Recovery win!

Hey you guys i have great newss wohaa! I went to have ice cream with my mum spontaneously!! She asked me and i went without considering the situtaion for too long, wow! Actually i am the one who plans everything ahead and there is nothing that can interfer in my agenda, but today i simply stoof up from my desk and escorted my mum to the beautiful cafe and had two sorts of ice cream: hazelnut and pistacchio!!!!

Audra was snow white princess of the black board
At least her father thought so and put her life on fast forward
Instead of skipping rope, she was skipping grades
Ended up skipping childhood just to get the A’s
So the irony of a pair of D’s
Wasn’t lost on the boys who hadn’t learned subtlety
She didn’t mind the attention
But didn’t feel the same sexual tension
The rhythm of her life had been a metronome
Set in stone til she got to college where she met Nicole
Polar opposites attract
Fire and ice spending day and nights talking bout their path
And all they did was laugh until the sun went down
Then rose up the next morning on the love they’d found
What do you get when you’re not in control?
She got over it and rocked while she rolled

She’s educated
Educated Consumers, "Winning Winter" - New Album

Hip-hop duo Educated Consumers have released their fifth studio album “Winning Winter” via Crushkill Recordings

Educated Consumers:

Winter is a time of isolated contemplation. Eventually, the weather breaks and we emerge from a frozen state of mind with a colder perspective but a warmer heart. Unless you lost a bet on the Super Bowl like Seez, then you have to dive into three feet of snow wearing nothing but shorts and a tee shirt. 

Some of us winning, some of us losing. 

Winning Winter” features guest spots by Cubbiebear, Dezmatic, Dood Computer, Sadistik, and more.

You can get your digital copy via the Educated Consumers BandCamp page or get yourself a physical copy here via Strange Famous Records.

Educated Consumers on Twitter and Facebook


Thanks to the hard work from Double J of Foundation Media and the good people at Crushkill Recordings, the title track from our most recent album “Winning Winter” peaked at #1 on indie rap’s two most significant charts: issue #523 of and the May 14, 2012 Record Breakers chart.

The singles from “Aisle 2″, “Write/Hear”, and “Hello Big Mama” all achieved success on the CMJ charts, and we are proud to say that the momentum built from those records has snowballed (GET IT!?!?) into our first #1 single.

As always, you can hear and purchase the #1 record of all time “Winning Winter” from our Bandcamp page or and please spread the word!

                       ( To realize that all your life—you know, all your love, all your hate,
                       all your memory, all your pain—it was all the same thing. It was all
                       the  same dream. A dream  that you  had inside  a locked  room.  A
                       dream  about being  a person.  And like  a  lot  of dreams  there’s  a
                       monster at the end of it. )

                                        INDEPENDENT | SELECTIVE BUCKY BARNES

Satire is when taking an existing concept and drawing it to such absurd extremes that it becomes funny. Example: 

American Dad is a show about Stan Smith, a conservative CIA agent. Stan lives with his pretty wife Francine, that’s so stupid that if Stan points into a wall and says: “we need to run that way,” she will run into the wall and say: “it’s a dead end!” Stan is so conservative that when Francine says that she likes being spanked, he drives her into the woods until she has “purged her sick desires.” Stan also lives with an alien he holds refuge from the CIA and a fish that has the mind of a German athlete because his agency has a mind switching machine and kidnapped said athlete to switch his mind with a gold fish to keep Germany from winning the Winter Olympics in the 80′s.

American Dad is taking the existing concept of right-wing conservatism and drawing it to absurdity. 

American Dad is satire. 

Family Guy is a show about Peter Griffin, a sexist, racist alcoholic who neglects his family. He is married to Lois, who starts off trying to care for the family, but eventually sides with their abuser and, to a lesser extent, picks up drinking and eating disorders herself. Peter bullies his teenage daughter Meg, and gets the rest of the family in on it, to the extent that Meg self-harms, binge eats, and completely internalizes the abuse. 

Family Guy is taking an existing concept of familial abuse and draws it to an extent that is not absurd or even rare. 

Family Guy is not satire, it is bullshit that thinks it can use satire as an excuse to be harmful.  

The end of the RakuSei match is drawing near and I feel like leaving this rant here.

Rakuzan, as we all know, is far more superior than Seirin, if we look at their players and techniques. Take a look at Seirin, still a freshly made team with lower stats unlike Rakuzan who holds the title of the strongest highschool and has been the champion. 
And yet Seirin still won in the end because of some nakama power. And then this enlightenment of losing= ‘Kuroko is right, basketball should be enjoyed and we have to play for and with the team’. I don’t think that’s the point of this match. The point is, Rakuzan, consisting of Akashi, three Crownless Kings, and the new phantom sixth man, can’t lose to some nakama power. It is just impossible. But yeah, here we have Seirin winning the Winter Cup. I am so disappointed at the outcome, though I do appreciate Fujimaki’s decision.

Winter wins legal emancipation from mother

Winter wins legal emancipation from mother

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage/WireImage
Seventeen-yr-previous actress Ariel Winter introduced she gained legal emancipation from her mother.

“Modern Family” actress Ariel Winter was a minor with some main information Friday.

The 17-yr-previous actress who performs center youngster Alex Dunphy on the hit ABC sitcom introduced on social media that she gained legal emancipation.

“I am now formally…

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