Winter Cycling


Went to the LBS got two Giant FlatGuard 26X2.10 tires, sheet metal screws added some love for labor, 1/16" drill bit with drill, an old cut up tube for between the screws and the tube (that holds air).  This will work great for our ice covered roads in Wisco and I will be running just the front studded…. with 20 psi in both tires.


The studded front tire has great traction for the ice covered roads! 

I didn’t stud the rear tire for these reasons and I will give you my sources for my conclusion.  First the simple answer is the body always follows the head.  Head being the studded front tire and the body being the rider, bike and rear tire that is not studded.  What makes a great handling bike is many forces acting together and if your fork rake and trail are stable you have better control (See Wiki for Bicycle and Motorcycle Geometry) .  The contradiction to this idea will be a rider less bike with no trail or gyroscopic forces that maintains an upright position when pushed or “Ghost Ridden” (See Bicycle Stability).

I also feel that there needs to be some finesse to cycling and riding without the studded rear tire helps improve heptics with pedal stroke and power.  The times the rear tire slipped on the ice or got caught in ice grove the bike felt stable and I decreased pedal power to compensate.

The commute was great and the temperature is -6 degrees Fahrenheit. 

People go ride your bike its winter; this is just another season for cycling.


Tonight’s commute in central Wisco.  The roads have a smooth ice covering with no tire ice ruts from cars which can cause you to fall if your bike tire gets caught and you’re trying to turn out of the rut.  I am thinking about studding my tires but this will take the fun out of commuting in the winter… I could have ice skated to work today.  The temp is fahrenheit.