A glimpse from earlier this afternoon when we were waiting for our brunch (with window-side seating yay!!). I feel so very lucky that I can geek out on creative expressions and stationery items with my mom, who happens to be one the most talented and graceful artists that I know. Here she is watercoloring in my Baron Fig soft cover notebook after happily perusing through my @thisisgroundblog Mod Tablet 2 daily carry (that she now loves too). And after she finished her piece, my son took over the watercolors and added his imagination to the mix. Three generations breaking bread and sharing creative ideas together - I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to spend an afternoon. It’s these moments that make me feel richer than all the treasures in the world because it’s these moments that are irreplaceable and unforgettable. Here’s to more of this kind of living. And here’s to wishing you all a most beautiful rest of the weekend with moments that make your heart full and in overflow too. ❤

6 September 2015: Istanbul, Turkey. (Taken February 25th.)

Spent all day at busy and beautiful wedding festivities and came home photoless, so here instead is a cozy corner that I wish I could put right into my apartment.