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Groove SonaVERSE Portable BoomBox

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Isak comes home from school and is immediately assaulted by the loud beat of music.
Even likes to listen to music at an ungodly volume and Isak has gotten used to it. His brain takes over and tunes out the chords, leaving only an almost pleasant buzz cocooning his body.
He is midway through stepping out of his shoes when he freezes.

The song is familiar but not so much that he recognises it immediately. Which is odd: Even tends to listen to songs on repeat until they turn into a sickening mush of irritating vibrations and he and Isak can’t even look at the cover art without gagging.
So this is a new song. That already feels familiar.


Leaving his shoes behind, Isak walks into the living room where Even greats him with a huge smile and extended arms, hips moving to the rhythm of the pop-ish song.
Isak takes one glance at Even’s laptop and lets his backpack drop to the floor.


Even can’t possibly hear him over the music blasting from the wireless speakers but he can certainly read the horror painted on Isak’s face and his smile widen.

(That prick.)

Isak extends an index finger in front of him, as a warning.

“Even, no.”

Even licks his lips.


Isak purses his lips to contain a smile and backs up from his boyfriend.

“Don’t you dare,” Isak says, extending his arm so his index finger acts as a shield between him and his Eurovision-crazed boyfriend.

“HIDDEN DEEP. IN THAT BEAT. THERE’S A CALLING FOR THAT LEAP.” Even strides over to Isak and places his hands gently on his boyfriend’s hips. “Got no control but I know. There’s a fire in my soul.” He’s mouthing the lyrics now and presses a kiss to Isak’s forehead.

“Even–” Isak closes his eyes in defeat as Even starts to nuzzle his neck–”Why?”

He gets goosebumps from Even giggling against his skin as the song comes to an end.

“Be grateful I didn’t pick the yodeling one,” Even whispers.

“Oh dear God,” Isak says, smiling.

Isak digs his fingers into Even’s hair and leans into him. Even brings him in closer, his long arms wrapping around him and gently squeezing.
They cling to each other for a while, in the loud silence of their flat, Even’s heartbeat slowing down to match Isak’s.

“How was school?” Even raises his head and combs Isak’s hair with his fingers, tucking a few wild strands behind his ears.

“Blissfully Eurovision-free,” Isak says, hands fluttering down to Even’s lower back.

“Oh come on! That song isn’t that bad! Where is your national pride?” Even walks away from Isak to return to his laptop.

“I left it in 2009 with Alexander Rybak,” Isak says.

“That guy was cute.” Even is bent over his laptop, his back to Isak.

“You’re telling me!” Isak walks into the kitchen and starts to search their fridge for anything to eat that doesn’t have life growing on it.

Suddenly, music is playing again and Isak starts, almost knocking his head against the roof of the fridge.

Even’s voice carries to the kitchen.


It takes all of Isak’s will not to jump out of the window on the spot.


[songs referenced in the fic under the cut]

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Bat Kids Cleaning

Alfred does most of the regular house hold chores, but Wayne Manor is pretty damn spanking big. So every few weeks the entirety of the bat kids group together to help Alfred out. This is what usually occurs:

Dick: does his share of the work while singing or dancing or socializing with his siblings- anything really to make the mundane chores exciting.

Barbara: entices Dick into a massive floor scrubbing competition that ends with the two having bloody knuckles by the time they’re finished cause they scrubbed so damn hard.

Jason: is put on toilet duty after he sprayed and missed Tim, hitting Alfred instead, with a gush of water from the pull out tap in the kitchen.

Tim: is assigned to dusting and vacuuming in any room at least a ten meter radius from the kitchen. He was found by Cass, buzzing around the kitchen with a look near close to a mad man, rubber gloves up to his elbows, and shiner in his hands. The poor child can’t help himself to the coffee maker and grape bowl. The stainless steel fridge was apparently so blinding, Alfred actually encouraged the kids to dirty it.

Damian: coyly manages to make every chore into a competition. If he hasn’t managed to rope his siblings into a cleaning war, then he strolls the halls durn the cleaning brakes, bragging he’s cleaned the most rooms out of them all. This actually pisses Tim off enough to go up against him in a Dust Off(whoever properly dusts the most shelves in the library in five minutes gets the biggest slice of Alfred’s famous pumpkin pie).

Steph: turns T-Swift on max volume on her wireless speaker and goes about shaking her tush as she mops the halls.

Cass: dutifully does her chores with absolute perfection. *usually finishes an hour before the others* *typically steals the largest slice of pie*

Duke: gets repeatedly lost by the sheer mass of the manor. *is found and walked back to his post by the other kids*

Be More Chill Beach Day Headcanons

-Turns out Jake has a mom van, so everyone and yes I mean everyone rides in with their stuff uncomfortably in their laps

- rich is almost certain that if you find an empty life guard chair it’s free reign, hes also almost certain that sometimes to get the life guard chair empty you have to intervene

-Michael brought an entire cooler of just sodas that only he can have. Jeremy is allowed to have 2 and only 2, no mountain dew for jeremy too

-Michael decks it out with an umbrella, beach chair, and ds, and puts only his legs in the sun

-Jeremy and Jake both rock crop-tops together and who’s gonna fucking stop them

-Christine runs around and collect sea shells, she also brings back smooth rock’s for Michael

- Jake was scared to touch the water cause it’s cold so rich fucking picked him up and threw him in .

- rich: FOR THE PEOPLE *faceplants in water*

- Chloe and brooke wear a cute romper and swim suit cover ups and walk along the beach together

- Chloe complains that the beach is cold and gross and stupid but then doesn’t wanna leave

-Michael hates the texture of sand on his feet so he stays on a little island the whole time, leaving only to draw in the wet sand

-Jeremy ran into one of those four wheelers by accident and the driver chased him down the beach

- Jenna live tweets the entire adventure and a lot of it is key smashing and random out of context quotes

- Jake quietly wonders if hed be hotter if he became a life guard

- rich reassures him “nah bro look at you, you’ve already got it all. These beach dude don’t deserve you” “wow bro you’re so right..”

-Christine gets super happy with all the footprints she’s made on the beach


- Jeremy just kinda sits in the really shallow areas and let’s the waves wash over him and digs his feet in cuz he loves the feeling of the waves pulling the sand away.

-Christine rocking a cute summer dress? Uhm yes

- Jenna has the bomb ass sun hat’s and giant thin frame shades

-jake almost got pulled out to sea but he’s fine probably

- rich, staring down blankly at the water: so many kids and fish have peed here…well time to join them

-“rich don’t you dare” is said a lot

-when the sun sets they all sneak back on with beers, christine is now designated driver

-“FUCK SCHOOL *dumps backpack into ocean*” “nonoNOPOLLUTION IS SO BAD”

- chrstine saw Jeremy sitting alone and made him a crown out of seaweed

-brooke got Attacked by a crab

-“NO ONE HURTS OUR FRIEND” “YEAH GO FUCK YOURSELF *throws rock into ocean*”

-jenna was taking a photo of a seagull when it swooped down and took her phone away, the proceeded to drop it in the ocean.

-brooke brought a bag full of candy and she ate the whole thing during the trip

-good for Chloe cuz now her kisses taste like cherry lollipop

-jenna brought a wireless speaker and there’s either Jams or memes playing there’s no in between

- chrisine took an adorable picture of them all sleeping in the car, she will use this against them in the future.

Because I Care

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader 

Warnings: Slight angst, fluff

Prompts: (Requested by anon-) 40- “Why risk it all?” 45-”Don’t leave me.” 90- “Stay. Please.”

Summary: In CACW, Peter leaves unannounced for over a week. No calls, no texts, nothing. You’re doing homework when a certain spider suddenly appears at your window. 

A/N: I’m not dead! YAY! Okay, so now that this is out I can work on my homework. Lollllll 

— I had a lot of fun writing this though. 

///Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything!


I sit cross-legged on my unmade twin bed, textbooks laying sprawled in front of me. A notebook filled with pages and pages of neat, detailed notes sits on my lap. But I’m staring at a blank page, anxiously waiting for a phone call from a certain Spider-man. 

He’s been gone for over a week. Something had to have happened to him. 

I shake my head, tapping my pen repeatedly against my notebook while trying to repudiate my thoughts of Peter. I have to finish this chemistry homework for Monday. 

He never said goodbye, let alone that he was even leaving. He could be badly injured for all I know. 

I drop my face in my hands and let out a groan. Sitting up, I take a few deep breaths desperately trying to get my mind off of him. Finally, I pick the pen up, nearly touching the paper before an irrefutable thought enters my head. 

Or worse, he could be dead.

That’s my tipping point. I push myself up, storming over to my wireless speaker before turning it on and cranking the small volume knob as far as possible. The pre-loaded music fills the infuriating silence. I scream out in frustration, falling back on my bed with a huff. 

“I’m obviously not getting homework done anytime soon,” I mutter under the blasting music. Sighing in defeat, I swing my legs over the side, walking to my dresser to retrieve the shorts and t-shirt I laid out for myself. After quickly getting changed, I walk back to my mess of a bed. My gaze shifts towards my phone, every cell in my body screaming for me to call him one more time. A groan escapes my lips as I snatch it up and type in the passcode. The cold evening breeze coats my neck in goosebumps. 

Must have forgotten to shut the window. 

I brush it off, dialing my best friend’s number, hesitating before pressing the call button. The ringing starts, causing my heart to pound against my rib cage. After the first two tones, a phone goes off behind me. My body stiffens and suddenly my hands go cold. I swallow the lump in my throat, slowly shifting my body to greet the only person that would be able to climb through my window.

Peter Parker. 

My jaw slacks a bit as I internally try to process what’s happening. Peter meets my gaze, flashing that goofy smile. 

“Hey, (y/n)- Ow! What was that-” I cut him off with a slap across his face.

“Where the hell have you been?! You leave, without telling me, then you just show back up like nothing ever happened?!”

“Okay, okay. Mr. Stark just showed up at my apartment after school and wanted me to go to Germany with him. He never said why or for how long, but I assumed it was important,” he shrugs, still lightly massaging his face.

“Then why didn’t you-”

“(Y/n), honey! Who are you yelling at?” my mom interrupts from the living room, causing my whole body to tense up. 

“I’m just arguing with one of my friends over the phone, Mom!” I reply, only to hear footsteps gradually getting louder. In a rush, I clamp my hand over Peter’s mouth and push him into my closet, sliding the door shut in front of him. As the sounds draw near, I dive for my bed and put my phone up to my ear just as the door opens. 

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll call you back,” I say with an eye roll before ‘hanging up’. 

“I thought I should bring you your supper before I head out to get groceries. Do you need anything?” she inquires, setting the takeout bag on my dresser.

I shake my head, “No, but thanks.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll see you in a few hours,” she says as she makes her way back down the hall, out of sight. I wait impatiently until I hear the front door of our apartment close. In a rush, I dart to the closet and pull out a very confused Peter with ruffled hair. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” 

“Mr. Stark didn’t really give me time, otherwise I would have. I mean, it was basically a Mission Impossible scenario,” he mumbles, rubbing the back of his neck. 

I sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose, “Peter… I’ve always been supportive of you being Spider-man, but this is too much. You left without telling me, for a week! I mean, do you have any idea what it was like? I started to think that you were dead!” By now I’m pacing back and forth, biting my nails.

“But I’m not. Why are you so worried anyway? I mean, I can take care of myself.” I’m sitting on the bed with one leg folded beneath me as I look up at him.

“Because you’re reckless, always throwing yourself into danger at the nearest opportunity. And because you’re my best friend, Peter and it would kill me to live without you.”

The boy meets my worried gaze with one of his own. 

“So why risk it all?” I break away letting my eyes fall to the floor, my voice barely above a mumble. Not even a second goes by before he answers.

Because I care. I care about them, everyone out there,” He gestures to my still open window. “I care about our friends; Ned, MJ… Liz, a-and you, (Y/n). I care about you and I-I can’t bear to see you, or anyone else get hurt.” It all tumbles out of his mouth in a rush. Peter’s face flushes a very slight shade of rouge as his chest rises and falls rapidly and unsteadily. I open my mouth to say something right as he turns and bolts for my window. I manage to grab his arm from the bed, causing him to stumble slightly. 

“D-don’t leave me.” the words practically fall out of my mouth before I can process them. My slight outburst catches his attention, causing me to slightly turn red from embarrassment. Peter looks me in the eye, his gaze holding me in place. I look at him, and I mean really look at him, for the first time tonight. His face has small cuts and minor bruises. But the thing that stands out the most is the exhaustion written so clearly across his face. 

“Stay. Please.” I offer him a small smile and gesture to my bed, still littered with textbooks and homework sheets. 

The brunette looks torn, “But my Aunt May-” 

“Will not be worried. You can just tell her that you were on your way back from the ‘internship’ really late, and you were tired, so you came here and I offered to let you stay.” I cut him off. He lets out a breath that he was holding before a smile flickers onto his face. 

“Yeah, sure. I’ll stay.” Peter rubs the back of his neck as I clasp my hands together in excitement. 

This is going to be fun.

“Okay so here’s the plan…”

I sprint back into my room with my arms full of snack foods. Peter follows suit with his own cargo, the drinks. I empty the contents onto my now clear bed before organizing them into a mini buffet on the floor. Peter places the many drinks on my dresser so that we don’t accidentally knock one over. The blankets are laid out to cover as much of the floor in my small room, surrounded by every pillow in the apartment. The Netflix screen patiently awaits the two of us, who are running and getting forgotten things or adding more blankets to the ‘picnic’. 

“Peter I’m starting the movie!” I call with a handful of pretzels in my mouth after turning off the light switch. Sure enough, he walks in right as I press play with a bowl of popcorn. 

“What did you pick?” Peter inquires as he sits cross-legged next to me. 

“Finding Dory,” I answer. I adjust my position so I’m laying on my side and throw a blanket over my shoulders. The movie starts and it’s filled with laughter and devouring of food. After that, we stay silent…well besides the subtle popcorn throwing, but otherwise silent. 

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Uncharted - Chapter 1

Relationship : James “Bucky” Barnes x Reader

Warnings: nothing yet, but if there is anything I’ll mention it (smut, violence etc.)

Word Count: 2059

Part 2 https://myfandomsbeatcancersass.tumblr.com/post/164981543348/uncharted-part-2

A/N: Hi! This is my very first fanfic post here on Tumblr. This is not my my first fanfic, but I’m still very new:) I’m planning on this to be a very long fic. I think I’m going to post every Thurday but I’m not sure yet… At the moment I already have seven chapters written and I’m not planning on finishing soon. I’m working on this but you can still send in requests for imagines… Hope you enjoy !

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Unknown Location. Hydra Base

A venomous voice leaks through the thin walls of the dingy underground base.

“How did you let him slip through your grasp?” The dangerous women asks. She sits  on a chair that stood a foot higher than everyone else. Her demeanour seemed calm, her face as cold as stone, yet her voice was dripping with anger and her eyes held so much contempt.

A yellow light bulb hung right over head, casting a shadow over her face. Only her hands and feet were visible. She was gripping the armrest of her throne with vice and her long legs were crossed and laid diagonally to the floor. Long emerald green boots with sharp teeth adorning the sides glinted in the dim light, threat seeping through every pore.

A man kneeled before her. He was of average height, grey hair slowly taking over his brown locks. His frame was built, but obviously older than most agents. He wore scrappy clothing, his pants were repaired more than once and there were streaks of mud on his boots.

“I-I I don’t know, ma’am. He-e somehow took out all th-the trackers. We c-can’t find them.” he stutters, he’s on his knees hands clutching his sleeves to prevent them from shaking.

“So, you are telling me, that you lost track of the Asset?” she hisses. “You had ONE job.” Her voice finally giving away some of the anger she felt.

“I’m sorry, Madame Viper, please spare me, we will find him again.” He pleads with her.

“Your pathetic attempt at an apology is useless. You are useless. I had high hopes for you Zemo. But, you just let me down.” Madame Hydra tuts. A moment of tense silence goes by,  she finally lifts an elegant hand up. Her fingers wrapping delicately around the velvet leather of her whip, she swings her arm back and strikes him right in the throat, leaving him bleeding to death on the floor. She sighs as she signals some other soldier to take the body away and clean up the mess.

The rest of the audience of the room perks up, standing straighter as her unforgiving gaze passes through them.

“Find him.” She commands, and that’s all the persuasion they need before scurrying off to accomplish their task, hoping that the Lord will spare them of the wrath that is Madame Hydra.

Stark Tower, Avengers Base

Avengers, please go to Conference room B, an urgent meeting has been called on by Nick Fury, F.R.I.D.A.Y says through the coms. A collective groan echoes through the common room as the  members of the team of heroes begrudgingly get up and hurry to the conference room.

Steve is already there leaning on the far wall and Director Fury stands tall, arms linked behind his back.

“God, it’s barely noon, why are we here?” Tony whines, he rubs tiredly at his eyes,  

“Maybe if you weren’t hungover all the god damn time, you’d be awake enough to get herr without bitching.” the director shot back.


As the group settles down, Fury speaks up.

“We have found a potential new recruit,” he pauses as Maria hands out manila files to the Avengers, “We’ve been monitoring her for the last couple of months and she seems to be a perfect match.”

“That’s what you always say.” Tony yawns.

“It’s true.” Sam snickers.

“Alright, settle down, folks. From what we’ve seen she’s mastered more martial arts styles then I can count, she has the mutant ability to create portals and she has an intelligence that can match that of Tony’s and maybe even Banner.” The room goes silent and more than a few eyebrows raise.

“We’ll need two of you to extract the newbie tonight at around nine o’clock, understood?”

Fury says. “I want Cap on this one, whoever goes with him is your decision.” He points at all of them. With one last hard stare towards Tony, Nick exits the room, Maria trailing not far behind.

The moment the door closes, the room fills with uproar.

“Why doesn’t Wanda go? She’s a girl, she’ll do better with another chick.” Tony shouts.

“Don’t speak to my sister like that.” Pietro retorts.

“Why don’t you go with Stevie, he likes you best.” Nat asks Sam, he rolls his eyes in response. “I’ve already checked on newbies, last time didn’t go well, I’m not going this time.”

“You know what, Vision should go.” Clint suggests. “I”m pretty sure we shouldn’t send in the red, powerful, synthetic being to go get the newbie. For all we know he’ll just pass through the wall of this girl’s apartment.” Tony snaps back. They all nod in agreement.

“You know what,” Steve speaks up, taking the powerful ‘Cap voice’,” Tony you’re coming with me.”

“What?” The man cries out in shock.

“Yep, Tony, you’re coming with me whether you like it or not. Everyone in this room has been sent to scout a new recruit at least once, except for you.” Tony gives him a ‘I’m done with your Star spangled ass’ look.

He groans, “Fine. But, you’re buying me shawarma.” Steve rolls his eyes.

“We’re leaving at 8:30 pm”.

Everyone exits the room to do whatever heroes do on their day off.


Your POV

“Ok, avocados, roman lettuce, cucumbers, olive oil, coconut oil, tomatoes, milk, oranges, strawberries…” you were walking through the isles of your local grocery store, going through you mental checklist making sure you didn’t forget anything.

You placed the items in your cart and once you were confident you didn’t forget anything, you went to pay.

“Would you like a bag?”  The 16 year-old snot nosed cashier asked you.

“Yes, please.” You answer. He nonchalantly passes you two plastic bags, not bothering to actually help you on this ‘very’ busy Wednesday evening. You carry your groceries to your second hand car, get in, and drive back to your tiny 3 ½ apartment. How strangely domestic, you thought to yourself.

Yet, you liked it. As a kid you were always one for adrenaline. After your parents died, you were passed through so many foster homes, it was an ironic game of hot potato. You ended up leaving the system and fending for yourself. The powers definitely helped out a lot. You found out you had them when you were maybe twelve, almost thirteen. You were running away from some bullies and ended up cornered in an alley, instead of panicking, you just ran straight through the wall. Throughout the years, you trained yourself to be a strong and independent woman, studying hard in school and training hard on your own.

You hummed to the generic song on the radio when you turn the corner of the street that lead to your apartment. You lived in a quiet part of Manhattan that was a little sketchy but you didn’t mind. The old building was made out of classic red bricks with stairs leading up to each apartment complex.

You juggle your groceries and try to open your door without dropping your keys. You don’t want to be the victim in a cheesy horror movie.

You flick the lights open and walk into your tiny home. It’s small, but cozy. Right behind the front door is a small hallway where you put down your jacket, your shoes and your keys. You walk down a couple of steps and there’s your kitchen, dining table, couch and TV. And, when you go back to the hallway on the left, there’s your bedroom.

You drop all your groceries in the kitchen go take a quick shower.

After, you start cooking your dinner. As a kid you had a lot of free time, so all you did was absorb information, as much as you could take in.  You didn’t make friends to easily, partially because you were shy, but mostly because you didn’t trust easily. You were always suspicious,  your father taught you to be. When you started living on your own, you were so focused on your studies and your training that not having much of a social life never really bothered you. Friends came and went, but you somehow always ended up on your own.

You connect your phone to your wireless speaker and start playing some music. You press shuffle and the loud guitar riffs of Iron Man by Black Sabbath fills your ears. You start cutting up the ingredients and adding some oil to the pan, adding the onions in and letting the caramelise slowly. Another song comes to an end. You’re left with the gentle sizzle of th—.

“I like her already, she has good taste in music.” You hear a somehow familiar voice come from right outside your apartment door. You could tell that there were two men standing outside your home. You silently close the stove and turn off your phone. You walk carefully to your room, avoiding the creaky wooden panels. You pull out your 9mm and put your back to the wall waiting for their next move. They sounded pretty nice, but you were always cautious.

“Hi, (Y/n). Could you let us in? We would like to talk to you about a sensitive topic that would be better discussed in private.” The second voice said. How the hell does he know my name?

You don’t respond.


Steve’s POV

“Tony you can’t just break down the door!” He tells him. Jesus, what was he thinking?

“No, of course not. I can’t break down the door… but you can.” The smaller man says happily, as if he just cracked the Da Vinci Code. The Captain puts a hand to his head and sighs disapprovingly.

“(Y/n), we promise we aren’t going to hurt you. Just open the door please.” He prods gently.

“Are you serious? ‘We aren’t going to hurt you’,” he repeats mockingly,” you heard Fury, she’s smart, that won’t work.” Steve rolls his eyes for what seems like the millionth time today, that’s the effect Tony has on people.

“Ok, we’re coming in.” “Finally.”

He lays his hand on the handle and easily twists it off the door, it swings back with a small creak. The smell of a dinner being cooked immediately fills their noses.

“Jeez, she can cook too?” Tony whispers.

The apartment was tiny, he could barely fit in the first hallway that leads to the kitchen, thank  god he didn’t bring his shield, he would’ve been stuck. The stove was obviously left in a hurry, the spatula left messily to the side, the pan was still emitting a bit of steam; she’s still here. He hears Tony click on his gadget thing over his wrist and holds it up instinctively.

He motions his hand toward the door that’s about six feet away from them. She’s in there.

A small gush of wind blows their face and they stare at each other confusedly. A small swoosh accompanied with Tony yelping and swearing forces him to turn around in the tight space. He sees Tony, now kneeling on the floor, his mini propellor useless on the side with his hands in handcuffs behind his back.

“What the FUCK lady?” Tony yells. He turns around again and sees a small woman with (h/c) hair holding a gun up. She was wearing a loose AC/DC shirt with a pair of comfortably looking grey shorts.

“Who are you and why did you break into my apartment?” she asks, her voice calm and collected.

“Look, we just wanted to talk, we promise we aren’t here to harm you in any way.” he says reassuringly. She scoffs. “Are you serious?”

“I told you it wouldn’t work.” Tony remarks from behind him. She tilts her head to the side and stares intently at him.

“Why is Tony Stark in my hallway? And why is Captain America also in my hallway after,” you look to your broken down door,” after assaulting my door?Aren’t you supposed to stand for justice or something like that.” She puts her gun down and sneaks a glance at Cap who looks down sheepishly. She walks around him and Tony, kneeling on the floor, to flick the light switch, finally illuminating the two intruders faces.

Needless to say, that was not the reaction he was expecting.

Jungkook x Reader | Please Stay

Genre: angst, fluff

Words: 1,9k

Author’s note: So I had this idea in mind for a few days and tired to build a story around it and that’s what came out eheee, hope you’ll like it. &Sorry for my bad grammar! 

„Don’t you want to know how her blind date was like?” Your friend asked Jungkook, who just put the capsule into the coffee machine. You turned your head around and waited for his reaction, but he just looked over to you and your friend, sitting on the couch.

“She’s old enough to see whom ever she wants.” He said quickly before escaping into his room with the coffee. “He totally still loves you.” Your friends said, after he closed the door behind him.

“Stop it already. He doesn’t.” You waves with your hand to get that thought out of her mind and then sipped on your coffee as well.

Your blind date was horrible to be honest, but your mother wanted you to see men from time to time and concentrate on getting your life together but that wasn’t really what you wanted. You just did meet new people to please her and show her that you try at least. But it’s hard to get to know a new man if you’re living together with your ex.

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