Don’t forget to send your pics in for our ‘Take Me With You’ photo contest and the 'School Selfies’ photo contest. Both end Oct. 1. 💕😎 @kbk.bbw took her’s to the University of Virginia and sent this in. 🤗Looks beautiful there!
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A fan once recalled meeting Paul and Joanne at a Westport wedding party in the early 1970s. “Later there was a string quartet. Guests arrayed themselves on the sunny lawn,” she remembered. “Up behind me, Joanne Woodward sat on the ground with her back against the trunk of a big tree, her legs stretched out in front. In her lap rested the head of Paul Newman, who occasionally reached up to touch her face and hair as he savored the music. It’s possible I gaped. To this day it’s the most romantic thing I ever witnessed.” [x]

A few decades later, an employee at an Arizona desert museum witnessed a similar incident, years apart:  “One time I was walking between the main buildings and looked over to a bench where I saw a woman and her husband. The woman was sitting with the husband’s head on her lap as he lay down. You could just see the love as she ran her hand over his head and hair. I thought at that time, ‘My, what a handsome couple. Isn’t it nice that this older couple cares so much for each other, it just radiates. This is just such a wonderful sight.’ I continued on my journey with a glance back and I saw that the nice handsome older couple so much in love was Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.” [x

The Clexa fandom migrating to the Wayhaught fandom like...

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