Infosys, Wipro & TCS lose over 1,00,000 people in last four quarters as automation kicks in

Infosys, TCS, or Wipro?

BENGALURU | MUMBAI: India&chnology (IT) industry is consistently haemorrhaging more people than ever before, even as the sector and large companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys achieve greater size and scale with each passing year.Over the last four quarters, India&TCS, Wipro and Infosys combined have lost roughly over 100,000 people between them, ET&

According to at least two CEOs of India&etrics like gross addition of employees are becoming increasingly irrelevant and companies are also strategically starting to manage attrition, amid the advent of automation and emergence of newer technologies such as cloud computing.

Indian IT firms, despite their focus on training, do not yet command a workforce to service digital contracts, and a tighter distribution of visas also raises the need to hire shortterm consultants onsite.

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Hi everyone! I ran my first marathon yesterday and it was an amazing experience! (Don’t get me wrong though; it wasn’t exactly 26.2 miles of bliss…) The fun started off on Saturday, a day before the race, at the Expo. On the way to the Expo, I met two other runners and we walked there together. One young lady helped calm my nerves and ease my fears by telling me about her first marathon experience. The other person was a grad student who shared a bit of his story and tips. I later found out that his young man won 3rd in his age group! I felt so embarrassed after I saw the list of winners because I remembered talking nonsense to him like, “Oh maybe I’ll see you at the end! :D”…He was like, “…we’ll see” haha oh dear I am so awkward! Anyways I didn’t stay at the Expo long, but I got to see a few interesting things:

  • People demonstrating “The Stick” massager.
  • Raw food samples.
  • So Delicious and Amy’s food
  • Lara bars: Cashew Cookie was my favorite flavor and it’s only made of cashews and dates! You can totally make this at home.
  • Zinc Coconut water: The product in larger paper containers tastes good and it’s NOT from concentrate. The bottled ones are NASTY and from concentrated juice. These are undrinkable. They gave use bottled Zinc after the race and it tasted like metal. 

More about my actual race experience next! 

Wipro quarterly profit lifted by higher global IT spending

Higher IT spending by global clients helped software company Wipro (WIPR.NS) to post quarterly profit broadly in line with forecasts, the company said on Thursday. India’s third-biggest software services exporter reported a 4 percent rise in net profit for its first quarter to June 30….

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Wipro Digital to Enhance Digital Transformation Capability with Designit

Wipro Digital, the digital business unit of Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT), today announced its intention to acquire Designit, an award winning and global strategic design firm specializing in designing transformative product-service experiences. This investment marks a further stage in Wipro’s move to evolve the digital offer it takes to market, combining its reputation and heritage in deep engineering and transformative technology with human centered-design methods.

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Finest Hour

By Nikin Tharan, Computer and Electrical Engineering, Class 2019

We left for WIPRO, a MNC, or Multi-National Corporation, headquartered in Bangalore. The bus stopped in front of the gate and we disembarked. The flags of India, Australia, US, UK, and Japan were flying high and everyone wondered why.

Mighty Adrian under the Australian Flag 

We checked in, got our Guest IDs, and headed to an A/C room where a person from the Hospitality department received us. He gave a presentation about WIPRO and made the session interactive. We learned that WIPRO stood for Western India Vegetable Products and its Sunflower logo was retained from the company’s initial days as a vegetable oil merchandise. It was listed in the NASDAQ, NYSE and employed over 22000 people in 70 countries. 

The WIPRO Campus 

WIPRO along with a few other companies spearheaded the Indian IT revolution that transformed Bangalore into a Silicon Valley. Even the address of the campus is “Electronics City”. After the session we took a group picture and this: 


Thurston took my toy :( 

As the tour guide was showing us around various departments of the campus, the monsoon finally caught up with us. 

WIPRO Campus in the rain 

It started raining heavily, but that did not prevent a few of us from getting wet and having fun. We were transported back to the bus in golf buggies Back on the bus, I discussed with Prof. Ganguly whether or not to drive to WISE. It had been a long day and everyone was tired. I told them that the trip would take about 2 hours, but my friends didn’t even flinch and shouted an overwhelming ‘yes’. The bus began moving and was immediately caught in rush-hour traffic. The drive took my friends through the heart of Bangalore and gave them an inside view of their second Indian city after Mumbai. 

Vidhana Soudha at night 

We arrived at WISE after a hectic ride and were seated in an amphitheater, facing a group of adorable children! 

The amphitheater at Indira Gandhi International Academy 

We were given speeches by the co-founders of WISE or as they considered themselves, leaders of a student movement. They explained that the Indian education system was deeply flawed and focused on rote-learning as opposed to the understanding of concepts. WISE wanted to change that by integrating practical science experiments and video lectures with teaching theory. Classes conducted using this methodology were called ‘Workshops’ and hence the name of the organization is Workshop for Innovations and Scientific Experiments or WISE. 

Most importantly, all teaching was done by student volunteers. It was ‘of the students, by the students, for the students’. It all began in 2010 when Suhas Raghav, a 9th grade student, wanted to spur social change. In the spirit of teenage rebellion, he decided to take up arms against the traditional schooling methodology. He was joined by Ahan MR and Shashwath Behl and they began conducting workshops at schools near and far. As WISE consolidated, I was appointed President and set about securing international opportunities for the organization at Northeastern and beyond. 

WISE taught at numerous schools around Bangalore with a large group of volunteers. We visited Indira Gandhi International Academy, an underprivileged school for Sri-Lankan refugees. It was a residential school and the students who studied there had seen war and many were orphans. WISE had been working there for the past two years. After the speeches by the WISE team, we were shown an RC Nitro Car which was built by the students of the school. It demonstrated numerous science principles like Newton’s Laws, Combustion, Kinematics etc. 

The RC Nitro Car 

Then we got the opportunity to interact with the school children. I spoke with the students I taught last year and asked them about the progress they made during my time in Boston. They told me about the wonderful experiences they had with the WISE team and the success in exams. 

Thurston interacting with little kids 

Around 10pm, we went back to the hotel, had a quick dinner and sat down with our teams to prepare for the war game the next day. Later, as I was reflecting on the day while lying in my bed, I felt extremely guilty for making my friends experience the horrible peak-hour traffic of Bangalore during the trip to WISE from WIPRO. But at the same time, I was amazed at the resilience of my friends when they all said ‘yes!’ on the bus to visit WISE and consider it my finest hour as a husky.

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Attitude is Everything | Interview

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Wipro Flash Mob Kochi

Wipro to Launch new Programming Stages

In this CRB Tech Reviews we will talk about Wipro. Wipro arrangements to dispatch new programming stages and items in the following 12 months, upgrade the capacities of its counterfeit consciousness, motor Holmes, and offer modified advanced answers for each of its verticals, innovation boss KR Sanjiv said in a meeting.

The endeavors are gone from building new-age innovation answers for substantial clients, for example, Citigroup that are experiencing huge innovation changes. “We’re putting intensely in human-machine interface. These are utilizing the new sorts of innovations to manufacture applications that interface with individuals. Likewise, a characteristic dialect interface that we’re fabricating — that is exceptionally problematic. It’ll be a greater change from what individuals did with blue screens for Windows,” said Sanjiv, senior VP and boss innovation officer at India’s third-biggest programming exporter.

Wipro is putting vigorously in ranges, for example, computerized reasoning and web of things as a feature of a huge, authoritative upgrade being embraced by CEO TK Kurien, with an attention on territories, for example, computerization and advanced. Not long ago, Wipro additionally made another specialty unit to concentrate on digital.“The third territory is shrewd gadgets — for instance, in the retail space, in-store experience utilizing cameras which will have advanced features nourishes. Thus, utilizing further investigation, you can examine what individuals are taking a gander on, where are your representatives versus where your clients are, and so forth,” Sanjiv said.

Wipro is contributing a considerable measure of assets towards beefing up its abilities in applying autonomy, which will be utilized essentially for robotization and new advanced arrangements, he said. “We’re additionally putting resources into industrial processing plants, home robotization, and so forth. Another region where we are putting resources into is mechanical technology and automatons,” the innovation boss, a Wipro veteran of over 25 years, said. Wipro additionally extends and setting up development labs all inclusive with focus crosswise over key client areas in the US and Europe, he said.

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Our very own Startup Role Model

I am one of the lucky few who started my career with a start-up in India…a venture that grew rapidly, and could rival any bay area start-up of today in terms of excitement and energy! It is really hard to believe, today, that such a company existed in India and that too in 1983, but Wipro of those days was very much such a startup! (In fact, the global Indian IT companies we see today - a Wipro, HCL, or an Infosys - were all early stage start-ups in the 80s led by young entrepreneurs, exactly like a Flipkart or a MakeMyTrip, or an Inmobi is today). And Azim H Premji (AHP to us insiders), who was all of 23 when he started building Wipro, has done unbelievably well in building such a large, global, long-lasting company - one that even today stands out among its peers for its professionalism, integrity and corporate governance.

I have always been curious to know how AHP went about hiring the first set of key executives who worked with him to build such a great company like Wipro from nowhere. Imagine my excitement, when I came across one such person accidentally, and that too in Chennai! Mr M S Sekhar, a consultant to global companies like Wabag today, was recruited by AHP into Wipro in 1972, from IIM Calcutta. As I got talking with Sekhar, I put my real agenda for our meeting on a back burner, and prodded him to tell me more about his Wipro days. To my delight, Sekhar was as excited as me to talk about those formative days of his career. His first missive was: “Guess how long was my interview with Premji?” 2 hours? "No!“ 20 minutes? "No!” Now desperate me: 1 Day?? “Again, No!”.  Sekhar took great pleasure in telling me how his interview with AHP lasted over TWO DAYS!! AHP took him through his plans, sharing how he had seen many more qualified and experienced candidates for the role, and showing him the detailed job advertisement he had released. Of course, what that did was to convince Sekhar to leave greener pastures like Levers, ICI, etc., and jump onboard an unknown company with an absurdly young entrepreneur like AHP!  

Many thoughts were racing in my head: AHP decided to bring in the best management grads even when he was running what was then just a small vegetable oil company! He took recruiting as a critical job, and was willing to spend two days of his time to make sure that Sekhar was right for him, and that Wipro/he were right for Sekhar! Even during those days, when family-run companies were fairly feudal, he was a thorough professional, sharing his plans, being transparent, and reaching out for people who were highly qualified, even more qualified than he was!

The next googly that Sekhar threw at me caught me completely off guard: I had always believed that my favorite ex-boss at Wipro, Ram Agarwal(RNA), was a finance whiz, having seen him all the time with a spreadsheet, and hearing him talk numbers ad-nauseum. Now, Sekhar starts with - ’Do you know how Ram came into Wipro?’ He  proceeds to tell me that Ram used to be then at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) as a systems/ IT engineer, and that it was he, Sekhar, who referred him to AHP and, hold your breath, for a Sales role! A sales role at Wipro for selling to consumers, which means distribution, marketing, retail, etc.! AHP then interviewed & hired Ram as his Head of Sales - yes, Head of Sales, that’s no typo! - and Ram then went onto establish the Wipro consumer brand, before moving on to head Corporate Finance, and then helping AHP diversify into Information Technology!! (you can read more about Ram Agarwal here: http://www.wepindia.com/aboutus/Md.aspx).

Aha! I thought to myself - so AHP believed that a high power candidate could do many things. He was willing to bring in a person with no sales experience because he believed that he was hiring a smart, intelligent, professionally qualified person who would figure out what needed to be done. And he leveraged him so well by moving him into different roles as he grew. Maybe that is why senior executives are known to stay for looong in Wipro - getting to do many different things almost like moving different jobs within one company. Actually, all of AHP’s hiring follow this pattern to this date - in 1984, he hired Mr Ashok Soota as President of Wipro InfoTech., when Soota had no experience whatsoever in IT and came from a manufacturing group like Shriram Refrigeration! Vivek Paul, who succeeded Soota, came from GE Medical Systems…and now, Azim Premji Foundation & University, his mega project focused on India’s education sector, has people from IT heading it! 

Sekhar was a sport alright, spending time talking about stuff which was nowhere on our meeting agenda, and that too on a Friday evening. Feeling a bit guilty, I decided to wind up the Wipro topic, but not before asking him to quickly recollect other things that stood out in his mind about that period. Interestingly the bits that emerged were:

  • AHP preferred candidates who were NOT focused on work-life balance; Of course! Don’t we know that start-ups, especially the high growth ones, need 24x7 folks?! :-)
  • He was generous with compensation, and paid as well as other MNCs in the market; Want the best and will pay philosophy?
  • He had strong Corporate Governance framework in place from those days; Sekhar remembers the well coded “Conflict of Interest” policy!
  • He would do regular performance reviews lasting several hours. Performance goals were well laid out and measurable, which made the reviews very objective.
  • AHP made them all feel comfortable enough to disagree with him, and tell him when they felt he was wrong (haven’t seen too many leaders who can do that, have we? :( ) 

Sekhar fondly remembers how AHP used to get him and other senior executives to join him in his car drive to work, so that they could start work in the car!!

Sekhar still feels that joining Wipro was one of the best decisions of his life, and he learnt more in those 7 years with Premji, than he possibly could have done anywhere else!

And seeking out MS Sekhar, and asking him for a meeting, has been one of the smarter decisions of my life! I got to learn so much about our very own startup role model in India!

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Wipro – Transforming Business. Transforming Lives

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