How Link learned to climb so well.


Zelda: Mipha, what are you doing in Link’s room.

Mipha: *Standing in front of an open window, while adjusting her jewelery* Uhhh, looking, for, him.

Zelda: So am I, I must speak with him about something urgent, please send him to my study if you see him.

Mipha: Y-yes my princess.

Link: *Outside the window clinging to the side of the castle for dear life in his boxers*

$10 DIY Temporary Wallpaper or Window Film!

PROJECT: A cheap, easy, chemical-free (if you care about that sorta thing) and REMOVABLE (!!!) alternative to wallpaper and/or privacy window film! This can be applied in less than 30 minutes to walls, windows, cabinets, shelves, doors, or anywhere else, and can be easily removed (even if it’s months or years later) with absolutely no residue or damage left behind. Sold yet?


  • Fabric of your choice - preferably thin, light fabrics like linen, cotton, etc. You’ll want enough to cover your desired area. The project you see above used roughly 3 yards of fabric at $2.50/yard!
  • Corn Starch - $2/container
  • Paintbrush -  Any size! $1
  • Cold Water & Boiling Water
  • A bowl to mix it all in (I’ll assume you have this)
  • Spoon (for stirrin’ stuff!)
  • Optional: a friend (I don’t count)

COST: Pending the size of the area covered, it can be as little as $5! The project you see above was $10.50!



Figure out how much fabric you’ll need by measuring the area you want covered. In my case, it was my big glass doors that were totally lacking in privacy. Once you have the measurements, choose a cute fabric! Before starting the next steps, wash up your area with some water, standard cleaner, or alcohol. The cleaner the canvas, the smoother the stick!

Note: if the area you are covering is very large (larger than the width of the bolt your fabric was cut from), you may need to use more than one piece of fabric. That’s totally fine! Just try to put them edge-to-edge or slightly overlapping, and the results will be barely noticeable if at all. :) 


“What adhesive?” perhaps you are asking. Here’s the skinny: Corn Starch has been used as an alternative to glue for YEARS. Like a totally awesome secret hack to sticking stuff to other stuff on the cheap. The best part is that it’s safe for pets and people, doesn’t damage any surfaces, dries completely transparent, and can be wiped away with nothing but water! Neat. right? Anyways, here’s how to prep your adhesive:

Mix 4 tbs corn starch with 6 tbs cold water and stir until blended. Mix in 2 cups of boiling water and it should instantly gel up into this lovely soupy goo! 


Use a paint brush to apply a thick coat (but not too runny, or you’ll make a mess) of the starch goop to the surface you want the fabric to stick to. No need to rush - it doesn’t dry instantly or anything, so give your mix a sec to cool down before applying.


(This is the part where a friend is helpful.) Push your fabric onto the goop and line it up with your surface. Once it’s stuck, use a credit card or your hands to push out all the air bubbles. (Admittedly, I messed this part up so I’ll have some bubbles, but I didn’t know this was gonna be on a blog someday so…)

If you’re applying more than 1 piece of fabric, just line ‘em up! Now is the time to adjust the positioning so everything is where you want it. 


… Or, try these optional steps to make it even better:

Optional: Trim excess fabric and touch up corners

If you, like me, used an overly large piece of fabric to make the application super fool-proof, now is a good time to go around the edges with a box cutter or some scissors to clean up. If you (also like me) didn’t quite apply enough starch goo to the edges, go ahead and paint on some extra! Don’t worry about over-saturating the fabric or surface under it - the adhesive is totally safe and dries 100% clear!

Optional: Add another adhesive layer for protection

If the area you’re covering sees a lot of action, paint another layer of starch goop over the applied fabric to make sure it’s an extra solid stick.  

Optional: Add a design layer

If you’re using this method on a wall or area that might be suited for some creative flair, you can apply more fabric scraps or cut-out designs onto this base using the same method to make cute customized art, spell out words, or anything else your imagination cooks up! 


Totally regret that loud patterned fabric? Not letting enough light in, or letting TOO MUCH light in? Moving out of your rental? No problem! To remove the fabric, just use a spray bottle or sponge to get it nice and damp. Peel it off like a big satisfying Band-Aid, and go over the area with some warm water (or a multipurpose cleaner if that’s your jam) and the starch will wipe away effortlessly! You can then toss the fabric pieces in the wash and re-apply them or just… idk, have some cool fabric. You do you!

Thanks for reading!

Request Scenario: You are feeling insecure and Mark tells you there’s no reason to. 

Genre: FLUFFF 

Word Count: 1379 

A/N: squealing squealing squealing.


It was a road you’ve been down more times that you can remember. It was a place where you swore to yourself you will never go back again, but words are easier said than done because here you were again, staring at yourself in the mirror. It wasn’t even judging yourself anymore, it was like greeting an old friend, ahh hello, you are still here I see. No matter how fucking hard you tried, each flaw was still there, etched into you, bone deep. Never leaving, always reminding just how imperfect you were. Looking blankly down at your now damp tshirt from the tears that have been continuously falling from your eyes, you unconsciously reached over for a tissue and carefully dabbed away the salty pain away. 

Numbly walking out of the bathroom, you saw your ever-growing-in-fame boyfriend, Mark in TV. Reaching over to give him a call before the feeling of inadequacy came flooding right back as quick as it had sparked in the first place. You watched him as he danced on stage, biting those lips that still made your heart race after all these years, his body moving along with the beat of the music, pieces of his hair stuck onto his forehead as he glistened sweat. You could almost laugh about how ridiculously good he looked, how is he real, it’s like he is a freaking god. 

In spite, you chucked the flimsy wadded-up tissue at the screen. “You good-looking asshole, why did you even take a second look at me! WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST HAVE LEFT ME BE. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME FEEL SO SHITTY ALL THE TIME.” You broke down, you were so emotionally drained that the remaining pain just came vomiting out as you whispered, “Why can’t I be good enough for you…” Knees buckling as you collapsed onto the ground. You were so defeated, Mark wanted to punch himself for leaving you to drown in all that internal agony. You had accidentally hit the call button before your emotional breakdown causing your cries to ring throughout the suv containing the members of GOT7. Everybody knew you as their little sister and wanted so hard to run back to you and surround you with as much love as possible, it ripped each of them apart hearing your cries, but they also knew it was Mark’s job that cannot be replaced. He wouldn’t allow it. 

“Hey Mark, don’t grip your phone so hard, you are going to break—” Jackson tried to calm his hyung down, seeing how angry he was at himself. 

“Do not tell me what to do. Damn it, can’t we drive faster?!” Mark shouted, slamming his fist against the foggy window, dispersing the mist clinging onto the window. 

The moment the car was even remotely close to the distant to your home, Mark slammed open the door and sprinted into your house, ramming into the corridor walls as he entered. You bolted straight up from the ground, frantically rubbing away the tears stains from your cheeks, not wanting Mark to see you in this state. 

“Mark! Baby! You were great on stage! As per usual!” You tried you hardest to be perky and excited, like you usually were, but the hiccups between each words left you exposed and vulnerable. 

“Y/N. Come with me.” Mark eyes were glassy and tears were threatening to fall.  

“What? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” You did not know what he knew, concerned that your baby was injured. But he gently wrapped his arms around your body before carrying you towards the bedroom. 

“Put me down! Mark! I’m heavy, oh my gosh, please put me down.” You declarations immediately faded away as you saw a single tear glide down his flawless face. 

“Mark?” You whispered, wondering if he had somehow heard your little commotion. There was no way though… 

Placing you gently onto the bed, Mark sat next to you and stared at you. Knowing that thinking about how beautiful you were, even with reddened eyelids and pink-tinted nose, was useless, Mark took a deep breath and spoke. 

“You remember the first time I met you?” You nodded rigidly in response, mind drifting to the unforgettable cold winter day. “We were at the pet store, I was getting food for Coco and there you were stealing my new puppy right from under my arms when she ran towards you." 

All your sad thoughts were suddenly washed away when you remembered seeing the attractive boy and the adorable white fluffball in his arms. You were shamelessly gawking over how gorgeous he was before the puppy in his arms jumped off and ran over to you–making you drop off everything in your arms because you wanted to catch her. 

"The first time I saw your face, you had the most beautiful and brightest smile on your face. Your eyes were literally shining as you played with Coco, my heart wanted to jump out of my entire body because I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life- and I never will. And oh your laugh, do you know how much I love your laugh?” Mark tilted your chin up because the entire time you were drilling holes into the mattress, trying to absorb the words Mark was saying. You gulped, not familiar with such strong emotions. 

“I’ve done the most dumb things just to hear your laugh. Things I will never do for anybody else, things I will probably never admit doing if you ever tell people, but I do it because I love you so much.” Unbeknownst to you, although Mark seemed so collected, he was internally bursting at the seams. He wanted blurt out everything he loved about you, even if it didn’t make sense. He didn’t know if what he was saying was making a difference in how you felt, but he wanted to do whatever was possible to make you understand how treasured you are by him. 

“Mark…” You managed to get out, you could feel everything all at once, bubbling over within you. 

“I’m not done Y/N.” He held his hand up, pretending to be offended, causing you to release a light giggle. Oh this boy… 

“You are one of the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my entire life, although you can be sassy at times, which is the best. I love how much you care about me and the rest of the GOT7, hell, sometimes you give me perspective from the fans so I understand why they do certain things.” Tears were smoothly rolling down your cheeks, while the pad of his thumbs caught each one. Wiping them away tenderly. 

“And your body is perfection, it was handmade from God himself. Every curve of your body, I love so much, it’s amazing to hold you. So soft and there will never be a day where I will find a flaw in your body. You are also so so sexy much when you are moaning my name.” This made you flush red, eyes widening and staring at Mark in disbelief. Yet, he still continued on, gently rubbing lazy circles on your thigh. 

“Life being an idol can be so difficult and so pressuring and I pity the rest of the guys because at least I get to come home to you. I get to call you after a long day, see your face, and hear your voice. Do you understand how important you are for me to live?” Mark’s face was now wet with tears too as you two began to laugh at each other. 

“Oh we are a mess.” You hiccuped, messily wiping away his tears with your hands. “Mark, I love you so much. What have I done to ever deserve you.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, wanting to hold him forever. 

“I could ask you the same thing, beautiful.” Mark mumbled against the base of your neck, sending shivers down your spine. “Don’t let anybody tell you anything different because you are just right.” He added the cheesiness wink and finger-guns at the end. 

“Did you just…” You mouth gapped open before crashing into the bed backwards laughing, having to clutch your stomach because of the pain caused by the constant movement of your body. 

“See, this is my amazing girl.” Mark chuckled, looking at your lovingly as you continued to laugh. 


Oh gosh, blushing from my own writing… Hope you all like it and know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. BECAUSE ANYBODY WHO SAYS OTHERWISE DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL. xx 

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dr jekyll and mr hyde: aesthetics
  • henry jekyll: a white silk handkerchief, unembossed and yet extravagant; white wine, dry and perfect upon the tongue; a new cravat, black and neatly tied about one's neck; a lit oil lamp in the corner of a comfortable study; leather chairs in worn condition, books piled upon their arms; strong hands clean but for a smudge of ink upon the finger sides, easy to brush away; thick white hair that had once had colour, in past days; black shoes, polished to a shine; a single drop of blood upon a clean, wooden floor.
  • edward hyde: a rag that was once silk and white, but now is stained with blood and grit; red wine, rich and thick, left so long on the kitchen side it's very almost vinegar; a new cravat, black and tied so tightly about another man's neck he turns swiftly purple; a dying street lamp dimming in the Edinburgh night; an antique chair ripped at its seam, books thrown upon the floor beside it; small hands that nonetheless strangle well; hair so thick it shines with pungent grease; shoes so caked in mud and dust and another man's lifeblood one could barely think them black; a man's aching body, shuddering and gasping before going suddenly still.
  • gj utterson: a cool, brisk wind that smarts at one's cheeks; a clean line in the stand, straight and deeply drawn; a gramophone that spins its records but makes no noise but for the click of its needle; straight gin in a tall glass, settled upon a mahogany desk, white sheets on a neatly-made bed, clothes for the day laid upon the mattress; an old coat, sturdy, long and well-fitted; dark stubble scraped away with a clean, well-wetted razor.
  • richard enfield: a stiff grasp on a young lad's collar, pulling him out of the cart's path with a brisk shift of the arm; volumes of poetry bound in unassuming brown leather, well-read and stacked upon the mantel with annotations in their margins; a single cigarette smoking quietly in a clay ashtray beside an empty glass; a firm handshake between friends on a cold city street; silence in the comfort of a warm library.
  • hastie lanyon: laughter, loud and raucous, made warmer with a measure of good whiskey; a fireplace crackling merrily over a clean, red rug; white hair under a black-brimmed hat; a tight embrace between two schoolfriends that haven't met for half a decade; a pale cup of tea hiding five sugars; an old tabby cat, curled upon a black cushion upon the window sill, milk clinging to its greying whiskers.
  • poole: a family crest, honourable and yet centuries-lost and forgotten; sweat shining on a prematurely lined forehead and reddened cheeks; an old uniform well-pressed and dignified; stacked books held in gloved hands ere ordered upon the shelf; ebony polished to a beautiful, black shine; a mug of coffee upon a tray that trembles with the nervous hands; a quietly tender word from a loyal tongue; loose script on paper, the words short and not-florid; a gasp in the dead of night at a glimpse of one's master, followed by an apology and a quick down-turning of the head.
Liar, Liar

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU.

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Marinette sat on her bed with her knees drawn to her chest and her phone in her hand. The lights were off; she hadn’t bothered to turn them on after sunset. She stared straight ahead while Tikki dozed beside her. She flipped the phone around once, twice, three times, then held it up to her face.

Alya Cesaire: Did some digging and confirmed your suspicions. There is no Felix Agreste. Wtf is going on over there?

Marinette nudged Tikki awake. “We’re going out.”


Felix rubbed his eyes and frowned at his laptop screen. No matter how many hours he spent clearing out his inbox, the emails replenished themselves in a matter of minutes. Who had time to mark so many messages as spam? 

He leaned his head back against the couch cushions. Lila’s singing voice drifted through the apartment from the shower. Broadway again; the woman loved her show tunes. He smiled absently.

Movement caught his eye and he turned his head towards the living room windows.


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First Snowfall

This is for my love @an-exotic-writer who wished to experience snow and endulging in hot chocolate, with Yoongi. Happy holidays everyone!

Originally posted by mn-yg

It was as magical as you had always remembered it, the first snowfall of the season. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but there was a marvelous aura surrounding everyone and everything, it was as if time stood still. Whilst the air was becoming colder, the warmth of a steaming cup of hot cocoa felt wonderful in your hands, as your chin was nestled in your palm as you looked out the window.

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unicornscandraw  asked:

“I’m not leaving you alone. Not now, not ever.” with peanutbridgetgamer? (also i don't mind who you make the yandere but asdfghjkl;' you know how i feel about yandere!pbg,,,i love him)

protective prompts | i did yandere!pbg bc i love him too

Bridget was used to a certain third year knocking on her window at various times of the day. PBG hated getting caught in Primrose, and being frighteningly agile he found it almost funny to scare his girlfriend when she wasn’t paying attention.

The thing is, though, he always got to her window in the day. The incessant knocking wormed its way into Bridget’s dream, and she was pulled out of sleep rather forcefully. She sat up and looked at the window, seeing PBG clinging to the windowsill.

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better late than never

pairing: saeran/reader
notes: did a fic trade with @kirachama and @zentherainbowunicorn! (both v v lovely people and wonderful writers.) my prompts were ’discounted advent calendars’ and ’a slippery patch of ice.’

When Saeran asked you to stay over with him at his brother’s house for the holidays, you were thrilled.

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"the doctor told me to wait a few months"

i cried in the shower
i was afraid
i look at pictures of us
of you and him
of you in your lonesome
i’m still sure that you think of me when the yellow glow of your lamp shines on your face
or when you smoke out your window clinging onto your cigarette the way you would my arm after a bad day

One and the Same part 7

Chapter 1: Food Source                 Chapter 4: The Brink

Chapter 2: The Rogue                   Chapter 5: Dates & Damnation

Chapter 3: Blood Troubles              Chapter 6: Reckless Behavior

The Day After

As he returned home, Nico still wouldn’t let himself breathe. He was far from Will at that point, but he kept himself from breathing anyway. He raced up to his room and shut the door, taking a deep breath as he collapsed to the floor. His hand went to his mouth shakily as he touched his lips. He took a panicked breath and pressed his hand against his mouth.

A gentle knock came at the door. “Nico?” Bianca called. He couldn’t bring himself to answer or even move. A few moments later, Bianca was outside of the window, clinging to the ledge as she opened it. She leapt inside, with a soft thump. Her eyes were filled with worry. “What happened Nico?”

“I almost bit him,” he said, his voice sounding strangled. “Oh crap, I almost bit him.”

“What? How? I thought the merblood was supposed to keep you full longer.”

“So did I,” he said. He sighed. “His heart was thumping like crazy in the theater. Then he left and I went to look for him and he was freaking out about something and then he…. He managed to break the trance.”

“What trance were you trying to put him in?” Bianca asked, the shock apparent in her voice.

“I just wanted him to kiss me. But he broke it and it was so weird.”

“So what do you mean you almost bit him?” she asked.

Nico pressed his hands into his eyes, groaning in embarrassment. “I kissed him before I walked him home,” he muttered. “At first… it was gentle. Then…. His heart was pounding. And just because I felt his hands pulling me closer, I- I lost it. I bit him too hard and…. Bianca, his blood.” Nico’s mouth began to water just thinking about it. “I’ve never tasted anything like it,” he whispered. “I would’ve bit his neck but a car passed by and I realized what I was doing.”

“What did he say?” she asked, her tone sharp and alarmed.

He looked at her in disbelief. “What does anyone that gets bitten by a vampire say? He had no idea there was anything wrong!” She put a hand to her head and paced his floor. “I wouldn’t breathe the whole time I walked him home.”

“You can’t see him anymore, Nico. You know that right?” 

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andymientass  asked:

Newsies modern au headcanon that Davey drives a hand-me-down mini van to high school just cuz it was the car his family replaced next and he resents this and the newsies make fun of him in good spirits until Davey fully adopts the suburban soccer mom lifestyle and gets those stick figure family window clings for his van with all the newsie boys names on then

oh my gODDDDD 

Someone [pt. 8]

Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 . Part 4 . Part 5 . Part 6 . Part 7

@camerongooodkin I’m declaring you the official beta of this story. 

What do you guys think of where this is going? How do you feel about the conversation between Riley and Maya? Let me know!

The sun is barely up when Maya opens her eyes. The room is dark, but the window’s glowing orange, so she knows it’s around five. She rolls over, and her eyes fall on Lucas. He’s still asleep, legs hanging off the end of the couch. He doesn’t fit at all, and Maya wonders how she didn’t notice that last night. Her mind is foggy with the hangover, and the dregs of her bad dream, so she sits up slowly, swinging her legs over the side of the bed.

A searing pain shoots through her foot when she puts pressure on it, but she grits her teeth and hobbles toward the bathroom. She’s pretty sure the bleeding has stopped, at least. As she rounds the corner, she catches sight of herself in the mirror. Her makeup is smudged across her face, hair wild. She sighs, pulling the elastic off her wrist and tying back her hair. She scans the bathroom for make-up wipes, Lucas shares it with his other after all, but comes up empty. So she makes do with soap and water, scrubbing until her face feels clean again. Part of her wishes she could wash away her memory of last night as well.

She sighs and sits on the edge of the bathtub, then carefully peels away the bandage on her foot.

It’s worse than she thought, a deep, jagged gash that’s still oozing blood. She reaches into the vanity and pulls out another few squares of gauze, and the medical tape. There are no scissors, so she has to tear the tape with her teeth, but in the end it all holds.

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callmehux  asked:

Prompt to cleanse your palate, if you like: Clarke's new neighbor Bellamy is horrified when Clarke decides to buy a store-bought costume for her little kid and helps her put together something awesome.

Thanks for the prompt!! I tweaked it a little bit :)


Growing up, Bellamy’s mom never got that into decorating for the holidays. They had a fake tree and stockings they would hang on the wall, but that was as much effort as she cared to put in.

When Octavia was old enough, she wondered why their house was so boring (her words) in comparison with all the others on their street. Bellamy shelled out some of his carefully budgeted allowance to buy some multicolored lights that he strung haphazardly across the bush by their front door, and called it a day.

Living with Miller is pretty much the same way, eleven months of the year. Neither of them can be bothered to do much in the way of thematic decorating, especially when considering the limited storage space in their side of the duplex.

Come October, however, Miller becomes a man on a mission. And that mission is to be the scariest house on their block.

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I picked up a complete set of these Star Trek: The Motion Pictures window clings recently and finally had the werewithal to scan them. (Yes, they’re still in the packaging because I’m one of those people and yes, I probably could have cropped them better. Alas.)

I’m still trying to decide which one should go up on the glass divider in my new workplace: wonderfully off-model Admiral Kirk or bored-as-hell Spock throwing a Vulcan salute. (I may just go with the Enterprise as it looks vaguely like a NASA mission patch.)

The Signs As: Halloween Things!
  • ARIES: Jack O'Lanterns
  • TAURUS: Trading candy with your friends
  • GEMINI: Makeup, whether it's beauty or beast
  • CANCER: The variety of costumes, and the one "it" costume you see 12 of on each street
  • LEO: The suspense leading up to dusk when you can finally trick or treat
  • VIRGO: Trick or treating
  • LIBRA: Terrifying the small children
  • SCORPIO: Pranks
  • SAGITTARIUS: Watching spooky movies
  • CAPRICORN: Jump scares
  • AQUARIUS: Haunted houses and hay rides
  • PISCES: Decorating the house with spiderwebs, window clings, and skeletons

It’s Halloween Week!!!!!

We’ve had our shop decorated since September so it’s safe to say we’re a little obsessed with Halloween. ;)

To give you the grand tour of the MoC Mansion done up in it’s spooky best, we’ll start with our friendly neighborhood Elizabeth who likes to web up the front desk for the holiday. Occasionally we’ll find unfortunate toys tangled up in there. We also notice random body parts among the merchandise…which doesn’t phase us too much because we are actively selling body parts all the time. Comes with the business. We also have skeletons popping up everywhere, but we mistake them for the latest Doll Chateau releases ;D The final crowning decorations are our impressive collection of window clings. We have many clings about because our three-year-old boss likes to peel them off and keep them in a pile on the floor.

This week, we’re going to be featuring everything Halloween, and we invite you to share your dolls dressed in their costumes! Or if you have a spooky doll, share them too! As a courtesy to those who may not share our unhealthy obsession with the macabre, we will be using the tags “horror” and “gore” on the scarier dolls so you can filter them out. :) We hope to have a fun Halloween week with you and your resin families!