Windfall (WIP) - 4500-5079-1466

Tada! Introducing Windfall’s first dream update! It’s still very much a work in progress, but I wanted to let visitors in and roam around. 

Feel free to let me know what you like about Windfall, what needs to be improved, and any suggestions you may have! I am open to criticism. Also, if you happen to take any pictures, make sure you tag them with #pollocrossing so I can see them ♥

whyamisweaty asked:


         So, I was dumb and thought this was a “draw in your series’ style” meme. So, there’s that.

        As for an actual description, Dipper is a resident of Windfall Island, the largest settlement on the Great Sea. Because the island is small and dominated by humans, those within the town are often oblivious to the eminent dangers lurking in the north and spreading outwards. Dipper picks up on the changes by observing the pictographs taken by Lenzo, and, with much begging, Dipper gets a pictobox of his own. He wants to explore and venture into the sea to discover what’s going wrong, especially after the neverending, stormy night, but is warned that it’s too dangerous.
        Being locked in an island and having explored every inch of it with only little hints about the Great Sea as a whole, Dipper eventually convinces the the passionate pictographer, Lenzo to explore the neighboring islands with him. However, being armed only with a pictobox in a world overcome with Ganon’s shadow, he met immense difficulties and probably got hurt to the point where he had to go back to Windfall. Experiencing the terrors of the sea just made him want to go back.