Winter Night

this is so accurate.

Sky’s like

No words to say … Ideal for a spring/summer relaxed but chic style. Don’t you think so ?


Omg guys !!! I have 1084 followers!! Wow. 1 0 8 4. I made this blog on Saturday and it already has 1k+ followers! Thank you THANK YOU. I love you all so much, & here is a pic of cactus cos i love you all like i love cactus and I love love loooooove cactus. Ok. Omg i love you all. Let me cry now. 😭

Good Morning !!! Live in Paris …
Love this colours match, and remember always wears slim or skinny fit jeans ;)


I think it’s time for me to post Selena’s street style pt 2.


Films I watched in March 2015 that I highly recommend 

(In order of film stills above)

  1. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
  2. Winter Sleep 
  3. Birth
  4. Talk to Her
  5. Taste Of Cherry
  6. Palindromes
  7. Cries And Whispers
  8. White Bird In A Blizzard
  9. Beast
  10. Eastern Promises

My Movie Diary 2015

Andrew Coyle

The amazing tour

Porcelain skin with charming blue eyes, you’re just a pretty boy … “Pretty Boy/ Edurne”

This outfit is so cute!! ♡