St. Paul Winter Carnival Fireworks by Sue.Ann
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The Polar Vortex took a break this evening so it wasn’t unbearably cold waiting for the show to start.

concept: it’s winter time and you n your crush go out to a winter carnival and there’s sparkly lights everywhere and your crush is all cute and flustery and embarrassed but they grab your mittened hand with their mittened hand and both of y'all blush and they buy you hot chocolate and it’s not that great but it still warms you up inside and all of a sudden it starts to snow and snowflakes cling to their lashes and they look at you all wide eyed and you guys start to lean in and everything is perfect in the word and you kiss among the snow and the lights and the cheesy holiday music playing in the background

So, this is me, in my Frostbyte costume, going to a winter carnival here in Brazil, back in 2015. My mom custommade it for me as a birthday gift. I remember writing “CAUSE BABY NOW WE GOT BAD BLOOD” as a IG caption for this collage and my friends being like “THAT’S SO JULIA”. I was so excited. So so excited.

The fact that I would do it all over again 2 years later is what makes me the happiest. I love you, Taylor. ❤️ @taylorswift

Ice Doesn’t Forgive

Part ½ - Harry Hook x Daughter of Elsa

Prompts: 01: “I never meant to hurt you. ” 03: “ I wish i’d never met you. ” 06: “Are you drunk?” and 07: “Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person.” + Daughter of Elsa x Harry? 

               “Love, are you doing anything this evening?” Harry asked you, glancing up from your notes that he’d borrowed from the History of Wars classes that he’d missed. Having come over from The Isle later in the semester, he was attempting to catch up. You glanced up at him, distracted by his change in appearance since you’d first seen him arrive in Auradon.

               He’d exchanged his worn pirate coat and ripped clothes for a red velvet blazer, a white crisp button up and black skinny jeans. His hair, though still a mop of messy brown hair was at least slightly combed through, though probably with his fingers. He looked adorable. “Love?” he asked and waved his ring clad hand in front of your face.

               “Oh gosh, sorry,” you blinked a few times, “The only thing I have tonight is my mother’s coming to see the King and would like to visit with me for a little,” you told him, smiling a little.

               “Would you maybe want to come over tonight after and hang out? I want to thank you for helping me so much since I’ve gotten here. You’ve made this place rather enjoyable,” he winked at you and you felt warm, nervous yet excited.

               “I’d love to Harry, how does 7 work?” you asked and he nodded in excitement. “Perfect, see you in a few hours,” you hastily packed your things and rushed off to meet your mother and the King, pecking Harry on the cheek before you did so. For the first time in a long time, by request of King Beast, your mother Elsa was asked to make it snow for a Winter Carnival.

You’d inherited the power of cold from her at the early age of 3, making your bed an ice block and ever since then, she’d been attempting to help you control it so that you wouldn’t kill those you loved and she thought this was the perfect opportunity to help you control it.

               You hadn’t told Harry yet, afraid you’d scare him off, though him being the son of Captain Hook, he probably wouldn’t.  After meeting with the King and your mother, you’d made progress in your powers and planned the event of Winter Carnival. “You need to hold onto an image, a person, an anchor to keep yourself calm. For me, it was your Aunt and my love for her,” your mother told you as you nodded and tried again. Small snowflakes began to fall from the ceiling and you smiled at the image of Harry in your head.

It was then that you glanced at the clock. You were unbelievably late. “Oh gosh, I’m so late to meet Harry,” you mumbled to yourself and rushed off to find the pirate.

               When you arrived at his and Gil’s dorm room and turned the golden doorknob to open the door, and gasped at the sight. The room was covered with candles and rose petals, Harry laid on his bed with a bottle of champagne in his hand. At the sound of the door opening, he looked over at you and rolled his eyes. His eyeliner was smudged and the nice white button up he wore was ripped open to reveal his toned chest, a makeshift tattoo of a hook on his pec.

               He sat up slightly and took a large swig of the alcohol before throwing the empty bottle behind you, the crystal shards shattered against the painting and you shielded yourself from them. “Harry, I’m so sorry for being late, I was working with my mother and there’s something I need to tell you,” Harry popped the cork on another bottle and walked closer to you.

               “Go away,” he grumbled angrily, his breath a wave of champagne and sea salt caramel.

               “Harry? Are you drunk?” you asked him in confusion, never having seen this side of him. Harry rolled his eyes again and scoffed.

               “I don’t know, am I?” he slurred sarcastically, “Of course I am! It’s something that fun people do Y/N, not that you would know anything about fun,” Harry spat and took another sip of the champagne, burping loudly.

“Harry, what is all of this? What’s gotten into you?” you asked him and he pushed you aside and began to blow out the candles around the room.

               “I did this for you,” he shouted suddenly, dropping the bottle of champagne onto the wooden bedside table and grabbing his hook. He waved it in front of you. “To think that I was going to ask you to be mine, it’s pathetic really.”

               “You were going to ask me-,” you paused, “I’m sorry for being late, my mother was trying to help me control my powers, Harry, that’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

               “I frankly don’t care love,” he spat and nudged your shoulder lightly. “I hate this godforsaken place, I hate you,” he slurred.

               “Harry, don’t talk like that,” you replied. “You love this place, you’ve been doing so well here,” you tried to reach for him and make him look at you but he wouldn’t budge and pushed your hand away.

               “Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person,” Harry scoffed, his fingers moving in quotations around the words ‘people person’. “I should’ve never trusted you, I should’ve never come here. You only let me down, just like everyone else in my life,” he yelled at you, pulling at his brown locks.

               “Harry, where is this coming from? I don’t understand, please listen and-,”

               “Go away Y/N, I wish I’d never met you,” he pushes you back slightly to give him space to breathe. You begin to shake, your hands quivering in frustration of how quick he’d flipped a switch. Your hands go up in defense but instead of a quick nudge at his chest, freezing air fills your palms and your power pushes him back across the room. The room freezes over and icicles began to form along the canopy of his bed. Your skin turns a sickly shade of blue and he sobers up immediately, watching in shock as you scream and walls over ice form around your body, encasing you like a cocoon.

               You gasp for air, unable to breathe as the frigid cold consumes you as your anger and hurt of his outburst takes over and you can’t control yourself any longer. The image of Harry that once anchored you just moments ago now filling you with rage. The windows to the room burst and shatter and Harry who had been crouched over moved to try to calm you. His hand retracts though, the ice too cold, too painful to his skin.

               You’re now frozen solid and Harry has no idea what to do except to rush into the hallway and scream for help. Doug rushes out of his room, followed by Jay and Carlos. Ben’s halfway down the hallway, phone in hand to call your mother and his father, aware that you’d been working on this. Ben knew you were getting better, making progress so when he saw your frozen figure, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

               “What happened?” Ben asked Harry who watched as your mother began to thaw you out, speaking hushed words to you as she took a glance at Harry quickly and moved her focus back on you.

               “I got angry with her, she was late to our date and I got upset and drunk because I wanted tonight to be perfect,” Harry rambled on, just then, the ice surrounding you broken apart. The ice chunks fell to the floor and broke into pieces as you cried out in pain. Your tears were frozen teardrops the panged on the floor and you almost fell to your knees if it weren’t for Carlos and Jay wrapping blankets around you.

Harry watched as your mother instructed them to take you to your room and to start a small fire in the fireplace to warm you up. She turned to look at him and he bowed his head in fear. He knew of her power and he had no idea that her daughter had inherited her power. You’d never mentioned anything. But the memory of you withdrawing your hand from his touch or the quick cold lips pressed against his cheek suddenly came to mind.

“My daughter was late because she wanted to control her power so that she wouldn’t hurt you. Among other things, she specifically mentioned your name. It was important that found an anchor to hold onto, something that she loved that would keep her calm,” Elsa explained and Harry listened intently as she spoke.

“Did she make any progress?” Harry asked quietly, not sure what else to say.

“When she finally made it snow instead of ice and sleet storms, I asked her what she thought of. She spoke a pirate from the Isle of the Lost who had a thing about counting the time wrong and an obnoxiously contagious laugh,” Harry chuckled gleefully, his eyes began to glaze over at the thought, “She thought of you Harry.”

I really enjoy the idea of making a mood/aesthetic board and then writing based off it! Got an idea for a moodboard or an imagine? Send them here!

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X-Men: Rarities; Winter Carnival and The First Night

I decided to break this into two parts after all.

Winter Carnival written by Jo Duffy

Bobby Drake gets a chance to do a little solo superheroing away from his X-Men teammates while he’s at college in this winter themed single issue as well as show off a little bit by adding a little bit of flair to Dartmouth College’s winter carnival. It’s a short fun read that gives Bobby a chance to shine in his own light instead of as part of a team, which Bobby finds he enjoys more than he expected. 

The First Night written by Chris Claremont

So Krakoa. If you’re a long time fan you know what happens, the X-Men team of Havok, Polaris, Marvel Girl, Iceman, and Angel have been captured by living landmass Krakoa, a new team must be assembled to save them. That new team is Cyclops, Banshee, Thunderbird, Storm, Sunspot, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine. This issue is the first night after Krakoa, thirteen X-Men figuring out what they’re going to do. And basically we see everything through Charles eavesdropping, because of course he feels the need to snoop on everyone. 

So what’s everyone doing:

  • Alex and Lorna are cleaning up after dinner and well, making out a lil bit. Alex doesn’t want to stay since there are so many X-Men they’re not needed anymore and he wants to get back to other things. Let my son actually do work in his field of study.
  • Scott is insistent about writing up a mission report, despite Jean’s best efforts to get him to relax and join the others.
  • Sean is playing country music on a piano. 
  • Piotr is drawing and tears his shirt when he goes metal after being startled by Kurt.
  • Who, thinks that Sean and Piotr are both very talented and then shows off his juggling skills.
  • Bobby’s a little peeved, feeling a little bit like he and the others of the first X-Men team are being replaced. His interactions with Piotr, Sean, and Kurt are tense and he picks a bit of a fight with John Proudstar (Thundbird). Honestly Bobby’s being a little bit of a White Boy™.
  • Jean’s having some of the same feelings of replacement as Bobby and what exactly her place is.
  • Ororo takes a midnight flight and is joined by Warren who gets a little flirty.
  • And of course we see the beginnings of the triangle that is Scott, Jean and Logan. 

You can find this collection here.

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