About white paint

Since we’ve recently gotten a new hire who confused a lady about paint, I figured it was about time to make this post explaining all the differences between the many shades of white paints.

Please note that oil paint tends to come in a much larger variety of whites, and any questions about specific white colors for ANY medium (or brand) can always be sent to my askbox <3

Titanium White - Typically the most opaque white you’ll find. Most pigment                                     load.

Zinc White (could also be known as Mixing White) - Usually used for mixing                       flesh tones, as it’s more transparent than Titanium.

Flake White- A warm, quick-drying white. Exclusive for Winsor & Newton (?)

China White (also Chinese White) - Usually just for watercolor or gouache, this                          is a less opaque white, but mixing isn’t as transparent as Zinc.

Warm white - A slightly warm tinted white oil color. Cream, almost. 

Cool White - A slightly cool tinted white oil. Faint blue tinge.

Radiant White - A gamblin exclusive. Part of their radiant line of colors,                                      brightest white that Gamblin produces, adds almost a glow.

If there are any more you’d like to add to the list, please don’t hesitate to let me know!  These are just a few I could name, there are several more depending on brand and medium. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey ! I was wondering if you have like a fave paint brand ? ( I'm not sure if you paint irl but you're good at art and I thought maybe so ) I really like to paint but water colors are fulfilling my needs recently, I was wondering if you knew any good brands, I know a lot of people use patio paint but does it lol nice on paper ?

okay first things first! there are 3 different ways u can find watercolors:
1. tubes - which are the most common ones to find, and 2 good brands are winsor & newton and daniel smith
2. pans - they come in a package and look like tiny little squares/rectangles! if u are a beginner i would def recommend buying pans instead of actual tubes bc they are so much easier to work with!! a good brand is winsor & newton (again!)
3. liquid - you can also work with liquid watercolors but have in mind they are usually veyr vibrant & strong on a paper, since they are VERY concentrated! a good brand for liquid watercolor is dr. ph. martin’s :)

patio paints seem but be good too but i never had any experience with it so i cant tell you i am 100% sure!!! but if it’s not very expensive and easy to find, then it’s worth it! other brands that i know it’s pretty good are: ecolinekuretake gansai tambi and holbein artists’ colors (also kinda pricey but v good) - you can find them on amazon!

reminder: if you want to work with watercolor tubes remember to never work directly from the tube, that will def ruin your watercolor supply! make sure you buy a palette so you can play with colors and mix them and not ruin your paint at the same time!!! :^)

A few days ago, people have asked us what brand of watercolor we use.

On the top: Olivier’s watercolor box
Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor, Set of 24 Half Pans
You can find those watercolors almost everywhere in the world.
The Pocket Box Set (12 Half Pans) is very common and affordable.
The quality of the pigments is good and it’s a pleasure to work with this brand.

On the bottom: Cécile’s watercolor box
Sennelier Honey-based Watercolor, Set of 48 Half Pans!!!!
Cecile won this sumptuous box set in an art contest. It’s top quality watercolor, made with honey, using traditional methods, according to an ancient recipie which was used by the Impressionists.
But it’s… expensive.


Charmander, char!

I commandeered a recent Pokemon commission for more watercolor times. This one was all about Shmincke Hordam’s translucent orange (pyrrol, po71) which is SO GOOD. If you need a really good orange, that one. That’s the orange. It’s more tomato than carrot, a bright and clear mixer, and glows in tints and at masstone.

Also got to play with Winsor Newton’s cobalt Violet (pv14) a little. It’s unbelievably soft for being so vibrant, kind of a push-over. I do like how it separates really, really visibly from ultramarine in thinner mixed washes. Don’t know if it’s a go-to for anything just yet, still feeling it out.

Next up is a halloween themed tattoo design, among other things! I’m still building up my ‘keep doing stuff after work’ threshold. I would like to get where I’m painting a little bit every day. Slow going so far.


Turned yesterday’s livestream into a speedpaint. Enjoy! * _*