People have a hard time processing [the female body] when it’s not packaged for the consumption of male entertainment. So, they don’t know quite what to do with it, or how to place it, or what to say. Because surely a woman couldn’t be intelligent enough to be making a point.
—  Erykah Badu (regarding her controversial “Window Seat” music video)

Flying the Friendly Skies with @taylortippett

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“One of my favorite things to ask myself before every flight is ‘How can I go out of my way to make someone feel loved today?’” For airborne Instagrammer Taylor Tippett (@taylortippet), the road to becoming a flight attendant was no easy task. “Flight attendant training was, in all honesty, the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life,” she shares. But for Taylor, the intense schedules became a way to find discipline. “It taught me tons about being intentional with the time I had to get out and explore. I spent time meeting people, exploring Dallas, living in a hotel and eating a really embarrassing amount of pizza. I went from being a total Florida longboarding beach bum into a driven lady chasing her dreams.”

Now a full-fledged flight attendant, Taylor uses every flight as an opportunity to bring a little sunshine not only to the people she serves, but to her community on Instagram as well. In her #wordsfromthewindowseat series, she writes down phrases that have been inspiring her and tapes the note to a window. After sharing the photo, Taylor tucks the note into a seatback pocket as a surprise for someone on her flight.

By sharing these notes and photos from her journeys, Taylor aims to inspire others. “No passion, career, hope, calling or dream is too big to chase after,” she explains. “Dreams are supposed to make us crazy. They’re supposed to make us run wild and mess up our hair a little bit, maybe even be a bit weird and hang encouraging messages on an airplane. Whether it’s at 32,000 feet or with your feet on the ground—your story is important.”