From Gastroposter Nicole Rogers, via Instagram:

(Mission: herbs) All set for the spring dance. Assorted olives marinated in a spicy olive brine and herbs, roasted basil and garlic asparagus, assorted cheese: peppercorn goats milk, jalepeno and herbed Gouda and Brie with dried prosciutto, coppa, roast beef and salami; rosemary and sea salt crips with a side of herbed olive oil, all paired with Ontario and Argentinian wines to create a delicious bouquet of flavour on your palate. Cheers


At Murray’s, we like to think that cheese is always the star. But we also like to enjoy cheese with adult beverages, especially for a festive occasion.

In this episode, we share our tips on pairing cheese with your favorite boozy counterparts. From wine and beer, to the hard stuff, there is always a cheese to go with your drink of choice. Here, we help you navigate how to match the flavors of cheese with those found in the beverage world.

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Le Renard, 2010  Bourgogne Devillard

During my quest to become a Frog, we did a “tour de France” of wine, starting with Burgundy. This foxy wine was a nice start to the tour. Nice purple red colour with black cherries and spices on the nose and on the palate. Not mega complex but agreeable. The body was pretty light but went well with a meat and cheese plate. Wine and cheese Frog style!

Le Renard, 2010  Bourgogne Devillard
Durant ma quête pour me transformer en grenouille,  nous avons effectué un “tour de France” du vin en commençant par la Bourgogne. Cette petite bombe a bien amorcé notre tour. Au nez et on bouche on retrouve des saveurs de cerises noires et d’épices avec une couleur bien violacée. Pas très complexe mais agréable. Le corps était assez léger, mais s’accorde bien avec un plateau de fromage et charcuterie. “Wine and Cheese” à la française.