Wind farm

i can’t fucken believe that one of the main arguments against wind farms is that they’re an eyesore

do you know what’s an even bigger eyesore?

not having fuckin trees or coral reefs or glaciers or any number of incredible natural beauties because fossil fuels and pollution and global fuckin warming killed it all dead


Thanks to cheap natural gas and renewable energy, coal is dying. That’s just a fact of modern life. While some coal will still exist, it won’t be enough to save the Rust Belt and Appalachia (areas that weren’t exactly swimming in money before coal disappeared). 

So the next step is figuring out what thriving modern industry can replace those jobs for a long period of time. It would have to be a livelihood that’s a) easy to train coal miners to do and b) growing enough to sustain a huge workforce.

The transition is already happening in places like Australia, where a coal mining town transformed itself into one of the country’s largest solar farming communities. It’s also in the U.S., where areas in Colorado rose from the coal ashes with a $800,000 boost in marijuana tax revenue. There have even been studies looking into the transition, which found that most coal mining workers not only could be cheaply retrained to work solar and wind farm gigs, but would also make more doing it. 

This isn’t a hard decision, people. So what’s the goddamn holdup?

Well … despite creating 150,000 full- and part-time jobs, certain politicians can’t seem to leave the 1980s when it comes to marijuana. While obviously not the wonder drug stoners want you to think, it’s insane we have an attorney general who’s apparently possessed by the ghost of Nancy Reagan. As for renewable energy, well, that’s oddly off the current administration’s to-do list, despite overwhelming bipartisan support for it.

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Happy October fellow Solarpunks! A new season gives a new way to look at alt-energies. Get spooky, get solarpunk!

(Solarpunk is a genre & aesthetic about optimistic futures of the planet built and maintained by solar energy, sustainable living, etc. To find out more, search around for “Solarpunk”)

So I decided to go through the Just Like You video and try to find all the articles. As you can see the articles all come from different newspapers and while most are very recent, some are from a couple of years ago! This makes me think that there’s no way they are all just random articles because it really makes no sense to have articles from different newspapers and years. I havent made it all the way through the video yet, but this is what I have so far!

  • Owners put off by fear of being conned (Mark Souster, The Times UK, Oct. 10, 2017)

“Racing’s governing body plans to conduct a review of the buying and selling of racehorses in Britain…”

  • Tom Paley Obituary: Pioneer of the American folk revival renowned for his duets with Woody Guthrie and running into trouble with the McCarthyites (no author??, The Times Uk, Oct. 10, 2017)

“In the late 1950′s Tom Paley used to play around New York as a duo with Woody Guthrie…”

Note: Why is the following quote crossed out in the lyric video?

“He was likened to Puck, ‘quintessentially witty, a master teller of jokes’“

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