Winter Night


Virginia Poe’s death had a significant impact on Edgar Allen Poe. Poe regularly visited Virginia’s grave. As his friend Charles Chauncey Burr wrote, “Many times, after the death of his beloved wife, was he found at the dead hour of a winter night, sitting beside her tomb almost frozen in the snow”.


it’s the little things

she says

the little things

that make arms cupped round waists

and good morning texts

feel like she’s finally home.

it’s the way

he says

want some coffee?

the way he lets her

pick the song in the car,

the way he promises they’ll get a dog

when they have a backyard

and some spare cash

the way he picks words

rare gems that need

no explanation for why

she loved wearing them.

winter brought nights under blankets

it sang slumber

night caps and tangled sheets

but it doesn’t always last

and with the thaw of ice

came new small gestures

broken up in earlier light

“coffee’s on the table.”

“let’s go to the shelter today,”

This song always reminds me of you.

God bless my laptop for keeping me warm during those winter nights, teaching my body to resist the heat during hot summer days, and for being an instant heating pad for when I’m on my period.