imagine a bunch of bots are on a planet where it’s very very sunny and someone’s like “Optimus you better stay on the ship you have sensitive optics” and Optimus is like “??? there is no need to” and he nonchalantly lowers a visor that makes it look like he’s wearing cool sunglasses  and the entire crew just,,, loses their minds. half of them are yelling, half of them are falling over, Rodimus screams the loudest and faints the hardest

Things I need to hear in 5x04:

  • “I thought I’d never see you again” / “Well that’s better than me thinking you’re dead”
  • “Are you okay?” / “I am now”
  • Bellamy to Clarke about the Eligius “Don’t worry, I’ve got this”
  • “Thank you… for sending Madi away”
  • “I’m sorry for leaving you behind” / “Hey, it’s okay. You did the righr thing”

Please keep adding!! Let’s all make a wish list and next episode have a drink for every line we get right!!!

My Season 13 Wish List
  • <p> <b>The Winchesters take a vacation:</b> A whole episode where nothing is trying to kill them, toes in the sand, beers in hand. Relaxing and talking about hunts and events we dont get to see.<p/><b>Montage of Sam's morning routine:</b> The run, the work out, shower, shaving, hair grooming (sweet Jesus pls) and picking his clothes out for the day.<p/><b>Dean gets a game console:</b> Help him work out his aggressions in a safer manner.<p/><b>Winchesters vs The Flu:</b> One brother down, whiney and sick, while the other takes care of him. When he's better, the other is sick... rinse, repeat.<p/><b>Winchester Christmas:</b> A good legit one with Mary. Sam has never had a Christmas with his mom. Tree in the bunker, decorations, gifts, and if Cas is still around, have him tell the story of Jesus' birth, because he was there!<p/><b>Winchester Birthdays:</b> Mom is here now, lets have some birthday cake!<p/><b>Sam in the shower:</b> If we can't have the morning montage, let's at least have a shower scene, that's not water boarding!<p/><b>Brothers working out together:</b> We know they don't get those bods just by tossing monsters around!<p/><b>Winchester snow day:</b> 2 feet of snow and the brothers have to stay in, watching TV and playing board games!<p/><b>The Bunker gets a family room:</b> complete with TV, couch, recliners etc<p/><b>Evil Sam with FANGS!:</b> Sam turns into a Vamp, or Warewolf, or some other scary monster that has fangs! Of course Dean fixes him, but not before he becomes scary! (and perhaps bites Dean?)<p/><b>One or both Winchesters need reading glasses:</b> It just tickles me that they're growing old together.<p/><b></b> So maybe this is all too much to fit into just 1 season, so Im good with saving these for the next 5 seasons!!<p/></p>