I’ve developed an MST3K window cling. That means you can stick it on your TV without any worry about it doing any damage. There’s no adhesive so it just pulls right off and, unlike a decal, you can reuse it over and over. Personally I have to take mine off when I’m playing Skyrim but then I just smooth it back on when I’m watching TV. I like to imagine that my Gizmonic friends are quipping on everything I watch. Get your very own MST3K window cling here!


This was the only commission I got at Youmacon 2014. It’s a Gallery Glass window sticker of Lewis, from Mystery Skulls’ “Ghost” animated video. I’d never heard of the thing before, and just thought it was a cool-looking skeleton character, but after so many people recognized him while the paint dried, I had to have a look at the video they kept telling me about. It’s pretty nifty!

As far as the cling itself goes, pretty standard stuff. I had fun using the pearlescent paint on the skull and ribs, with just plain white on the shirt.

Just because TMZ says that Louis did not get a paternity test does not make it true.

Just because TMZ brings up their assertion that he did not get a paternity test, does not mean that Freddie is a doll or that his paternity is in question.

Just because a… certain group… has a confirmation bias and thinks that these articles are “seeding” a storyline, does not mean there is anything peculiar about two co-parents negotiating the terms of child care for their son.  Especially when there is such a gap between the two parents’ net worth and earnings.

your eyes the color of summer grass, something like
the front lawn you wanted to own together. your eyes
dulled by the years, ivy now, taking root, creeping up
the walls, blocking out the windows. clinging to dust
and abandonment. it must have suffocated your light.

you haven’t spoken a word since she left.
how terrible it is to have a graveyard in your mouth
that ghosts don’t even want to fill.

—  “he looked not like the ruins of his youth, but the ruins of those ruins”, s.a. (for mythaelogy)