Winged Unicorn


I was in complete denial for a bit when i saw this, it had to be a mistake some random error i could not explain, but after refreshing and checking my follower list, it is real @wingspiral is following me!

I cant even, but i really wanted to draw my mental reaction of this, i have been following wing spiral on my mod blog for some time now and absolulty love the characters and the story and i cant believe wingspiral is following me, I dont know how you came to find this blog but i thank you for finding such interest in this blog, you are one of the many that inspire me to draw and create the stories that i want to share with all my followers, im happy you are now one of the many that i can share my stories with ^^

Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!

Edit: due to my over excitement i over looked a lot of important details on characters and had to correct it