Winter Cycling


York, UK (by Sam Fryers)

  • Okay but Adam with shaking hands as he opens all his letters from all the colleges he’s applied to 
  • Adam having to read over them all twice just to double check that he actually got accepted to them all 
  • Adam pushing his hair back and rubbing his hand over his face before settling it over his mouth completely speechless and not having a single clue what to say because he can’t believe he got accepted to every. single. one. 
  • Blue, Gansey, Ronan and Noah all staring at him holding their breaths waiting to hear the result 
  • Adam staring in shock at his friends as he tells them his voice sounding shaky and mystified when he says the words “i got in, i got in to all of them“ 
  • All his friends rushing to smother him in one giant group hug and him breathlessly laughing and trying to bush his tears of joy off on the closest persons shoulder, and holding each of his friends so tight 
  • Adam staring down at the pile of acceptance letters that have now ended up at his feet laughing because he’s never been so happy, so relieved, and so excited in his whole life 
  • Adam wiping away tears of joy - that just won’t stop falling - from his cheeks, his whole face is glowing with joy, watching as his friends fumble over each other to tell him how proud they are and making plans to celebrate already 
  • Adam going to bed that night with the biggest smile on his face and finding that he’s so happy he can’t sleep but for once he doesn’t mind losing any more precious hours of sleep 
  • Adam feeling so proud of himself for everything he’s achieved so far. All the struggle he faced, every thought of self-doubt he pushed through, every hour of sleep missed and spent under the someone’s car, finding his own way out just the way he wanted to and thinking to himself - i am enough, i am worthy, i’m going far

ronan lynch wearing a sweater that he dreamt or that his mom made him or something and looking so cute and soft and warm

adam parrish having a crisis about it and making excuses to touch him or hug him because he feels so good

ronan’s totally on to him though

adam wakes up one morning and finds it carefully draped over the back of his desk chair 

he walks into monmouth wearing it and gansey just smiles at him and he tells him to shut up (”i didn’t say anything” “your face is saying enough”) but his cheeks are bright red