way towards working things out. I hope.