Illuminated Costumes by MikaelaHolmes

Featured projects include:

Fiber Optic Dress by Natalina
DEAD SPACE Cosplay Build by Steven K Smith Props
El Wire and Leather Necklace by MikaelaHolmes
Super Magical Awesome Armbands of Light by MikaelaHolmes
Leather and El Wire Sci-Fi Headdress by MikaelaHolmes
Laser Crown by p3nguin


 PAINT with Ombre Wall

10 swatches │ Elegant to Vivid, Phantasm to Realistic


  1. Telephone / Suitcase Chair / Flower / Floor
  2. Plant / Plug & Wire / Floor
  3. Dress Rack / Hanging bags / Floor
  4. Mirror / Chair / Floor
  5. Bedroom set / Floor
  6. iMac / iPad / Plant / Paint clutter / Desk / Floor
  7. Beach set 1, 2 / Longue Chair
  8. Sofa / Wall deco / Plant / Floor
  9. Ladder / Chair / Cage / Floor
  10. Bedroom set / Floor

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Danielle on American late night TV shows:

Haim on American late night TV shows:

The way Bowie looked had as much impact. No one ever looked better. What I love is that it’s all self-realised, it’s never off the shelf, and you get the impression it always has his input. On the Berlin stuff, sometimes he’s really shittily dressed in a red jacket and a shit tshirt but he carried it all off with spectacular ease and grace.
He’s one of the few artists that makes you realise you’re not as good as you think you are. Being in a band, there are a few records where you know you can never reach that level. It crushes you at times then also just fills you with utter joy.

Recycled Computer Wiring Dress From Tina Sparkles

“Made mostly of recycled computer wiring, the Systems Supernova dress addresses the growing problem of e-waste in American culture and explores the concept of systems thinking as it relates to our ecosystem. Each computer wire is situated in a closed loop system that interacts with all the other systems within the dress. Movement within one system influences other parts of the whole.”

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Transgender Masterlist

A Mountain You Scale (Without Thinking Of Size) - hearteyeshowell

Summary: Sometimes, Dan dresses like a girl. (or, the genderfluid!dan fic that has been far too long in the making.)

Boys Will Be Boys - dannihowell

Summary: Dan and Phil are from two very different families. When they meet at their all-boys boarding school, a friendship develops. And as time goes on, they grow and change as does their relationship.

Gorgeous - philskoolkatz

Summary: Trans!Dan.

I Can’t Afford the Medicine That Feeds What I Need  (ao3) - Jaxxxx

Summary: Dan Howell never felt comfortable in his own skin. Then when he turned 13, he discovered there was a name for what he was. Transgender. He started living his life as a boy, starting testosterone at the age of 18. The same year he meets Phil Lester.

Lay Us Down, We’re In Love - danisnotlikingvagina

Summary: Dan is forced to spend time with his new neighbor’s daughter, and it’s basically love at first sight. Except for he finds out later she may be hiding something.

Transgender - phan-is-my-jam

Summary: Phil finds out that he’s trans and has to come out to Dan.

What Really Matters - dan-is-probably-on-phil

Summary: Dan comes out and says he was born female. He’s had top surgery, but not bottom

You Don’t Know My Name (ao3) - whatfandom

Summary: Transgender!Dan.