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Hi hazel, i love your works and you seem to be well versed in the hockey fandom. I recently had ear surgery and the surgeon accidently caused some permanent nerve damage, so i havent had the best past couple of days. Any ideas for something funny or fluffy that could cheer me up?

Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened to you. I hope you are okay and wish you a speedy recovery <3<3 If you want mind-numbing fluff, my suggestion is Say Yes To Dress. A show that I am not addicted to. I’m not. 

If you’d like something more hockey inclined though, I put together this comprehensive video timeline of Sidney Crosby’s career, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and a little Evgeni Malkin thrown in for good measure. We’re talking hours of video here! Enjoy XDD

2004: Becoming Sidney Crosby - (This includes the footage of Sid at the 2004 draft, though no sightings of Geno)

2005: NHL draft All Access - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 

2005 - 2007: Sidney Crosby Revealed - (plus pre-draft stuff)

2007 - 2008: Sidney Crosby: On The Ice and Beyond

2008: Pittsburgh Penguins Camp: Stockholm Scavenger Hunt

2009: Pittsburgh Penguins: 2009 Stanley Cup Champions

2010: Olympic Final: Can vs USA - (Full game)

2010 - 2011: Road to the Winter Classics: Pens vs Caps

2011 - 2012: In The Room Season 1 

2013: In The Room Season 2

2013 - 2014: In The Room Season 3 

2014: NHL Revealed, A Season Like No Other - (Sochi Olympic + other teams)

2014 - 2015: In The Room Season 4

2015: IIHF World Championship Final: Can vs Rus - (Full game)

2015: There’s No Place Like Home With Sidney Crosby - (Sidney Crosby Hockey School)

2015 - 2016: In The Room Season 5 

2016: Evgeni Malkin: The Russian Penguin - (Russian documentary on Geno with eng. subtitles!)

2016: Quest For The Stanley Cup 

2016: Pittsburgh Penguins: 2016 Stanley Cup Champions

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