Audra was snow white princess of the black board
At least her father thought so and put her life on fast forward
Instead of skipping rope, she was skipping grades
Ended up skipping childhood just to get the A’s
So the irony of a pair of D’s
Wasn’t lost on the boys who hadn’t learned subtlety
She didn’t mind the attention
But didn’t feel the same sexual tension
The rhythm of her life had been a metronome
Set in stone til she got to college where she met Nicole
Polar opposites attract
Fire and ice spending day and nights talking bout their path
And all they did was laugh until the sun went down
Then rose up the next morning on the love they’d found
What do you get when you’re not in control?
She got over it and rocked while she rolled

She’s educated
Educated Consumers, "Winning Winter" - New Album

Hip-hop duo Educated Consumers have released their fifth studio album “Winning Winter” via Crushkill Recordings

Educated Consumers:

Winter is a time of isolated contemplation. Eventually, the weather breaks and we emerge from a frozen state of mind with a colder perspective but a warmer heart. Unless you lost a bet on the Super Bowl like Seez, then you have to dive into three feet of snow wearing nothing but shorts and a tee shirt. 

Some of us winning, some of us losing. 

Winning Winter” features guest spots by Cubbiebear, Dezmatic, Dood Computer, Sadistik, and more.

You can get your digital copy via the Educated Consumers BandCamp page or get yourself a physical copy here via Strange Famous Records.

Educated Consumers on Twitter and Facebook


Thanks to the hard work from Double J of Foundation Media and the good people at Crushkill Recordings, the title track from our most recent album “Winning Winter” peaked at #1 on indie rap’s two most significant charts: issue #523 of and the May 14, 2012 Record Breakers chart.

The singles from “Aisle 2″, “Write/Hear”, and “Hello Big Mama” all achieved success on the CMJ charts, and we are proud to say that the momentum built from those records has snowballed (GET IT!?!?) into our first #1 single.

As always, you can hear and purchase the #1 record of all time “Winning Winter” from our Bandcamp page or and please spread the word!

so much happened in season five :o

kaijusplotch asked:

Prompt: Dunno if you've ever seen the movie 9 but it suddenly re-appeared in my brain and i'd love to see a 9 style verse with Hermann and Newt (and the rest of the gang too) as stitchpunks trying to survive the world Post-Kaiju/machine war. uh...if you don't mind that is. ^^

(I have never seen this movie so I am flying blind here; post apocalyptic world with ragdolls is basically all I know)

Newt’s hands are quick and deft with the needle, but Hermann’s leg will never be the same, he’d lost too much from inside and it bends too easily under his weight,

“You can have some of mine,” Newt whispers, “I’ve got enough to spare-”

He is a little overstuffed, but Hermann shudders at the thought; “No-” he takes his hand, the needle still between his fingers, “I can manage;”

He has a stick, and there is nothing they need to hide from any more; the great monsters, and the dark creatures that had come after- by the time they came it was too late, the air with thick with poison and radiation from bombs and destroyed power stations, they had barely enough time to celebrate their victory before it choked them, and they died too;

The sky is grey and dull, the temperature falls every month; they work on their tiny patch of ground, spooning off the irradiated soil to the clean one beneath, Newt carefully nursing his silo of seeds.

There is still life in this place, beside them; deep within the sea or beneath the ground, every so often their digging turns up a huge pink earthworm and they stop, watching it disappear back into the ground with a sense of holy reverence at the sight of a creature from the Before;

The foraging party push open the door and Hermann starts, get up and sliding his weight to his stick;

Stacker holds the door open, and Alexis and Sasha come in, carrying a heavy brick, Hermann’s breath starts; “Is that-”

“A book:” Stacker smiles wearily, “There are more, we will have to come back and secure them, but for now-” he looks at Hermann.

At least this he will always be able to do, Hermann smiles and Alexis and Sasha set the book up, leaning it against the wall; Hermann pulls the cover open and traces his fingers reverently over the soft, parchment paper;

He looks around, and they are all settling in the bedding area, Stacker’s hand on little Mako’s shoulder, her canvas blue-stained from alien blood, Sasha and Alexis huddled together, Tendo and Raleigh eager and sitting up;

And Newt sits next to him, arms around him, head resting on his shoulder and ready to correct him if he thinks Hermann is getting it wrong;

Hermann tried to ignore him, and takes a deep breath;

Once upon a time,” he begins.

Stories by Tarot Cards

The Swords of Seasons

Once there had been an Emperor of Spring who had feared death so terribly, that he conquered all the land from kings of Summer, Fall, and Winter, until there was no season left other than Spring. He was joined in force by the Queen of Swords, a bearer of the power of spring herself, who helped him to bring about an endless Spring. The Emperor delighted in the life giving qualities of spring and couldn’t be happier about the flourishing food, plants, and constant life being birthed. But without the death and calm that came with Winter, life soon became unbalanced with more people and animals inhabiting the land than the kingdom could feed. The totalitarian rule of the Emperor afraid of death became too much for the people to bear. The change of seasons were missed and the world was out of balance, as prophesied by the 8 of cups, the world became indolent without any renewal, the world around him was stagnating.

There were by chance others left to rival the power of the Emperor, other Season Bearers who could wield the power of the Seasons. The Prince of Cups was accompanied by the Knight of disks on his task to reclaiming his father’s season of Winter and bringing the much needed balance the world around them. Just outside of the castle, the Prince and his Knight come across a hanged man who had chosen to sacrifice his life to the gods in hopes of bringing about the return of Winter and the other seasons. The hanged man recognized them as bearers of the Seasons and called out to them. Upon approaching this hanged man the two adventurers had learned of the Swords of Seasons that could bring back balance to their world and restore their power. The hanged man told them to search the underworld where the swords were banished by the Emperor to be guarded by the three headed dog of Cerberus, forever lost to the living.

While the two heroes were on their quest they asked high and low for advice on how to reach the underworld. Word of their activity reached the ears of the Emperor, so the Queen sent out her son, the Prince of Swords, to challenge them and put an end to their shenanigans. When the Prince of Swords finally caught up with the Prince of Cups and the Knight of Disks a great fight took place. With the advantage of surprise on his side the Prince of Swords stood his ground against these two mighty warriors, only to be overtaken by their will and sheer desire to save their once flourishing kingdoms. Just as the two conquering heroes where going to strike the last blow, a lantern in the dark appeared to them. Out of the shadows a Hermit appeared the the three bearers of seasons, the messenger of death was there to take the Prince of Swords with him to the underworld. The Prince of Cups excited by his appearance began to inquire about the Sword of Seasons, the Hermit sighed with relief and explained his delight at this prophecy being full filled, for the underworld had suffered for the lack of death taking place in the world. The Hermit agreed to lead the three champions to the underworld and reveal the secrets of the Swords of Seasons, but only if they all agreed to work together to bring back balance. The three took an oath and followed the Hermit to the dark underworld, sacrificing themselves to the power of death, unfearing and unwavering. When they all reached the Swords the Hermit explained that there are 4 Swords for 4 Seasons. In order to restore balance, all 4 blades need to draw blood from the Emperor.

The now three heroes return from the underworld with all 4 Swords and make their return to confront the Emperor. In the final and epic battle The Prince of Cups throws the first strike with the Sword of Summer. His blow lands and draws blood, the Emperor of Spring becomes full of fear as the blade bites as cold as the winter snow . Before he has time to react, the Knight of Disks rushes upon the Emperor with the Sword of Fall and lands his blow after a long struggle,  but as the blow lands, the Knight is knocked unconscious by a spell from the Queen of Swords. The Prince of Swords stops his mother dead in her tracks as he carries out his attack with the Sword of Summer. Weakened the Emperor is easily overtaken and screams in agony as the heat of the blade burns like the sun of summer. The Prince of Cups quickly follows up with the last strike from the Sword of Spring. But as the blood is drawn from this sword nothing happens and the Emperor laughs as his men come to restrain the heros. The last sword was a false replacement by the Emperor who had feared the underworld would not be able to conceal the Swords of Seasons from those who truly seeked to destroy him. In his maniacal laughter, the Queen of Swords takes up arms against him, filled with guilt and regret at destroying all the other seasons and spills the last of his blood and putting an end to the never ending spring, bring balance back to the land as the seasons return.

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