Request: ‘’What kinks do you think Bucky has? hihi thanks’’ 

Warnings: kink, smut.  ONLY 18+ PLEASE.

A/N: It was very fun to write. Every feedback is welcome.

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  • Daddy kink. See you with big innocent eyes calling him daddy will push him over the edge. He won’t confess it to you, you’ll have to find out in other ways.
  • Spanking kink. Seeing your soft beautiful skin redden and burn under his ministrations is one of the hottest things for him. He likes to hear your little squeals and the way you pant. He won’t ever force you, and when you say enough is enough. 
  • Hair pulling kink. Whenever you’re going down on him or you’re doing it doggy style he likes to tangle his fingers in your locks and pull you closer. Sometimes, in public, he likes to kiss you softly and out of nothing pull your hair just to see you gasping, startled and aroused. 
  • Exhibitionism. He loves to arouse you in public places. He likes to see you flustered and trying to control your breathing and facial expressions. He is discrete, though. Dinner with your friends, he’ll slip one hand inside your panties just to pinch your clit while talking normally to your friends. Date night, he’ll ask you to put the little bullet vibrator he bought inside your panties. He gets the control, of course.
  • Voyeurism. He likes to watch you. He likes to admire you when you’re distracted and when you touch yourself. Sometimes, when you’re sleeping only in panties and his shirt, or emerging from the swimming pool, or reading your favorite book with your legs spread and he can have a glimpse of your core, he takes pictures of you. 
  • Choking kink. With the metal hand. Since he discovered you have the hots for his metal arm, what he never imagined someone ever would, he likes to stroke your neck gently when you’re about to come. When he’s being a little rough, he also likes to slip one finger or two inside your mouth. 
  • Praising kink. He loves to read in your eyes how much you love him. Whenever you touch him gently and tell him how awesome he is, that you want him in your life forever, he can’t take the bliss that overpowers him. He isn’t so good as you with words, so he likes to show. Show that he adores every inch of you and love you. Generally, it involves he leaving love bites and kisses on your whole body, giving special attention where you need him the most. 
  • Basically, everything to do with dominance. But he likes to earn it from you, never force you or pressure. The thing he loves most in the world is that you trust him, you let him do such things. He knows you don’t like the pain itself, you like to feel him and he knows that, for you, the love marks he often leaves in your body is a reminder of your intimacy, not something bad. 
  • That’s why he treats you like a goddess. He always likes to cuddle after sex, to feed you, take a nap or watch something on the tv with your limbs tangled. He feels complete. And whenever he is a little rougher to you, in the aftercare he likes to bathe you and leave kisses and pecks on your body, especially on your bruises. 

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Tony: What about my rights? You’re supposed to say, “You have the right to remain silent.”! Nobody said I have the right to remain silent!
Bucky: Doll, you have the right to remain silent. What you lack is the capacity.

Imagine being married to Thor

prompt from anonymous: “can I please have an imagine where you’re married to thor?”

You whirled around, wielding your bow with a skill that could only be borne of centuries of training and practice and action. You let loose arrow after arrow, taking down enemies left and right as your husband fought in the middle of it all, back-to-back with his brother as they eliminated the flying bat-like beings.

You kept firing, your arrows slicing through the air to take down another one of the monsters as it was about to land on Thor’s back. Finally, you felled the last of them, then picked your way through the mess of rocks and the bodies of the beasts to Thor and Loki’s side. Thor turned to you and swept you up at once, lifting you off the ground and holding you around the waist in the air.

“You did so well,” Thor told you, then leaned down and kissed you soundly before you could respond.

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Pretty and Thin

Fandom: Marvel
Request: “Would you write a Thor x reader? Smutt Or fluff where he loves her size (she’s a bit chubby)”
Word Count: 358
Warnings: tw if anyone has issues about their bodies (I wrote this from my perspective as I am plus size) + smutish 
Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this is so late

You stood in front of the mirror, hating what you saw. You sighed knowing there was nothing you could do. You knew Thor loved you but you could never understand why. You had tried working out and eating healthy and even though you lost some weight you were still too big in your eyes.

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Dear MCU fan fellas

Since there is no signs that Marvel would release Avengers Infinity War trailer anytime soon, I think we should pretend like we don’t care and less interest to their movie so they would think they need to do more promo and voila they release the trailer.. WE STRONG TOGETHER!

Sincerely, desperate fan

My Icon Page!

Guys!! I made some things!

I uploaded a bunch of icons tonight (there’s still not loads, lets not get too excited yet) if you’d like to check them out.  Hopefully they’re not too shitty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I just ask that you give me credit if you use any, easy peasy!

also this is the first time I’ve really shared the stuff I’ve made, so I’m still a bit *embarrassed?* about it, please be gentle